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Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 3

Keep On Movin'

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 11, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Keep On Movin'
Lt. Dominic shows up in Bellforest and breaks his motorcycle once again. He takes it to have it repaired only to find what he has been looking for. The Nirvash is also in need of repairs, so the Gekko decides to take it to Tresor, a military base, where it was first built.moreless

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  • Talho tells everyone who Eureka really is and why Holland went to extremes to protect her.

    Though this is clearly a filler-episode, there is one revelation that makes this probably the most important episode so far: who Eureka is - which leads to why the Gekkostate was formed and what the military is doing.

    Eureka is actually a human-shaped Coralian!! The legend about Adrock Thurston may be nothing more than propaganda: when the military discovered being near the Coralian was harmful to humans, they ordered it's destruction. But Adrock believed it was sentient and tried to protect it. Perhaps in self-defence, the Coralian issued a human-shaped Coralian and the military, for whatever reason, made her a soldier. Holland took Eureka to protect her from the military who want the Coralian destroyed. And *this* is the answer to the question about all of Holland's actions: he was trying to protect Eureka. I'm betting this was the reason for the fall-out between Holland and his brother Dewey. Dewey seems a 'company man' whereas Holland will do whatever he feels is right. Of course, this explains a lot about Eureka, especially her strangeness and inability to understand much about being human.

    Eureka actually admits "... because I chose *you* instead of Holland." For someone apparently ignorant of human emotion, she's pretty clued into the perception people have of her, Holland and Renton. This means she is aware that Holland is the obvious choice, despite his long-term involvement with Talho - even Talho and Holland are aware of it, leading to Talho's jealous outbursts in the episodes prior to this and Holland's sulky reactions to them. I found this very surprising but also that Renton didn't react more strongly to that revelation.

    I've always given Talho credit for her tolerance of Holland's relationship with Eureka. Holland is extremely close to Eureka and I've always gotten a vibe from them that wasn't exactly friendship - see Holland's reactions to Talho's accusations recently, including his complete lack of denial to those accusations (I've covered this in previous reviews) - and most women wouldn't accept their lover being in such a complex relationship with another woman. Talho has a lot of faith in him.

    Still grieving for Ray and Charles, Renton implements some of what they taught him on the Swan - keeping the ship clean and preparing decent meals... both of which the crew enthusiastically embrace.

    Hap - second in command of the Gekko - actually takes an order from Talho (who is perhaps perceived as being Holland's proxy) to go to a specific military base so they can repair Nirvash.

    This episode also features the incredibly annoying Dominic who apparently can do whatever he likes because he heads off to Bellforest to investigate Renton's past. He runs into Axel who makes such a good impression that Dominic feels guilty about lying to him about being a friend of Renton's. But Dominic isn't as trusted as he clearly believes: Dewey sent operatives to follow him.

    And last of all: Holland's awake.

    Unremarkable except for the revelation about Eureka but interesting.moreless

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    • Talho: Renton.
      Renton: Yes?
      Talho: We didn't create Gekkostate in order to pretend we're some sort of an extended family. You understand?
      Hap: Hey, Talho, there's no reason for you to put it that way.
      Talho: Why don't you just shut up, Hap!
      Renton: Yes, I know. I think the reason this ship exists is in order to go to war.
      Talho: By any chance, do you happen to know why we're at war?
      Renton: No, I don't.
      Talho: So you can fight without knowing the reason why?
      Renton: I can't fight at all. And I can't fight at all, either.
      Talho: Really? Even if this war was started by that famous father of yours, Adrock Thurston, who saved the world? Adrock was working as a technician for the army when one day he made the shocking assertion that this land, Scub Coral, was actually a Coralian, a sentient being. He tried to prove his assertions, but in the process of the investigation at the Great Wall, adverse effects on humans, believed to be from Scub Coral, expanded among the researchers and army associates. The army officials, hearing of this, decided to get rid of the Coralian, and Adrock, in the end, was against it. He was convinced, he was absolutely convinced, that the Coralian was an intelligent life form. That was way he had searched for a way to co-exist. His conviction was cemented by the emergence of a human-shaped Coralian. The name of the humanoid Coralian... is Eureka!
      (everyone is shocked)

    • Renton: I'm sorry I did this without permission. I thought that as long as I'm on board this ship waiting to talk to Holland, I'd try to make good use of myself.
      Hap: Come on, Renton. Don't be saying depressing stuff like that. I really don't know what you've determined to do with your life, but I'm not gonna get in your way. In fact, I'd... I'd like to cheer you on because you're one of our dear friends.
      Renton: Thank you, Hap.

    • Hap: Hey, what are you doing?
      Moondoggie: (mopping) What? What do you mean? I'm cleaning, can't you tell?
      (Gonzy walks by)
      Moondoggie: (yelling) Aah! Gonzy, I just finished mopping up that part of the floor!

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