Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 3

Motion Blue

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 29, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • Tough to follow and kind of lacking in the grammar department but at least its funny, kind of.

    Coming right off from the 2nd episode, this 3 one feels a lot more calm and even silly then the 2nd episode, possibly the most silliest in the entire series. It has its action beats now and then but they are not entirely important. Save for one semi-emotional scene with Renton final moments with his grandpa, other then that you’re going to get confusion and some laughter in this episode. As I said before, this episode is a bit more comedic then the other two. For example, towards the end of the show and at that moment in time, Renton questions Holland’s attire. Another, I guess, funny moment is in the beginning where Renton becomes afraid that his love interest (Eureka) thinks of him as a friend. It made me laugh because I can relate to what he’s going through (Who hasn’t?).

    Although what kind of ruined the moment was the, in the typical anime fashion, flashing lighting in the background as he’s crying out “Oh No!” and then starts talking to himself really quickly. You have to see it yourself to see what I mean. Now for shows like Eureka Seven, the stereotypical anime things such as the lighting, it doesn’t come off very well. It’s just really corny. Thankfully this will go away in the later episodes, where it becomes more mature. They have possibly done this to show how Renton starts of the show, childish and comedic, but develop to be more mature later in the series. This is pure guesswork on my part.

    One think that I could not completely understand is why exactly Renton joined up with Holland and Co. He says he wants to be a mechanic like this grandfather but he just randomly joins up with Gekko State. I know he likes Eureka and looks up to Holland and his team but feels like some pieces of the puzzle are missing. It felt a bit rushed.

    Another complaint I have about this episode is the fact that they use the word “Amazing” . . . a lot. It gets pretty annoying after awhile. This is for both American and Japanese versions. The American version I put the blame on more because they could of fixed this pretty easily I think.

    Sorry but I can’t agree with these other reviewers who are give this episode 9.0+. I’m a huge fan of the show but even I can’t bring myself to give this episode higher then an 8 with all these flaws.