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  • Simply Amazing!

    It is hands down my favorite anime of all time! This show has so much character it makes you think, laugh, cry, and feel flat out amazing! Each and every character has something to offer you grow attached to all of them. The one problem I have with it is it starts off really slow. I guarantee so many people started watching thought it was boring and and stopped watching. I was so close too stopping i said one more episode and boom i was hooked. All i can say is stay with it PLEASE!!! it turns into the best anime ever. Highly underrated and just flat out amazing! Also has the best soundtrack for a anime ever, and i stand by that
  • A tad bit Overrated

    I have mixed opinions of this series. I loved most of the story, but the ending was a bitter disappointment. Let's start with the good and work our way down to the bad:


    CHARACTERS: The characters are what make Eureka Seven great. Most characters have a darker side to them, but that's what makes them so wonderful; no one is without flaws. There are times when one loves certain characters, then hates them, only to end up loving them again. It is only through each other that each of these characters grow into better people; while this can be cheesy at times, it's extremely heartwarming, especially by the end when the crew feels like one big family. This is definitely my favorite aspect of the show, even if some characters' actions did get on my nerves.

    I can't say there wasn't a character I didn't like, because the three children showed little improvement, but overall, characters are a major high point for this series.


    SOUND: Eureka Seven has some wonderful music and the English voice acting fits the characters as far as I can tell. Anime purists will still hate it, but you can never win with them.


    PLOT: My main gripe with Eureka Seven is its plot (which is certainly NOT a good thing to have a gripe about). It starts out slow, which I can forgive, and the middle of the series is fantastic. But what I can't forgive is a horrible conclusion. It was great until the final episodes; my expectations for an epic wrap-up were set extremely high, but then it just ... flopped.

    The ending was horrible. Near the end, there was a random plot twist with the condition of the antagonist, yet they gave no explanation as to how this phenomenon happened to him. And the show ended as most generic Shonen stories do: it's all about the hero. Most of the cast did little in the final showdown, a major letdown since the series' high point was its fleshed out characters. The characters one grew to love simply stood on the sidelines while the hero and heroine did most of the work.

    Worse than the final battle, which I can still forgive, was the epilogue. *SPOILERS AHEAD* A major plot point throughout the story was Holland and Talho's baby. Do we ever get to see what happened to either of them after the fight, let alone their child? Nope. Not even a mention. The same goes for the rest of the crew, as well as Dominic and Anemone. In fact, even the two main characters had little screen time at the end, and the time they received wasn't very fulfilling, plot-wise. The entire story was extremely character-driven, yet the ending makes it seem otherwise. I find major fault in that, and this left a very bitter taste in my mouth.


    OVERVIEW: Obviously, when you look at the reviews below (and eventually above) me, you will likely see nothing but praise. But no matter how hard I try to see things their way, I simply cannot forgive that ending. To invest in 50 episodes and end up with an ending like that? It is depressing. Seriously.

    This show is by no means bad, but with the amount of plot holes it contains and its lack of a good epilogue, I don't believe it warrants the rampant amount of "10" ratings it is receiving.

    dude I just got done watching the series again and it still filled me with joy. it sucks though because there is nothing to show what happened after episode 50
  • full of joy

    i watched this anime long time ago and now is the time i still like it through the story you find different kind of emotions, joy,sad,anger, everykind of feeling but always keeps you wanting more and more until the end, chapter by chapter gets more and more your attention while you meet different characters with their visions, mission or their desires, hating some, loving others but always leting you pass a good time

    the final have so strong moments feelings and the best is this is not only focus in mechas fights but in the main couples perfect synchrony and union and how they learn about it and make it stronger

    so in my opinion this anime is a real master piece who i always will find time to rewatch it over and over
  • Draws your emotion

    I started watching it 4 days ago and was hooked from the start. I just finished and its one of those shows that makes you feel like your letting go of something good when it finally ends. No spoilers but it starts off slow and gradually just works. It packs a lot of emotion into the 50 episodes that lets you feel apart of the race to save the world. You can without a doubt find yourself satisfied by this series, I was completely surprised with what I found.
  • Change For the better

