Eureka Seven

Season 3 Episode 7

Pacific State

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Dec 09, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Pacific State
The Gekkostate finds no survivors in the destroyed city. Renton then tries to make memories between Eureka and him. Talho lies about a malfunction in the ship so they could Lift at a good spot. Holland decides from this point forward that the Gekkostate will be dismissed. He gives his last order, and they flies away to retreive Norbu.moreless

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  • Holland decides to disband the Gekkostate.

    After a few episodes that regretably didn't inspire me to do reviews, this episode returns to form with the character development we've come to expect from the series.

    Talho, worried about Holland, lands at a great spot for lifting and sure that it will be therapeutic, coaxes Holland into going lifting but due to his injuries, it looks like Holland's lifting days are over. A fact that devastates Holland, bringing on a exceptionally rare display of self pity. One of the storylines I've always loved is that of Holland and Talho and Talho's unwavering support of him, even when he's being an idiot, to use her word. Though she doesn't let him see it, when she's alone or sometimes with someone like Renton, she admits her hurt and fears. Right on the money, she talks of how Holland always has to be tough and fearless, the Leader, and though he gives her presents, he never opens up to her with his hopes, fears, plans. Her patient love is rewarded here when he breaks down into tears, apologising to her. I loved what he said about wanting to protect this planet he met her on, and thanked her for loving him. The man may be difficult and stubborn but Talho has good taste.

    Holland decides to rescue Master Norb but is going to do it personally without risking the Gekko crew... so he disbands the Gekkostate. He even apologises to Renton. He is then confused when the crew deliberately call him 'Leader' and every crew member decides to stay on. Of all the people who could have done the speech, Renton was definitely the most likely to render Holland speechless: what Holland is about to do is the same thing they've been doing all along, it's what Gekkostate stands for. Stunned, Holland issues orders and it's back to business.

    Talho lends Renton and Eureka her and Holland's longboard to cheer Eureka up. Talho is great. Eureka, on the other hand, is really starting to annoy me. She's gotten so neurotic, get over it already!

    Last thoughts:

    - Hap mentions that he and Holland have been together since they were three years old.

    - It's been three years since Holland 'left' the military and stole the Gekko etc.

    - Three seasons later and we finally get the history of Lifting, as told by Stoner.

    An important episode, not just for the future of Gekkostate, but also for Holland to come to terms with his decisions and their future.moreless
  • Heart warming

    At the start of this episode is a brief interlude where you can see where the inspiration for reffing was found, if you haven\'t noticed already, surfing. Unfortunately thats not what the episode is about, it than cuts to the after math of another orange attack and the devastation is terrible. Eureka wishing to atone for her sins is desperately searching for survivors and the stress of not being able to find anyone causes her to cry. After Doctor Bear gave Renton some words on love and relationships Renton desperately searches for a memorabilia that he can share with Eureka. This is all very funny to Talho who explains to Renton that the memorabilia isn\'t the item rather the memories that occurred around it. After some reconciliation between Holland and Talho you see Renton and Eureka riding a long board with big smiles on their faces which made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. After this scene Holland feels that he should dissolve the Gekko state but the crew refuses to leave him and they begin the operation to retrieve Norb[u].moreless
Bridget Hoffman

Bridget Hoffman

Sonia Wakabayashi

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Terrence Stone

Terrence Stone


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Tristan MacAvery

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Ken-Goh says that Holland stole the Gekko ship and that he, Holland, and Talho were together three years since then, but didn't Eureka and the kids count as well?

    • This episode features an apology for mistaking "Antibody Coralian" for "small-form Coralian."

    • This episode featured the following songs:

      1) "control" by Riow Arai
      2) "To the Center of the Sun" by Bivattche
      3) "dot" by Riow Arai

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Sonia: What do you think you're doing?
      Matthieu: What in the hell does it look like we're doing? We're going lifting!
      Sonia: I can see that! How is it that you can be so calm about everything?!
      Mischa: Sonia, I don't think you're getting enough calcium in your diet.

