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Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 2

Memento Mori

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 04, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Memento Mori
Former SOF member Ray Beams is determined to avenge the death of her husband, and she goes on her own to go against the Gekkostate herself. Meanwhile, Renton is affected by Charles' death, and he decides to head to Holland's quarters to learn the truth of their connection. Renton may know a little more of their past, but he needs not to worry now, as Ray is coming after the girl he's sworn to protect.moreless

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  • Holland makes a decision about Renton and Ray returns to finish what Charles started.

    Continuing from the previous episode, we learn the reason for Ray's hatred of Eureka and Holland makes an important decision about Renton.

    This is an important episode in that after Charles' death in 'Helter Skelter', this episode marks the death of Ray, thus removing two major characters from the storyline. Finally, Ray's reason for hating Eureka is revealed: the Seven-Swell - caused by Eureka/Nirvash when the Amita drive was installed - was blamed for Ray becoming barren. That happened in the pilot so the hatred of Eureka is recent. Therefore Holland's falling out with Charles happened way before that. Since Charles proposed to Ray during that same flashback, that means they were actually newlyweds! This is also part of why the wedding ring was so important to her before she died.

    We've seen Ray desperate desire to have a child before, especially with her attachment to Renton, but it made her crave revenge on Eureka. This is also an important point: Nirvash caused a Seven-Swell even before Renton became his pilot! We've answered one question but still one remains: why did they hate *Holland*? It's not for the same reason, a Seven-Swell would have nothing to do with Holland and it's been implied that the issues between Holland and Charles go way back. I still think it's connected to how Holland left the military. That's a story I'm *dying* to hear - what led to Holland: stealing the Gekko and LFOs, kidnapping Eureka and convincing an entire crew to go AWOL?! It says a great deal about who Holland is that he accomplished what he did. Let it never be said that Holland isn't every inch the legend his reputation makes him out to be.

    Again we see Renton's intense emotion at someone's death, this time it's grief for Charles, whom Renton had come to love as a father. We've seen Renton react this strongly before, he takes events very personally. His grief is even strong enough to make him confront Holland, but thankfully he didn't start a fight and this led to probably the only civil conversation Holland and Renton have ever had. One can only hope that this is the start of a healthier relationship between them. I'd love it if they could develop a tentative friendship. From Renton's side, the basis for this relationship is already there: Renton idol-worshipped Holland before he met him and yes, Renton has been disillusioned that his idol is not the perfect man he imagined (then, idols never are), but Holland is a good man - loyal, brave, protective - and if Renton can adjust his mental view of Holland to accept that, they could form an intriguing bond. If Holland can get past his issues with Renton (which I still think are heavily rooted with Renton's sister Diane), Holland could become a father figure to Renton, maybe even a brother.

    This episode marks the transition in their relationship: not only does Holland display no agression toward Renton, he comes out and says that he'll die to protect Renton and Eureka, and if Holland should die, Holland actually trusts Renton to protect her. Given Holland's intense protectiveness of Eureka, this is a major step forward.

    Holland must kill Ray, who has become irrational, but it is a hail to his old friendship with Charles that before Holland does, he says "I'm sorry, Charles." But this is not the only reference, when Renton goes to Holland's room, Holland is also playing Charles' favourite song - the same song that Ray plays on all frequencies when she attacks. His room is also trashed - same as the Swan.

    Despite the rather grisly end of Ray, with her severed arm, it was surprisingly touching how in her last moments, she crawled to her arm to get her wedding ring. This was not the only such striking scene - after Holland has the blood transfusion, Talho sits with him. She bites her lip, drawing blood then kisses Holland on the lips, leaving her blood there, as if with 'Diane' donating blood to Holland, Talho was trying to give him blood too. Very touching.

    In the battle, it looks like the R909 has been destroyed. This is a major blow to Gekkostate - it's not like they can stop at the nearest store to buy a new LFO!

    Holland is seriously injured in the battle and when Mischa says they need Renton to give a transfusion, Talho objects because of Diane. Again we see the photo - who crossed out Diane's face, Talho or Holland? So much hatred! So much so that Talho actually hesitated even though Holland desperately needed the blood. I initially thought maybe Diane died and that was why Holland was behaving like he does to Renton but given Talho's violent reaction here, I'm revising that: the only thing that could cause this much hatred is *betrayal*.