    This show is a change from the normal anime show while keeping true to the traditional characteristics of anime. It contains decent amounts of action with excellent battling graphics, but what makes this show so great is how it differs from the normal anime. Instead of focusing on the action of the show with little love side stories, Eureka Seven puts an emphasis on the relationship between the two main characters which adds more drama to a previously, "Action majority," genre. This is done perfectly as it attracts a wider audience, yet with explosions, mid air mecha battles, and a large war unfolding Eureka Seven doesn't let down lovers of traditional anime.
  • good show its up there with all the other shows i watch on saturday, but i heard the game isnt even good.

    the shows good but the game isn't. (You see, when you automatically buy every piece of anime merchandise out there, the developer has no incentive to actally put any effort into its games, because you'll buy it regardless. Eureka 7 isnt as aggressively horrible as some anime games, but but doesnt strive to be anything other than a forgettable piece of licensed c**p, either. the game is simplistic LFO combat, but throws insome equally uninspired lift racing, and some awfil onfoot sagments)- magazine's said they gave the game a 5.25, at least it aint the show thats a 5.25
  • What can I say? I love this show a lot, and I definitely recommend it.

    When I first heard about Eureka Seven, it sounded pretty good to me, though I didn't really have the time to watch it. But I finally decided to do just that, and I was captivated in the first few episodes.

    About a 14-year-old boy named Renton Thurston who loves to REF, and wants something interesting to happen in his life, he gets just that. A unique LFO (Light Finding Object) called the Nirvash Type Zero lands right by his house, and inside it is a girl he falls for immediately: Eureka. After that, everything starts happening at once; Renton joins the REFing group, Gekko State, he learns more about Eureka and what's happening in the world, and a certain man named Dewey is planning something sinister... And who exactly the girl, Anemone, who seems so similar to Eureka?

    A fantastic show for sure, with plenty of action, romance, sci-fi, and some comedy to spice it up. The only problem I had with it was that it's way too short. But other than that, Eureka Seven is an awesome show that really hooked me... 'Nuf said.
  • A show for everyone, A show that should be on your list to watch

    When i first saw a couple episodes of it on cartoon network, it didnt seem like a show i would want to watch. One of my friends said i should watch it. It took me awhile, but i finally did. When i watched it, i didnt want to stop. It added even more suspense to the show.To me, it ended to soon. I wish they could have continued the show, but for what they did, they did a superb job. I will probably watch again after i watch other anime. It has alot of comedy in it, along with alot of action. It has some romance. Just a little bit of everything for everyone.
  • Animation 8... Plot 9.5... Soundtrack 10+... Characters 9... Story 9.5... Battle animation 9... voice acting 9(japanesse) 8.5(english) /renton's voice in both lenguages was kind of annoying/... great anime 100% recommendable

    A great animation... With a plot well situated. Very positive message of love, self confidence, teamwork and acceptance of changes in life. Like Evangelion the conception of mecha in this anime goes beyond a simple machine controlled by human will, so it conects the soul of the controller to the "robot"... Fast animation during the battles gives it a sense of realism and slow shots in the right moments maintain the balance... Very philosophic and self centered adpated to almost any kind of personality throug all the different characters in it. Do not make me start with the sound track. I really love it, and i recomend it pletly, very advaced to its time eureka seven makes you think, realice your position, your value and the infinite possibilities of your acting. just great.
  • A young man takes on the challenges of piloting an air-surfing robot, as well as conquering his own fears.

    Renton Thurston loves to ride a special air board. His grandfather, who cares for Renton after the death of his father, thinks it's all bunk and the boy should learn a real career. Wait until he sees what's next. Renton is lucky-- or unlucky-- enough to be there when a mecha crash lands and a pilot gets out. Now Renton's flying skills will be taken seriously-- but if he joins the Gekkostate, he may have to fight for more than dignity and fame: he could put his life at risk. Will Renton live to ride the skies and uphold the name of his father? This drama is something of a lighthearted take on the themes of "Robotech." Watch it if you're in the mood for anime that's not a comedy, but not too serious either. One of the better series I've seen in a while.
  • I loved the show.

