Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 7

Planet Rock

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Mar 24, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Dewey and the Ageha squad have located the command cluster but what is happening with Renton and Eureka?

    Worried about Renton The kids all pitch in by bringing Eureka a first aid kit, and a wet towel for him. Maeter asks Eureka if Pukey (renton) is going to die and Maurice quickly esponds with a "no he’s just running a fever". The kids keep on talking but Eureka is ignoring them and focusing her energy on Renton. Eureka is opening Bandages and aspirin and medication for him to have to hurry up the recovery. Eureka bends down to feel the towel to find out that the towel is already drie and orders the kids to go and get it wet. The kids start to run towards the ocean but when they hear a strange and unfamiliar sound stop in there tracks and look up to the sky and see gray clouds quickly filling up the sky. Meanwhile Holland is letting a military pilot hit him when Talho comes in and stops him and tells them that they should not be fighting at a delicate situation like this. Though Holland strongly protests the man stops anyways. As the time until the Ageha squad tries to destroy the command cluster draws to a close 3 hours Renton still cannot get up from his self caused injury. As he tries to remove the towel he passes out from exhaustion. As tears start to fill Eureka's eyes the kids come over to sit with her when Maeter pushes eureka away and says " i remember that feeling it was all warm along time ago then it suddenly went cold" As a scream from Maurice to stop it wakes Eureka up from a nightmare she quickly turns around and apologizes for killing their mothers. As she is about to cry the kids all come over and say " no momma your our momma now" Maeter starts to cry and hugs Eureka. A few minutes later Renton starts freaking out in pain as Eureka uses all her strength to hold him from squirming he just wont stop screaming and squirming and grabs Eureka's back and squeezes it as hard as he can until he passes out about 7 seconds later. As Eureka's tears hit her arm her whole arm starts changing into a green coralian look that causes her immense pain. As she puts her head on Renton's chest wings sprout from her back. In awe the kids can only watch and be amazed at the beautiful sight they see to assume that she has turned into a butterfly/human/coralian mix. All of a sudden the tarp starts to blow away but Eureka runs over and pulls it down and is quickly joined by the kids who help her hold it down till the storm passes. When Renton finally wakes up he hears the kids playing around outside so he puts on his jacket and goes outside to see what is going on. Immediately Eureka says " Renton you're finally awake" To astonished to reply he just can't help but stare at her wings. Eureka notices it a turns away. Renton Runs over to her and says " Beautiful. You're really beautiful Eureka. I think those wings make you look good on you" Eureka in awe hugs Renton and finally says " I..I..Love you so much Renton. I want to be with you forever." Renton replies "Me too. Together forever. It's a promise then." As Renton and Eureka are sitting on the sand watching the kids play Renton asks if he can touch Eureka's wings. Not wanting to disappoint him she nods saying yes. He touches them and shocked he says " Wow there so warm" Eureka blushes then leans in and rests her head on Renton's shoulder. The moment is cut short when the kids are yelling about something amazing they found. Renton and Eureka walk with the kids to find out its a big huge mound of sand, but the weird part is it is almost as if there is a hard casing over it and that there are footprints under the casing. Nirvash stands up signaling it is time to go and all of them fly to what seems like a huge tower. The episode ends when Renton points out a lone person standing on the beach to be his sister Diane. I think this episode is a monumental episode. The series would not be any god if they did not have any episodes like this.