    I initially gave this a 9.1 but when writing the review, I realised the many unique and striking scenes in the episode, though the episode - in the grand scheme of things - might not be as brilliant as some, when adding together the special individual elements, some of which was really subtely (and powerfully) done, I had to increase the rating.

    A very important episode, very illuminating with a great deal of character development and a few more pieces to the greater puzzle.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Eureka: Renton...
      Renton: Everyone is so selfish. They all say whatever they want to say, and nobody ever tells me the truth. They're just selfish. If you talk to me, I can be of help. If you talk to me, I should be able to support you... but in the end, I can't do anything, and I'm not able to act for anyone's sake. Besides, even if I did something, I'd just...
      Eureka: It's all right. You see, I believe in you, Renton. I believe in you with all my heart, no matter what happens, so please, Renton, talk to me about everything. I want to know all there is to know about you.
      Renton: Me, too. I want to know everything about you, Eureka. I want to know more about your life.

    • (flashback)
      Charles: The operation was a success, so they say. That is, everything besides the disappearance of technical captain Adrock Thurston from the Seven Swell effect that resulted from the combination of the typeZERO and the Amita Drive. That light may have been the thing that robbed us of our family and future, but if I'm with you Ray, I think I can foresee a different kind of future. Let's always be together... Ray.

    • Renton: (about Charles) I want to know. Wasn't there a way for you not to have to kill him?
      Holland: Charles was a member of the SOF, just like Eureka and I and Ray, too.
      Renton: Why does Ray hate Eureka so much?
      Holland: Charles and Ray always wanted to start a family, but Ray is unable to bear children...
      Renton: Huh?
      Holland: And Ray believes that the reason why she can't lies with Eureka. Even if it costs me my life, I'm going to protect the two of you, but if something happens to me, I'm trusting you with Eureka. You were the one she chose. Earlier, you asked why it was I killed Charles. Because we're both the type of people that don't know any other way. The same can be said for Ray.

    • (flashback)
      Charles: Ray.
      Ray: You heard, right? It's all over now. They told me that I can't have your child.
      Charles: That's enough.
      Ray: (crying) They said it was because of the light that shined on me during that phenomenon. I'm sorry, Charles, I'm sorry.
      (Charles kisses her)

    • Ray: It's far too late... for everything.
      Renton: Please, Miss Ray.
      Ray: Renton, Eureka, the one you're there to protect, took every happy future away from your mama. Now it's my turn to take everything away from your future - Eureka. Renton, you have been possessed by a horrible and dangerous monster, but it's all right. Mama will save you, and we'll all go together to where Charles is waiting for us!

  • NOTES (10)

    • Original Japanese Airdate: October 30th, 2005.

    • It is revealed why Charles wants to kill Holland, is because of Adrock and Eureka that activated the Seven Swell that causes Ray to not get pregnant, and seeing how Holland was part of that devision Charles knew he was part of it.

    • This episode premiered first online on Adult Swim's website as part of their Adult Swim Fix on Friday, November 3rd, 2006, along with premieres of other Adult Swim shows.

    • Talho showed unknown signs of jealousy when Renton was the only one who can give a blood transfusion. It reminded her of a girl she's met in the past.

    • It was revealed that the radiation from the Seven Swell from the Nirvash removed Ray's ability to bear a child.

    • Unfortunately, Ray loses her own life after attempting to go against the Gekkostate herself.

    • Renton had to give Holland his blood during a blood transfusion, because Holland lost a lot of blood and Renton's the only one with Holland's blood type. Renton was somewhat reluctant to go through it, due to the fact that he killed both Charles and Ray.

    • Ray plays the song "Get it by Your Hands," Charles' favorite song, to jam the Gekko's radar.

    • While sitting next to the Nirvash with Eureka, Renton finds Charles' blood-covered ring.

    • It's revealed that the reason why Ray wanted Renton to be her son is because she cannot bare a child of her own.


    • Episode Title: Memento Mori
      The episode title is Latin, meaning "Remember that you are mortal," or "Remember that you will eventually die."

    • Episode Title: Memento Mori
      There is an episode of Stargate SG-1 with the same name.

    • Episode Title: Memento Mori
      Many of the Eureka Seven episode titles are allusions from real songs, composed by Japanese and foreign composers. This is one episode title that is currently unknown, or is not derived from one.