    This is one of my favorite shows, I think it ended way to fast. This show was one of the greatest animes I've ever watched. While I was watching it had become my favorite show, but then it ended so now my other favorite show is my main favorite again. Eureka seven was full of action and great sci-fi adventure. It seemed like it started and was over and gone to fast. It should be put back on and have that other show that they keep reshowing over and over again removed. I couldn't have missed episode even if I tried.
  • Brilliant

    Eureka Seven is one of the best anime I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I enjoyed the character development and the over all plot. The fighting was very good when it entered into the equation which was not as often as one would expect.

    There were a few small story arcs that I did not like, mainly the Ray and Charles part which I found boring and more like filler than anything. I also found that Renton was a little quick to cry and was quite a sissy but he grew as the series went on and his and everyone else's growth was well paced over the 50 episodes. My only other complaint is that sometimes the children could get quite annoying but in later episodes they became more tolerable.

    But I think the characters were very strong and diverse which made a nice balance from one scene to the next. In conclusion if you like anime at all watch Eureka Seven, even if you don't and you like a good story this has it all. I only wish it had gone on a while longer.
  • AWSOME!!!

    This show is awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome!!! This show has great Sci-Fi action in it, and had a lot of cool charecters. I wish they would make a movie about Eureka seven, that would be cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. This show is my third favorite of all the animes I watch. I'd have to say at the time that Eureke seven was running, it might have been my favorite.
  • Eureka Seven is one of the greatest show ever made. It was almost painfully beautiful. The plot twists, the character devolopment, and the all above theme for the show, every aspect of this series is pure brilliance.

    Renton Thurston, a 14 year old boy, was different than the other kids. He idolized Holland, a member of Gekkostate, and he was constantly trying to become a better lifter so he himself could join the Gekkostate and fight along side his idol. He was an amazing mechanic thanks to his grandfather Axel's help, and he was the son of one of the world's most famous hero. Even though his hometown was the only place he'd ever known, Renton was sick of being there. It was so boring, and nothing exciting ever happened there, until that one fateful day. The infamous Nirvash typeZERO crashed through his grandfather's house. And that's when it all began, when he saw the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, when he first layed eyes on Eureka. Honestly, this show took my breathe away. The animation is constantly gorgeous, and the plotline is so beautifully intense. I'll always be impressed with the way it turned out. There's so many amazing things happening at once, and I swear that by the first episode you'll be hooked. I basically fell in love with this show. What can I say? I'm just a sucker for an action-packed story of young love. =] But there's so much more than that! From the beginning to the end this series is full of action, comedy, hope, romance, and suspense. There are so many emotions you'll feel: happiness, endless sorrow, fear, utter betrayal, complete heart break, joy, hope, agonizing pain, and especially real passion! You'll laugh so much that you're sides will ache and throb, & you'll cry until all of your tears run out. The characters all have painful pasts and extremely unique personalities that change throughout the show (character development!), and all of them will easily win over your heart, especially Renton! I've learned that in life, great things are not just going to happen for you, and that you cant expect everything to just happen. "Don't beg for things, do it yourself or else you won't get anything." - Renton's father passed down that quote to him, and I couldn't agree more with it. I basically live by that it now! This show will make you strive to be stronger, and it will make you want and try to be a better person each and everyday. It'll make you live your life to its ultimate fulfillment, because there should never be even one single moment wasted. You only have one life, and it's way too short to just sit back and hope for the better, you need to do your part to assure it. Eureka Seven is more than amazing, it's beautiful, intriguing, heartfelt, and above all inspiring. It taught me that I need to follow my heart and stand up for what's right no matter what , even if I'm the only one standing. I only wish that the series was longer, even though the last episode was absolutely incredible; I have NEVER seen a better ending to any show, EVER! If you haven't started watching Eureka Seven, you desperately need to fix that. It's too amazing not to watch! This show stole my heart, and I'm sure it'll do the same to yours. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have, it really changed me for the better. Now I have more of a motivation to do what I feel is right. I owe this show a lot. =]
  • Eureka Seven is the best!!!

    This is one of my favorite shows, I think it ended way to fast. This show was one of the greatest animes I've ever watched. While I was watching it had become my favorite show, but then it ended so now my other favorite show is my main favorite again. Eureka seven was full of action and great sci-fi adventure. It seemed like it started and was over and gone to fast. It should be put back on and have that other show that they keep reshowing over and over again removed. I couldn't have missed episode even if I tried.
  • One of my favorite anime shows.

