Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 3

Motion Blue

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 29, 2006 on Adult Swim



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    • (Talho looks at Renton suspiciously; heads towards him and touches his face, then grabs his cheeks)
      Renton: Ahhhh! Why'd you do that?!
      Talho: (while walking away) Bye bye!
      Renton: Geez, what was up with that?
      Holland: How should I know? I never get what women are thinking. (hands him the materials he was carrying) Here you go. This is your tent.
      Renton: (observes Holland's clothing) Holland, did you just get out of the shower or something?
      Holland: What are you talking about? There's nothing wrong with a guy walking around in his underwear when he's at home, is there?

    • Axel: Renton.
      Renton: Grandpa, I'm sorry. Until now, I think I've been running away.
      Axel: Away from what?
      Renton: From things that I have to do and things I thought were weighing me down. So I'm gonna stop running away now. I'm gonna stop. I'm not gonna run anymore. I'm gonna go get some training. I wanna train so that some day I can become a mechanic, just like you, Grandpa.
      Axel: Good, you've come to your senses. It'll be tough.
      Renton: I know, but it's all right. And that's because I'm your grandson.
      Axel: (crying) Idiot. It's not nice to make an old man cry. (walks away)
      Renton: (with tears in his eyes) Grandpa...

    • Eureka: (raises hand) Like this. You just raise your hand up towards the sky. Now you try it.
      Renton: Huh?
      Eureka: Hurry!
      Renton: Um, okay. (raises hand) Hey, can you really read the waves just by doing this?
      Eureka: Stay quiet.
      Renton: Oh, sorry. (stares at Eureka's lips; turns red)

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