Eureka Seven - Season 4

Adult Swim (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • 4/28/07
    It's the finale episode and Eureka completes her transformation in order to save the planet. Holland and the others discover that the Limit of Life phenomenon hasn't happened. Realizing that Eureka is still alive, can Renton save her in time?
  • Shout To The Top!
    Episode 10
    Using Oratorio 8, Colonel Dewey fired on the Scub Coral Control Cluster and destroyed it. Now that it's gone, what is Dewey's next move? Meanwhile, Renton and Eureka are in the damaged Nirvash when the Compac Drive turns blue. Nirvash suddenly moves disobeying Renton and Eureka's orders. What is Nirvash trying to accomplish by doing this?moreless
  • Ballet Mécanique
    Episode 9
    Oratorio 8 has been completed and is ready to fire. What is Dewey planning to do with this weapon? Meanwhile, Renton and Eureka have reached the Command Cluster, but an unexpected foe arrives. Who is this foe and what is he/she planning?
  • Acperience-4
    Episode 8
    Renton, Eureka, and the kids enter The Command Cluster. While talking with his sister, Renton learns how the Coralian came into being. With the threat of the oncoming attack, The Command Cluster is willing to wait for Renton and the others to stop it.
  • Planet Rock
    Episode 7
    Captain Jurgens and the fleet prepare to fight with a 3-minute error margin. Eureka, Renton, and the kids find something unique. Could it possibly be what they've been looking for?
  • Don't You Want Me?
    Episode 6
    Captain Jurgens and Lieutenant Dominic arrive aboard the Gekko in order to find out if what Dr. Bear said about the Scub Corals is true. After finding out the truth, they decide to fight alongside the Gekkostate against Dewey - whether any of their fellow military crew supports them or not. Meanwhile, Maurice begins to feel that Renton is trying to change Eureka, so he insists on having things back the way they used to be.moreless
  • 3/10/07
    Dominic continues on his mission to find a replacement pilot for theEND, and meets with Deckard, a representative from the Novak Foundation, to learn the truth about Anemone. Meanwhile, much to their surprise, Renton and the kids discover something odd about Eureka.
  • 3/3/07
    Renton, Eureka, and the kids finally arrive at the promised land that is Earth. Meanwhile, as Dominic searches for a way to save Anemone from Dewey, Holland and Dewey's past is explored.
  • Star Dancer
    Episode 3
    Norb prepares to send Renton and Eureka into the zone. Meanwhile, Holland and the crew defend the Vodara Shrine against Dewey's attack, Anemone, and the anti-body Coralians.
  • Acperience-3
    Episode 2
    Holland and the others are holding off the enemy forces from interrupting Renton and Eureka from meeting Lady Sakuya. Eureka enters Lady Sakuya's flower bud and discovers Lady Sakuya's past.
  • Cosmic Trigger
    Episode 1
    In order to continue on with their mission, Holland plans for Renton and Eureka to meet with Sakuya inside the Vodara Shrine, the Voderac's headquarters. Meanwhile, Dewey prepares to send Anemone and the attack squad to the Vodara Shrine.