    Like The Fairly Oddparents, in my mind this show gets better on the long runs. In my mind, the show gets off to a slow start. In the 10's the show starts to come together, and in the 40's the show becomes really awesome, and all the good stuff happens. The dialog in this show is spectacular. There is alot of action, drama, and suspense in Eureka Seven. I really like the love that Renton and Eureka have. I have a soft spot for romance. The combat in this show is really good. I like giant robots battling with weapons. The coolest thing that the Nirvash type zero can do is the "Seventh Swell". The lifting is really awesome, it is like skateboarding in the sky. The "Cut Back, Drop Turn" is a very cool trick. Everyone talks about it. Overall, great dialog, great music, memorable characters, fun combat. I would recommend this show to anyone, just don't give up on the show, it gets better the more episodes go by.
  • Eureka Seven centers around Renton Thurston, the fourteen-year-old son of Adroc Thurston, a military researcher who died saving the world.

    Eureka Seven is an amazing anime with a beautiful and sad storyline to follow. At first I expected it would be like gundam, but instead it's a bit similar to Evangelion.
    Surfing through the air, robots, skybattles...I love it!
    This is a show that contains humor, action and very sad romance.
    I've seen many love stories within many kind of anime like Sailor moon, Cardcaptor Sakura and Inuyasha. But I never encounter anything so intens like the bond between Renton and Eureka. Those two grew from ordinary puppy love, all the way to soulmates.
    I always loved anime with a good story, and although the action isn't really amazing as I hoped, it's still enjoyable.
    I wish I could give this show a 10, but it's a 9.5 because sadly: there only 50 episodes and they could have continued series. But you never know.
    Maybe they will...
  • a wonderful love story between a bored teenager named renton thurston and a strange girl with the original lfo (giant fighting robot) of that time

    the strange yet heart wenching story of the girl eureka and the boy renton shows the struggles renton goes through as a member of the illustrious gekkostate who techniclly are outlaws from the military and on this ship is also where the girl eureka is this show was great but if they wated to show a full perspective of this show i would suggest having some more of eurekas perspective in this whole thing it felt like renton got 75% of the action and voiceing while eureka being as equally important gets only 25% but nonetheless showing the conflicts and hardships the two of them had to go through gives a fresh perspective on life as it is
  • The show is about a guy named Renton who is the son of the guy who saved the world who meats this girl(Eureka) and they basically go off and save the world all over again.

    In my opinion possibly one of the greatest shows ever to be aired... ever! The reason for this being that there is a massive amount of character development that draws you in, the plot is incredible and drama, comedy, and even the fight sequences are just amazing. This show deserves the 10 I gave it, there is nothing better than a show that accomplishes something every episode, grows on you every episode, keeps you coming back for more. Eureka has to be my favorite, her character is probably one of the best I've ever seen. Her character goes through the most changes from the first time she comes in contact with the Corolians to the end where she sacrifices herself for others. BONES, thank you for blessing my eyes with those sweet sweet pleasures and I hope those of you reading this will agree that this show should go down in history as one of the greatest.
  • This was a good show.

    I especially like the ending episodes, and I unintentionally like Anemone and Domonic better than Renton and Eureka. The only thing about this show that I would angrily rant about then laughed when I'm finished is the fact that Eureka has three kids and that everybody accepts the fact that this fourteen year old has three kids, I can't even stand my little brother and she has three kids but any way it was a fun lift, wait i also didn't like the fact that Eureka had that amazingly hidious hair style, I almost stopped watching the show because of that hair, geez.
  • the best show i have ever seen!

