Eureka Seven

Season 2 Episode 4

Sky Lock Gate

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Aug 19, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Sky Lock Gate
Renton doesn't know what to do to make things normal again between him and Eureka, and the Gekko still is in need of repair. The Gekkostate does this by ordering some reflection film from a film craftsman. But once they get there, they find themselves forced to help catch the skyfish needed to make the film.moreless

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  • The Gekko is in desperate need of repairs and Hilda gives Eureka much needed advice about Renton and the Nirvash.

    This episode also shows how easily Renton's slipped into the role of Nirvash's pilot. When Holland says Eureka's not going, Renton doesn't even hesitate. Eureka says Nirvash wants Renton as his pilot instead of her and Renton seems to sense it too. Note how effortlessly this teenager flies a LFO like he was born to it when he only really flew Nirvash for the first time a few episodes ago! Perhaps this is a talent inherited from his legendary father or it could be he and Nirvash just click. Where does a boy learn to fight like this?! Seems to be pure instinct, backed by Nirvash – Nirvash never flew like this with Eureka at the helm.

    Renton actually doesn't seem to notice how good he's gotten, when he goes after the skyfish, he displays an astonishing skill and I am writing it off to how drunk the others were that no-one mentioned what a great job he did. We've seen how Nirvash responds instantly to Renton's emotional state, it's when Renton is the most worked up that Nirvash performs at his peak, but here we see an extension of this: when Renton is day-dreaming about Eureka, the Amita drive glows brightly and the skyfish appear – it's *Renton* who unconsciously summons them.

    This episode has plenty of our Holland/Eureka/Talho/Renton love-quadrangle which is definitely why I like this episode so much. Digs into the characters very nicely. This has been building for a while but each episode adds extra chapters:

    1/ Eureka tells Holland she doesn't feel well, putting her face against his jacket. His face softens, he touches her arm (with Talho glaring in the background) and tells Renton she's not going. Talho storms off.

    2/ Eureka remembers Renton's words to her but in a soft, dreamy (physically very flattering to Renton) way. The memory makes Renton seem older and more mature than he is, so clearly this memory matters to her.

    3/ Hilda offers excellent advice to Eureka about Nirvash/Renton and how Eureka should figure out what her feelings are toward them both. This is the first time Hilda speaks so intimately to Eureka but also her words show how astute she is. She has easily picked up on Eureka's confusion and inexperience in dealing with men, even one as young as Renton.

    4/ When Renton gets stunned while hunting the skyfish and Nirvash plummets toward the ground, Eureka cries out Renton's name, not Nirvash's. (This also confirms what Eureka has always claimed: that she communicates with Nirvash. Honestly, I always wondered if she was imagining it.)

    I love Holland! He's got some pretty deep emotional issues, mostly to do with Renton (I missed a few eps in the beginning but I'm almost positive it stems from something between Holland and Renton's sister) but he is smart, sexy as hell and so very, very cool. Not to mention really hot! Talho has been pushing him for a while about 'running away' and though most of the time he ignores it or loses his temper, here he acknowledges it. But she never comes right out and says what exactly it is that Holland's running away *from*! They get interrupted and Holland never has to answer her challenge.

    As for Lt. Col. Dewey (who I read is actually Holland's brother!), the man reminds me of the usual dictator propaganda and he's probably the reason for the shift in objectives by the military. He's obviously going to be trouble. If the military aren't using reflector film for their ships, what kind of ships are they using? Could this be a new technology we haven't seen yet?

    As always, there are some great fun moments:

    - Holland, Ken-Goh and Hap get into a glaring match as they try to convince Hap to release the funds to repair the Gekko, Holland: "Think of it as an investment!" Then Hap announces "No more makeup!" to the horrified girls!

    - The guys go to find the film dealer and Hap teases Renton about Eureka, making Renton start driving wildly then Renton discovers Hap turned on the communicator and the others were eavesdropping on the conversation! But all the teasing isn't limited to Renton, Matthleu gets his share of teasing about Hilda. Stoner: "Let me get this straight – saying sorry every day is being 'open minded'?" "Shut up!"

