Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 10

Shout To The Top!

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 21, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Using Oratorio 8, Colonel Dewey fired on the Scub Coral Control Cluster and destroyed it. Now that it's gone, what is Dewey's next move? Meanwhile, Renton and Eureka are in the damaged Nirvash when the Compac Drive turns blue. Nirvash suddenly moves disobeying Renton and Eureka's orders. What is Nirvash trying to accomplish by doing this?moreless

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  • Final Conflict

    Well this episode there isn't really much for me to say except that it's the final duel between both Dewey and his forces as well as Holland and the Gekko State.

    It's one of the best battles I've ever seen (well in my book anyway) it's basically all or nothing. It starts out pritty dark at first where we see the results of Dewey's actions the derbis of his lazer satalite hit a lot of innocent people and destroy cities, even a couple of characters we've known from an episode or two in the series die, worst of all the scrab coral civilizations has been destroyed it gave me a sick feeling inside and hope more Holland and the Gekko State win because Dewey needed to go down.

    At first things aren't looking good in the battle because unfortunately Dewey's ship has some powerful shield that blocks the Gekko State's lazer fire, man the big bad guys at times never seem to play fair. It's all based on intensity and suspense were constantly wondering not just much whether Holland and the Gekko State can land a killing blow but also if the good guys are going to survive this ordeal and if their is a furture for all of them in the end, I was certainly hoping so. But of course soon the tables turn, in a way it was almost a David and Golith principle once again, since it was Holland's mech that penetrated Dewey's ship all because it couldn't block all sides, and pratically destroyed most of the ship, oh how the mighty have fallen.

    But of course the most intersting and intense conflict was between Dewey and Holland. Dewey once again justifies more of the reason why I hate him, the guy like I said before has a god complex but is also just plain insane. He feels not just should the Coral be clensed but also all of humainity for corupting earth. Yeah, I know sounds crazy well it is this guy's got problems and I find what he says and did thoughout the show a little ironic because that's something the Nazis tried one time.

    Anyway, though the good news is Holland as well as Taiho win the fight but as we see there is a cruel twist in the end, Dewey has finally crossed the line a step further when we see that his own heart has that connction with the Coral which means when he dies then the colars both Animone and Eureka have worn thoughout the show will explode. And sure enough Dewey we see in the last moment points the gun at himself and kills himself, and both colars explode. After that I had a sick and sad feeling deep down inside I really loved both of those characters they were wonderful human beings that didn't deserve to die.

    Well I don't have anything else to say, but I'll just say one last thing I need to get out of my chest I have to warn you this might be a bit contrivercial so if you can't handle it don't read this last part but I just want to note I'm not being completely serious (I know the show is fiction so don't worry). Dewey Novak may you burn in Hell for all eternity!

    Sorry that was a bit extreme but I had to get that out.moreless
Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Maria Schneider

Guest Star

Joey Camen

Joey Camen

Dr. Greg "Bear" Eagan

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    • Anemone: Dominic...
      Dominic: The colonel is a real bastard!

    • Holland: If you die, I'm gonna kill you!

    • Holland: Forcing kids into decisions like that, and Eureka changing her shape into something strange... is this... WHAT ADULTS SHOULD BE DOING?! DEWEY?!

    • Dewey: 10,000 years ago, the peace of this planet was shattered by the Scub Corals. Individual bodies were lost, and human dignity was destroyed past the point of no return. What reason does this planet have to live on after receiving such treatment?
      Holland: Ha! If you want to hurry up your death, do it all by yourself!
      Dewey: I'm sorry, but I'm someone who gets rather lonely.

    • Holland: I see. So, this is what you guys decided?
      Renton: Yeah. But, Holland, right now up above--
      Holland: Don't worry. We haven't reached the Limit of Questions. Are you guys sure about this?
      Renton: It's all right. I'm sure the five of us can do it.
      Eureka: Yeah, and, besides, we can't just leave Nirvash here all alone.
      Holland: Jeez, it's so soon. You already have a good family.

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