    I Think eureka seven. Its a very Awesome Anime show. Its not very sexual at all it has fighting but a good amount of it not too much not to little. It has a great touching storyline that takes you in From the very moment you watch it! Its so magical its one of those shows that is so depth and your so into it that you almost feel as if you are siting right there with them. Eeven though somtimes it takes awhile to understand all of it but once you do you'll LOVE IT! It starts getting really endepth with the romance coming out on the 24 episode that was my favorite part. Also My Favorite thing about the show is the way Renton and Eureka Romance is. Its the most sweetest pure Love that of any anime I have ever seen. I can't say enough about how great this show is there is a lot of action and at first I thougt I wasn't going to Like because i'm not into all the action but because of all the great endepth romance Life hardship that just brought it to Life for Me. It has so many Episodes that work all around the Main Plot of the Show the fisrt few episodes is Where you get to know them and how things work and I have to say just One Word about those Episodes they are Funny and as you get more along in the Show the truth of it comes out in many ways and that's when you start to see the real endepth Look on the show even though its a mech anime it can't only be listed under that Title because it has so much more then just that anywayz I could go on forever but I'm going to stop with I .highly recommend THIS SHOW..................
    Its so sweet so anyone that's Looking for a great anime romance funny fighting story Look no further becuase its this show right here Its so endepth too the point That you can't help but keep woundering what's going to happen Next Its such a Fabulous show that Anyone could fall in love with I KNOW I DID!
  • It's just... great.

    The first time I saw this show was when I couldn't sleep and saw it at 1:30 am one day, and I gotta say, I was into it with just that. I started it on the 19th episodes so I want the show to re-run again to see the first 18 so I hope it will. But it's 100% worth watching. It's has to be one of the best anime of our time. My only regret is not watching it sooner. I'll admit it has it's ups, down, and silly moments, but it's overall a wonderful show. I'm glad I watched it. And, if you haven't, you should.
  • The love between a boy and a girl is the only hope the world has.

    This is an absolutely unbelievable series. I have yet to see the final four episodes which from what I have heard are the best of the series and if this is true all I can say is wow. Anyways the characters are beautifully done with a vibrant world as a back drop. This story line is on par with titles like Elemental Gelade, Fate Stay Night, Shana, and the 12 Kingdoms. The story is deeply rooted in what the characters believe in and how they react to the world around them. There are several twists that caught me off guard along with several revelations that changed the story on a fundamental basis. Eureka and Renton are two of the best leads that I have come across. Their personal growth is astounding, Eureka started as a cold blooded killer without true knowledge of what she was doing and Renton started as a spoiled, whiny, teenage boy(enough said). As the story progresses we see both of them shed their old personalities and through each other and those around them develop into the astounding people they are at the end. Their relationship is another critical and delicate thing, in the beginning it was a crush from Renton but as time went on Eureka began to realize her feelings for Renton were more than she originally thought, even going so far as realizing and admitting her love to him and his love to her. Another thing that I realized watching this show is that the "supporting" cast also grows in astounding ways from what and who they were in episode one, very well done. Needless to say I am extremely impressed by the character development, music, and the world as a whole. If you ever wanted to start watching anime this is the ticket!
  • Some kid named Renton runs around in circles crying out "Eureka, Eureka". Renton gets beat-up for being a twirp. Some kind of air ship crewed by one-dimensional characters ride air surf boards in some poorly conceptualized mech-suits. Linear dialogue.

    Wow, this show is horrible. I can't wait for something else to fill this time-slot on [as]. I don't particularly mind the plot or setting, despite being rather linear. I really don't abhor the characters either, despite being one-dimensional and narrow. And the metaphysics that seem to underlie many of the show's details are generally tolerable. Now, the transformerish-mech suits are pretty bad. What kills my interest or any potential enjoyment I may have had is the dialogue. I had posted on another review that Beach had the worst dialogue of any anime I had seen, dialogue that bordered on atrocity. I now stand corrected: Eureka Seven is marginally worse. And I did not think that I'd ever live to say that. Only one character seemed to be somewhat enjoyable, Eureka, but she isn't even the main character. I couldn't stand Holland or Renton…and the rest of the crew, what can I say other than they make it very easy for me to change the channel. I hope that the old saying is true: the shortest path between two points is a straight line. For Eureka Seven, the plot is linear, the dialogue is linear, and the characters are linear. So with any luck, the show will end shortly.
  • This is the story of how Renton Thursdale became a man...and gained true love in the process... Through his adventures with the Gekko State, he learns what it is to fight for what one believes in.

    This was a worthwhile show, the voiceovers were very well done and I thought the translators do a great job.

