Eureka Seven

Season 2 Episode 3

Opposite View

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jul 29, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Opposite View
The Gekkostate group hide inside a mine in order to repair the Gekko. Renton's frustration about Eureka's health forces him to say things he never meant to say. And as he enters a strange building in one of the tunnels of the mine, he once again experiences the nightmares from the Corallian.moreless

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  • This was a very entertaining episode, that gives us more weird dreams of Anemone & Eureka via Renton.

    When the Gekkostate lands in a mine to repalir their ship, Holland send Renton with soem of the other members to search the caves for supplies or food. As they do, Renton splits up form the group, and stumbles upon a house in the middle of the caverns. There he eats from the huses frige, and falls asleep revealing even more odd dreams of Anemone & Eureka. Just like in Acperience 1, Anemone & Eureka are having the same dream as Renton is. Sadly though, Eureka's health is becoming worse. A cool episode if you like odd visions, and dreams. This is what makes this show different form others like it.moreless
  • This episode seemed like a dream but somehow it was real.The gekko hides in a mine to reapir the damage it took.when they go scouting for food Renton finds a strange house and goes to it.There he sees eureka and saves her from anemone in THE END and more.moreless

    This part seemed like it was a dream but at the end when he goes back to the gekko and tries to apologize to eureka for saying all these things to her she said that she had already heard him the first time,which was weird because that was in the house and he was "dreaming".Also Anemone comes after her in The End and Renton saves her which was cool but strange because he turned into an LFO as well.This episode was weird but leaves many questions to be asked and answered.moreless
  • Ever seen a show where an episode is just a dream at the end? This is the opposite: the real action is the dream. This episode brings more psychological mystery to the show. It's like a Freudian paradise right now.moreless

    The action of this episode is all inward. This episode is bizzare on several levls, and it creates a lot of questions for later episodes without really answering them. That's the "set-up", but it makes this episode a strange one, though that is not necessarily a flaw. Henceforth though, it's possibly setting up greatness for later episodes, and in doing so it makes a necessary sacrifice of some quality on its part. Much like you sometimes need a duller chapter in the book to inform and create background for the wonderful stuff later, I sense this is what this episode is doing. As such, it's a good episode, not wonderful, and it is a tad on the "weird but still dull" side.

    This episode returns to the psychological terror that has been the mainstay of the series so far--mental drama is secondplace to physical drama. The latter is the show's strong points so far as the former is still being strung out. That's a dynamic in place here; this episode is stringing out the mental anguish more.

    As such, this episode is a set-up episode. There's little remarkable about it, but there are no pronounced flaws. It's more of the same that we've seen before.moreless

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