Eureka Seven

Season 2 Episode 13

Morning Glory

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Oct 21, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Morning Glory
Eureka still misses Renton and asks the other crew members where he may have gone, but believes Holland's promise that he'll bring him back. Holland's search for Renton is interrupted by a military fleet, forcing the Gekko to change its course. However, once Renton manages to make it back aboard the ship, he learns that Eureka has left to search for him, but she finds the military fleet and a revengeful Ray instead.moreless

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  • The prodigal son returns but Holland's welcome isn't as warm as Eureka's.

    The reunion episode: the prodigal son has come home but he gets a pretty chilly reception from dear old dad... Oops, I mean Holland!

    Seems Holland's got great sources or he's just great at deduction because he now knows that Charles and Ray have teamed up with the army to find them. Renton's warning is now unnecessary as Holland returns to the Gekko and orders a course change. But here we learn that Holland is actually afraid of Charles and for good reason: Charles is guiding the Gekko into a trap, effortlessly anticipating Holland's decisions. Dying to find out what happened between them.

    Out of the mouths of babes - when Eureka tries to reassure the children (who astonishingly are missing Renton), she asks whether Holland has ever broken a promise to them. She is rather taken aback when all three children emphatically say *yes* - "He breaks more promises than he keeps." Loving Holland as I do, that statement breaks my heart.

    Another heart-wrenching moment is when Holland sees the damage Eureka did to the Nirvash while trying to get him to respond. The look on Holland's face is horrified and he heads straight to Eureka. Entering her room, he finds Renton's jogging outfit and immediately knows who it belongs to. He tries to explain to Eureka why they have to run but Eureka cannot think of anything but Renton and asks a series of damning questions: Renton isn't important? - Is that why Holland hit and kicked Renton? Is that why Renton is being left behind? Obviously wounded, Holland can only answer, "You're more important to me than Renton."

    A distraught and desperate Eureka impulsively leaves the Gekko on Gidget's REFboard only minutes before Renton returns. Holland, who should be relieved that Renton has returned, instead greets him icily, demanding to know who gave Renton permission to come back on board. Renton, just as angrily, replies that he's not staying. Blithely ignoring the tension, the rest of the crew react to Renton's return with obvious pleasure and relief. Seeing how Holland and Renton treat each other here reminded me of Dean and Sam in (the beginning of) Supernatural - they're acting like brothers! Older one bullying the younger, fighting over the same girl. This is good, they're going to have to learn to live together because Renton's not going anywhere.

    Ray and Charles spot Eureka and pursue only to have Renton rescue her. *Joyous reunion, rah rah!* All the hurt is forgotten and everything is right with the world. On top of this, Renton has a new fighting style - he disables the enemy, not kills them. As Mischa predicted, the Nirvash reacts very strongly to Renton/Eureka and it causes a spectacular Seven-Swell Effect, disabling all the enemy ships and allowing the Gekko to escape.

    Now for the interesting part - 1: Holland reacts almost violently to the Swell (again blaming Renton for it) but later, we see him laughing to himself and he makes a very strange comment: "So *that's* what it was about, Diane." Huh??

    The interesting part - 2: Charles makes an equally bizarre comment about Renton: What sounds like: "He's the son of the king, Dewey." Dewey is Holland's brother, what's that mean?! We've always known Renton is special, question is why?

    Important episode: Renton and Eureka reunited, more background on Holland/Charles, and with his dual pilots, the Nirvash causes another Seven-Swell. Soon we will start getting answers to these intriguing questions - I hope!moreless
  • Renton finally meets back up with Eureka and the Gekkostate after five episodes of being gone. This is a great episode to see agian and again.

    In this episode Renton finally sees Eureka again. The replay value in this episode is very high as it is a series classic. The episode shows how Renton and Eureka are really beginning to love each other. The episode has great action at the end in the Sea of Rainbow Clouds and it has great drama as well. See this one for yourselves you won't be dissapointed.
  • Simply put: an emotional rollercoaster

    This was simply a beautifully made episode. From the begining you see how each of the characters put thier personalities (good parts and bad) out in front to reach the most awesome scene in the series (possibly over the scenes in its final epidose to come...).

    I for one just tear up everytime I see this and its a prime example of the art and beauty that comes from this genre of storytelling. Bonus with good voice acting.moreless
  • Renton and Eureka find each other.