    In watching the show I found that one of my favorite voice actors, Johny Young (Borsh?) Not sure about the last name, but anyway, he did a very good job with the character of Renton Thrusdale...

    Anyway, I loved watching this show, I missed a lot of it the first time they aired it on AdultSwim, but as with many things, this anime is an aquired taste for many, you have to watch several episodes to truely value and understand just how cool it is...

    I personally think this show was a masterpeice, even though some of it makes absolutely no sense at some times, but frankly, I don't care.

    I still loved it!

    I hope this helps some of you out there, because hell, If I loved it...why not you?

    Enjoy the show if you ever get the chance!!

  • Eureka 7 has Mecha action, romance...(yeah..), drama, good character development, a good plot, and something that makes it addictive to watch...

    Eureka 7 is about a boy named Renton Thurston who thinks his life is boring until one day a LFO named Nirvash crashes into his room. Piloting the Nirvash is a mysterious girl named Eureka, i.e Eureka 7. Together with a rebellious flying company, The Gekkostate, they take on the government and encounter many dangers. Eureka 7 is an extremely addicting show that keeps you asking for more and more episodes but sadly it ends around episode 50 or 51. What I really like about dis show is all the mysterys and Mecha action. The character development is good but can get just a little boring at times but its all good. I highly HIGHYLY reccomend watching this anime.
  • Best Aime (some corrections on info needed)

    you see i have watched this anime when ever it pops up on T.V. just recently i have found a website that has all 50 episodes in complete episodes i will give out the web-site this web site has allot of anime only problem is not very good quality but some great quality every now and then....some info i need some one to post I'll put down u can take most of the credit but here is some info

    In episode 44 the ending was not the same it was in sync but it was allot sadder when they said probably because of there struggle and the feelings they have and felling bad.
    Now there is one thing else i do want to point out Dewey does not have a group of girls if u notice correctly their our kids with short hair but (now in real life their are guys that sound like girls) so as i was saying so please change info on that Dewey has a group of girls.

    now for my last rant for a change in info (add it i don't care) in episode 45 Holland smiled after Dominic raved about him loving Anemone and he said in a way i don't remember what he said but this is what i got out of hollands saying "we know a guy that your acting like right now and his name is renton" but thats all i'm going to rant about besides that EUREKA SEVEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  • With some details that dont make it excelent, it stands amazingly well.

    Starts: The develoment is cool as it starts, they reveal little about whats going on, but that makes you stay watching.

    In anime: from episodes around 9-40 it just develops well, with some episodes that may seem as fillers, yet are part of best this offers, the twist in history are great, and pop up a lot, sometimes making it more confusing.

    The ending: it is great, yet kinda forced, if you recap a little, you'll notice that they could have maked some 5 episodes more, because some stuff needed more develoment.

    Sound/music: 9.4/10
    The sound and music fits very well, even if for the music they use the same score, with some changes, for a big part of the OST.

    Character design: 10/10
    The character desing is real well, with out making the anime rely on it to be good, every character has an unique and cool design.

    Story: 9.1/10
    Yet with some holes, the story is just great, maybe the character develoment is week sometimes, and everyone seems angry in most of the whole anime, it doesnt bother that much.

    Overall: 9.6/10
    If you like mechs animes, with a spice of shounen fiction that sometimes shows grow up scenes, this is not to miss it.
  • Eureka seven is about a boy named Renton who lives a boring life until he meets a girl named Eureka.

    Eureka Seven is a great show that may not be for some, but is worth a look nonetheless. Renton is a 14 year old boy, who dreams of surfing the skies on his ref-board. One day, a girl crash lands on his grandfathers repair shop, and from there on, Renton joins with the counter cultural Gekkostate. Its a mecha series that is really more than just big robots making things go boom. It feels as if all the characters are real, and the world is just as cool as the action is. It is full of drama that is surprisingly deep for an anime show. It sets a high bar for what it does and it has an amazing ending. The character drama, combines with a suburb story line to create one great show. The most well-done aspect of the show is how the characters change and how Eureka and Renton's relationship develops. Great hand drawn action scenes too add to the fun. The way the show makes you want answers about everything in the show really keeps you hooked. A great show.
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