    Last thoughts:

    - I absolutely adore the new beginning and end sequences and the music is fantastic!! Completely focuses on the characters with all the cool action sequences sprinkled among them.

    This is a really fun episode with plenty of the character development I've come to expect from this surprising series. Hard to believe they actually air this as a children's series – here they show it during the day. It actually makes it awkward for me to see every episode. I didn't realize at first that this was why I was enjoying it so much until I realized the sometimes very adult concepts and emotions being dealt with were not accidental but actually deliberate. I absolutely love this series.moreless
  • We find out here that Eureka is jealous of Renton because the Nirvash want him to be there.Renton and the others go look to find some stuff for the ship to fix it.They make the plates they need out of sky fish.Eureka has never felt jealousy.moreless

    This episode was good.Although it didnt show much plot to it.THE SKY FISH fought against the nirvash,that i hadnt seen before.its sad that they make the plates they need for the gekko out of sky fish. It was really funny when renton was talking to Hap on the nirvash and Renton gets all red about all the questions Hap was asking,then he finds out that everyone was listening,that was hilarious.

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    • (Neil turns on the radio; music starts playing)
      Stoner: Oh, man. Don't tell me you only have stuff like this.
      Neil: What do you mean stuff like this?
      Stoner: When I listen to this kind of music, I get nauseated.
      Hap: Then you have to drink.
      Stoner: Will drinking make me feel better?
      Hap: At least you won't know whether you're nauseous from the music or all the alcohol you've been chugging down like it was water.
      Stoner: Damn it! I'm drinking! (starts drinking a beer)

    • Moondoggie: Yeah! All right! Drink more! Drink more! Drink more! Drink more!
      Hap: Man, what the hell did you give Moondoggie to drink?
      Matthieu: Oolong tea.
      Hap: Oolong tea?!

    • Hap: Hey, I'm curious. What's wrong with Eureka?
      Renton: I really don't know.
      Hap: Did something happen between you guys? I always thought that you two made a really cute couple. Tell me what happened!
      Renton: (gloomy) I told you I don't know.
      Hap: Huh? Can you speak up a little louder? Can't hear with the wind.
      Renton: (angrily; screaming) I said I don't know what's going on, all right?!
      (Hap holds his ear in pain)
      Renton: Jeez, I wouldn't be having so many problems if I did.
      Hap: "A woman's mind and autumn wind change often."
      Renton: What the heck is an "autumn"?
      Hap: Don't really know. Just something people have always said.
      (Renton hits a bump in the road)
      Hap: Hey! That was dangerous! Careful!
      Renton: You remember when we approached that Coralian that day?
      Hap: Huh?
      Renton: I think that it started right before that. Somehow, we're drifting apart. Me and Eureka.
      Hap: So, things were going well until then?
      Renton: (blushing) Yeah, well, you know, we just got along really well.
      Hap: Heh, that's great! Sweet adolescence. So, what'd you do, you push her or something?
      (Renton blushes and almost swerves off the road)
      Hap: Hey, idiot! Calm down, will ya?! Hey, were you able to kiss her at least?
      Renton: K-K-Kiss her?!
      Hap: Oh, come on. You didn't get that far?
      Matthieu: (over the intercom) Guy has to push his way forward, you know?
      Renton: Um, Hap, do you realize that you turned the communicator on?
      Hap: (knowingly) Oh, so I did. I'm sorry about that.
      Renton: Don't give me that! You meant to do it!
      (Hap laughs)
      Matthieu: Renton, a guy's gotta push, push, push his way forward.
      Stoner: Not very convincing coming from someone who Hilda has all wrapped around her finger.
      Matthieu: Hey, I'm just a very open-minded person.
      Stoner: Let me get this straight. Saying you're sorry every day is being open-minded?
      Matthieu: Shut up!
      Hap: Well, you know what they say. A woman's mind and autumn wind change often.
      Renton: Yeah, yeah. You already said that.

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    • Episode Title: Sky Lock Gate
      Many of the Eureka Seven episode titles are allusions from real songs, composed by Japanese and foreign composers. This is one episode title that is currently unknown, or is not derived from one.