Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 3

Motion Blue

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 29, 2006 on Adult Swim
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With the pressure from the United Federation Forces, the Bellforest Airport is forced to immediately shut down. To make the situation worse, it leaves the Gekko, the Gekkostate's ship, completely trapped within the airport. As they find a way to get out of there, Holland, the Gekkostate's leader, decides to come and help them out. Meanwhile, Renton is faced with a life-changing decision as he is asked by Eureka to join her to become part of the Gekkostate.moreless

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  • Tough to follow and kind of lacking in the grammar department but at least its funny, kind of.

    Coming right off from the 2nd episode, this 3 one feels a lot more calm and even silly then the 2nd episode, possibly the most silliest in the entire series. It has its action beats now and then but they are not entirely important. Save for one semi-emotional scene with Renton final moments with his grandpa, other then that you’re going to get confusion and some laughter in this episode. As I said before, this episode is a bit more comedic then the other two. For example, towards the end of the show and at that moment in time, Renton questions Holland’s attire. Another, I guess, funny moment is in the beginning where Renton becomes afraid that his love interest (Eureka) thinks of him as a friend. It made me laugh because I can relate to what he’s going through (Who hasn’t?).

    Although what kind of ruined the moment was the, in the typical anime fashion, flashing lighting in the background as he’s crying out “Oh No!” and then starts talking to himself really quickly. You have to see it yourself to see what I mean. Now for shows like Eureka Seven, the stereotypical anime things such as the lighting, it doesn’t come off very well. It’s just really corny. Thankfully this will go away in the later episodes, where it becomes more mature. They have possibly done this to show how Renton starts of the show, childish and comedic, but develop to be more mature later in the series. This is pure guesswork on my part.

    One think that I could not completely understand is why exactly Renton joined up with Holland and Co. He says he wants to be a mechanic like this grandfather but he just randomly joins up with Gekko State. I know he likes Eureka and looks up to Holland and his team but feels like some pieces of the puzzle are missing. It felt a bit rushed.

    Another complaint I have about this episode is the fact that they use the word “Amazing” . . . a lot. It gets pretty annoying after awhile. This is for both American and Japanese versions. The American version I put the blame on more because they could of fixed this pretty easily I think.

    Sorry but I can’t agree with these other reviewers who are give this episode 9.0+. I’m a huge fan of the show but even I can’t bring myself to give this episode higher then an 8 with all these flaws.moreless
  • So funny

    This may have one of my Favorite scenes in the whole series, I bet everyone can guess what that seen is to. It is near the end of the episode when Eureka ask Renton to sleep right by the Nirvash because it makes the Nirvash happy. So Renton gets all excited and starts day dreaming, and he starts hearing MAMA, MAMA, and he runs around the corner and sees three kids hugging Eureka, and starts to become confused and says "so that means thse are your...". And what do you know Eureka has kids. So he stands there startled for a few seconds and then says "Sis, it's going to be rough." I was on the floor laughing my *** off. It was just how they said it.

    Other than that not to important of an episode, you kind of get to see how things are run around the Gekko. But one very, very funny episode.moreless
  • Another solid episode for this series.

    This episode was funny adventurous and kept me on the edge of my seat. Renton had a decision to make whether to join the Gekkostate or not. Meanwhile Holland had to help his find its way out of the shut down airport. It wasn't easy, for they had to fight their way out but they still came out on top. It was funny how Renton was reading that comic in order to impress Eureka. It was also funny how Renton said to Holland "Did you just get out of the shower or something?" and Holland replied "What? A guy cant walk around in his underwear at his house?", but I believe the most funny part is when the children ran up to Eureka and she said they were hers. This episode was a good on and I hope there will be more to come.moreless
  • "Motion Blue" -- exciting, revealing, and very amusing.

    The third installment of Eureka Seven introduces what I've expected from a great anime. "Motion Blue" continues where it left off from the previous episode, when our Renton Thurston is with a decision to join with the Gekkostate or not. Eureka pressures him about it, however.

    Meanwhile, the Bell Forest Airport is shut down, leaving the Gekko, the Gekkostate's airship, has no way to escape. So Holland decides to head over there and attempt to help them out.

    Before Renton makes his final decision, he decides to visit his grandfather one last time, as it may be the last time to see him after a while. To make him happy, he tells him that he is headed out to find someone to train and educate him in the field of mechanical engineering, just like his grandfather. Renton's words make his grandpa Axel burst into tears.

    Renton has decided. He will join the Gekkostate, in order to protect his first love, Eureka.moreless
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    • (Talho looks at Renton suspiciously; heads towards him and touches his face, then grabs his cheeks)
      Renton: Ahhhh! Why'd you do that?!
      Talho: (while walking away) Bye bye!
      Renton: Geez, what was up with that?
      Holland: How should I know? I never get what women are thinking. (hands him the materials he was carrying) Here you go. This is your tent.
      Renton: (observes Holland's clothing) Holland, did you just get out of the shower or something?
      Holland: What are you talking about? There's nothing wrong with a guy walking around in his underwear when he's at home, is there?

    • Axel: Renton.
      Renton: Grandpa, I'm sorry. Until now, I think I've been running away.
      Axel: Away from what?
      Renton: From things that I have to do and things I thought were weighing me down. So I'm gonna stop running away now. I'm gonna stop. I'm not gonna run anymore. I'm gonna go get some training. I wanna train so that some day I can become a mechanic, just like you, Grandpa.
      Axel: Good, you've come to your senses. It'll be tough.
      Renton: I know, but it's all right. And that's because I'm your grandson.
      Axel: (crying) Idiot. It's not nice to make an old man cry. (walks away)
      Renton: (with tears in his eyes) Grandpa...

    • Eureka: (raises hand) Like this. You just raise your hand up towards the sky. Now you try it.
      Renton: Huh?
      Eureka: Hurry!
      Renton: Um, okay. (raises hand) Hey, can you really read the waves just by doing this?
      Eureka: Stay quiet.
      Renton: Oh, sorry. (stares at Eureka's lips; turns red)

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