    I have watched the whole series of Eureka Seven and it does not disappoint. It gets continuously better as the series goes on. I have watched a lot of anime over the years but the characters Eureka and Renton are the best. You just fall in love with their characters. This show is A beautiful example of a great animated classic in the making. There two characters remind me of Min May and Rick Hunter from Roboteck(One of the Greatest Anime series in history). It is a shame there are only 50 episodes. there is enough material for a movie or another 50 episodes.moreless
  • Eureka and Renton. Truly they both have something in common. Love.

    It is a wonderful conclusion that Renton and Eureka find each other again, and this time, Eureka learns a lot more of the human emotion we call love. Holland on the other hand, seems jealous of her relationship with Renton, though he should learn and realize that Eureka was to be with Renton, and only Renton. Talho and the rest of the Gekkostate are with that similar testimony, though Holland is the only one who goes against it.

    Renton rides the Nirvash again to fight off against the army fleet and Charles, who recently accepted Renton as his son and gave him the respect a boy could ever have. Now, as Renton's motive is set, his only mission now is to be with Eureka and keep his promise he's made to her, "I'll always protect you."moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is the last episode Nirvash spec1 is piloted in the series.

    • Eureka joins Renton in voicing the 'to be continued' screen at the end of this episode and most episodes that follow.

    • The episode title is called Morning Glory which (other than referring to a song) refers to a very rare weather phenomena called "The Morning Glory Cloud" (also called Morning Glories)which can be observed at the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia. Hence the Sea of Rainbow clouds in the episode.

    • This episode featured the song "Storywriter" by Supercar.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Charles: I'm looking forward to this.
      Ray: Even if the commander is that guy.
      Charles: Hey... he can hear you.

    • Holland: So, is that Renton's?
      Eureka: Have you found him?
      Holland: I'm sorry, but we're changing course to I709.
      Eureka: What about Girnus City?
      Holland: We can replenish supplies at Callsus. We're facing Charles now. Those guys are...
      Eureka: But why?
      Holland: Because Charles and Ray have hooked up with the state army.
      Eureka: That's not what I mean! You said you were going to Girnus, that you were going to go and bring Renton back to the Gekko! Why aren't you?!
      Holland: Look, it can't be helped. The Gekko itself is in danger!
      Eureka: But you faced hundreds of military guys in the past and beat them.
      Holland: We're talking about Charles here, and you know what I'm talking about!
      Eureka: Do you really hate Renton that much, Holland?
      Holland: I don't hate him. It's just that he acts like a brat.
      Eureka: That's why you left him behind? That's why you punched him? That's why you kicked him, too?
      Holland: That's not it. I just... I... you are more important to me than Renton. That's all.
      Eureka: Well, I... I just don't feel that way. (runs off)

    • Talho: Wait, what are you going to do about Renton?
      Holland: A runaway boy or the Gekko? Even a little kid should understand which comes first.
      Talho: Then I guess you're lower than a little kid.

    • Maeter: It's pukie! It's pukie!
      Linck: It's Renton!

    • Linck: Hey, Mama, is Renton ever coming back home?
      Eureka: I... don't know.
      Maurice: Maybe he's not coming back.
      Eureka: Maurice.
      Maeter: You're kidding.
      Linck: He's coming back! You'll see!
      Maurice: How about it, Mama?
      Eureka: It's all right. Holland said that he would bring him back here.
      Linck: Really?
      Eureka: Yes, and has Holland ever broken a promise to us?
      Linck: Yeah. Right?
      Maeter: Yeah, a lot of times!
      Maurice: He breaks more promises than he keeps.

  • NOTES (12)


    • Gundam SEED
      The way Renton uses the Nirvash to destroy the KLO's weapons and not the pilots inside is much like how Kira from Gundam SEED now uses the Freedom Gundam to destroy the moblie suits' weapons and not the pilots.

    • The Prodigal Son
      Renton is referred to as "The Prodigal Son" when he returns to the Gekko, referring to the parable in the Bible about the son who squanders his fortune but is welcomed back by his father. In this story however Holland doesn't give such a warm welcome to Renton.

    • Episode Title: Morning Glory
      This episode title is a reference to the song "(What's the Story) Morning Glory" by Oasis.