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Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 7

Planet Rock

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Mar 24, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Acceptance

    This one is basically about acceptance of a lot of things. From Eureka's step children coping with not just their new life but mainly the fact that Renton is a part of their life and Eureka is becoming more. As well as what is currently happening in the Gekkostate that is forming an rebelious army.

    Once again it's all made by the moments, like seeing how some of the former troops of Dewey are slowly but surely being disallusioned by Dewey's insane ambitions, and one litte moment in it a lot of girls might like with Dominic in his room looking at his former uniform in nothing but his boxers. Not much really needs to be said at this moment since it's all in the eyes his disallusionment and realization that he has been fighting for the wrong side all this time, the ambitions of Dewey were not his own in fact they were a lie. And of course he states his decision to the Cournal afterward. There's even a brief moment with Anonome who we see without words is really sad because she is also slowly becomeing disallusioned, knowing not just is everything changing but awareness of her own existance and wonders about the future just as Dewey passes her the drug once again.

    But of course the central focus is on Eureka and the kids. That moment when she had a post tramatic nightmare about her past which has caused an internal scar, I'll admit was a little sad but also heartfelt, when after the dream when the kids wake her up she then hugs him tight and asks him to forgive her for what she's done. And of course one of the kids said "Your our moma now." This of course is one of the steps in acceptance of not just past sins but what is now in their present. This is also demonstrated in three way when Renton is spasming and screaming in pain Eureka and all of the kids restrain him, in a strange way it felt like a family moment like a mom and her children helping their father. Another when she goes though the final stage of the change, I'll admit she really looks great but of course Eureka doesn't think so because she fears that her kids won't accept her for what she is. Eureka then runs to put down the flap of the tent but then of course the kids help her once again. That just means they love and accept her for who she is.

    Finally when Renton has recovered Eureka is in fear once again but Renton as we see is facinated by her change and things she looks beautiful, this of course make Eureka love him more likewise for him. And so in a way this episode someone comes close to making the family bond with Eureka, Renton and the kids because they've taken steps in acceptance which takes them foward toward the future.
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