Eureka Seven - Season 2

Adult Swim (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Morning Glory
    Episode 13
    Eureka still misses Renton and asks the other crew members where he may have gone, but believes Holland's promise that he'll bring him back. Holland's search for Renton is interrupted by a military fleet, forcing the Gekko to change its course. However, once Renton manages to make it back aboard the ship, he learns that Eureka has left to search for him, but she finds the military fleet and a revengeful Ray instead.moreless
  • World's End Garden
    Episode 12
    As Renton walks to find a way back to Eureka after leaving Charles and Ray, he collapses at a nearby cottage, owned by a man named William. There, Renton was treated with hospitality, and soon finds out that he has a wife, Martha, who is diagnosed with "desperation disease." During his time with Will, he learns how the nature of the world around him is much more beautiful to settle in.moreless
  • Paradise Lost
    Episode 11
    Due to having to make a bad landing on the Gekko, Holland has to have some minor injuries treated. As he and the doctor talk about Eureka, they realize how she still misses Renton and has taken over his job of running the store since he's been gone. Meanwhile, Renton finally learns about Charles and Ray's real mission, to which Renton can't believe.moreless
  • Differentia
    Episode 10
    Renton Thurston enjoys his life with Charles and Ray Beams, and they have been given a job; to travel to a city to pick up a Vodarac girl and transport her to the Vodarac Sanctuary, where she can rest in peace. Renton's intentions are different to that of the girl's parents, so he decides to go off on his own with the girl to find another city hospital. But humankind and its monstrous nature of hatred and prejudice, have become obstacles in Renton's way.moreless
  • Crack Pot
    Episode 9

    The crew has now been informed that Renton has left the ship, but nobody wants to be the one to tell Eureka. Meanwhile, Renton meets a couple named Charles and Ray Beams and invite him to live on their ship. They reveal to be freelancers who do odd jobs for money. Renton sees Charles as a mentor and a friend who has the same interests. This makes it the first time Renton is actually happy in a long time.

  • Runaway
    Episode 8
    Eureka is being treated by the rescued Vodarac priest, and Holland uses what he says to drive Renton and Eureka further apart. Meanwhile, Renton's guilt is too much when he realizes all the people he's killed while fighting in the Nirvash, being apart from Eureka, and being mistreated by the Gekko crew. Instead of talking to them and discuss about their behavior, he decides to leave the Gekko, realizing the mistake he has chosen.moreless
  • Substance Abuse
    Episode 7
    Renton is worried about Eureka, who has now been partially absorbed by a scub. During this time, the Gekkostate get a distress call to rescue a Vodarac priest who's being held captive by the military. Holland accepts the job, but Renton accuses him of thinking that money is more important than Eureka is.moreless
  • Acperience-2
    Episode 6
    As Eureka's mysterious illness persists, a United Federation Fleet is approaching the Gekko. The cause of her illness is suspected to be due to being close to the mines. For some unknown reason, though, Eureka decides to take the Amita Drive from the Nirvash, causing it to go into the depths of the mines with Eureka inside. This leads to Renton going after her, without ever realizing the tragedy that awaits.moreless
  • Ill Communication
    Episode 5
    The group meets an old man named Breetani, who happens to be a digger, while they're in a mine. He reveals to them that he's been working in the mine for a long time. And Renton shows him the Nirvash, Breetani has an unexpected reaction.
  • Sky Lock Gate
    Episode 4
    Renton doesn't know what to do to make things normal again between him and Eureka, and the Gekko still is in need of repair. The Gekkostate does this by ordering some reflection film from a film craftsman. But once they get there, they find themselves forced to help catch the skyfish needed to make the film.moreless
  • Opposite View
    Episode 3
    The Gekkostate group hide inside a mine in order to repair the Gekko. Renton's frustration about Eureka's health forces him to say things he never meant to say. And as he enters a strange building in one of the tunnels of the mine, he once again experiences the nightmares from the Corallian.moreless
  • Human Behavior
    Episode 2
    Renton goes to visit a town called Controrado, where he spent of his childhood, and takes Eureka to the house where he used to live. As he visits with people who knew his family, he hides the fact that he's part of the Gekkostate. The happy visit is soon interrupted when the United Federation Forces arrive.moreless
  • Memory Band
    Episode 1
    The Gekko has sustained heavy damage after a battle with the military. So they're forced to fly at a low altitude. The mystery surrounding Eureka continues to get stranger than ever as she gradually recovers after returning from the Corallian Zone, and Stoner provides his own explanation for it. Meanwhile, Dominic thinks about all the unanswered questions about Eureka and the Nirvash.moreless