    • (after Holland's speech)
      Ken-Goh: It's been 3 years, hasn't it?
      Holland: Since what?
      Ken-Goh: Since you took control of the Gekko and escaped out of the military. Come to think of it, it was just the three of us back then. Right, Talho?
      Talho: Yeah. I know it's true that we don't have any time left, but we can just start over from square one.
      Holland: Thanks, Talho.
      Hap: I think that's the first time I've ever heard you say that word.
      Holland: Huh, jeez.
      Hap: You and I have been together since we were 3 years old. I hope you say that to me once before I die.
      ("Taiyou no Mannakae" by Bivattche starts playing; Holland's surprised)
      Holland: I will.
      Gidget: Leader, you've got a message from Stoner. He's developing film right now, so he doesn't want you to make any sudden moves.
      Talho: Okay, Gidget.
      Jobs: Engine room here. Engines are good. All systems show no malfunctions. We can go any time.
      Moondoggie: This is the catapult control room. Right now, we have the 606 on the turntable. The 606 is formally requesting clearance from the bridge to release the catapult for a scouting mission.
      Hilda: This is the 606. Leader, you know you're gonna need an LFO in the air for what you're trying to do right now. Right, Matthieu?
      Matthieu: That's right, leader!
      Holland: Matthieu...
      Woz: I'm not seeing any enemy bogies on the radar.
      Holland: Woz, I...
      Woz: The central computer is back up and running, just like our leader.
      Holland: You guys... Gekkostate is--
      Renton: We're not going to let you disband us. We all talked it out. I mean, come on, let's face it, Holland. All of us could see that what you're trying to do right now is nothing different from what we've been trying to do all along, and that is what the Gekkostate is all about!
      Holland: Renton...
      Talho: Now, leader, hurry up with your orders. Everyone here is waiting for you to tell them what to do.
      Holland: All hands! The Gekko's mission now is to invade the capital! Operational details will follow, but for now, let's change course. Head for the next point where we can perform a trajectory flight! Got that?
      Crew: Roger!
      (Gekko slams full speed, causing Stoner to hit his back on the wall)
      Stoner: Hey! Come on! Wasn't anybody listening to my request?! I guess this time I'll let it go, considering I've just finished creating the best piece of my life. The title for this one is... hmm... let's see... how about something like... "Pacific State"?

    • Holland: Until now, I've been living my life by using all sorts of things. In order to survive, I've used Lifting and the entire counter-culture surrounding it. What I didn't realize is that I was hurting them every time I used them. And that's not all. Saying I was protecting something important, I also hurt a lot of people, like Eureka and Renton. I'm sorry for what I did. Forgive me.
      Renton: Holland...
      Holland: But that's not what I came here to say. As of this moment, the Gekkostate is disbanding.
      (everyone gasps and stares in shock)
      Hap: What's with this all of a sudden?!
      Talho: We know where Master Norb is.
      Hap: What?
      Talho: One of the assistants from my intelligence department days found him. Apparently, Master Norb has appeared alone in the capital, seeking audience with the 3 sages.
      Hap: The capital?!
      Holland: We don't have a lot of time. Master Norb, who has been in complete hiding for the past three years, showed up in the enemy headquarters, of all places, which means he's resigned himself to the current situation. The thing is, we can't afford to lose him right now. Losing him means losing the possibility of humans and Coralians co-existing on this planet, like what we have right here in front of our eyes. I'm going into the capital to rescue Master Norb. I probably won't make it out in one piece. I've decided to do this for my own personal reasons and nothing else. I can't force any of you to follow me. Those that want to get off this ship should get off, or stay if you wish. No matter which choice you make, I will honor it as your decision. That's the last order I give you as the leader of Gekkostate. That's all. Disband.

    • Holland: (crying) I'm so pathetic, Talho. I'm pathetic, aren't I? I'm sorry. The only thing I had any talent for was Lifting.
      Talho: But you still like it, don't you?
      Holland: Yeah, I love Lifting, and this planet that lets me Lift. That's why I can't forgive the existence of beings that want to destroy it. Talho, no matter happens from now on, I want to protect this planet that I met you on, and you, for loving me, despite being so pathetic.
      Talho: (crying) Idiot, you're making all my makeup run off of my face.

  • NOTES (10)