Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 3

Star Dancer

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Feb 24, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Star Dancer
Norb prepares to send Renton and Eureka into the zone. Meanwhile, Holland and the crew defend the Vodara Shrine against Dewey's attack, Anemone, and the anti-body Coralians.

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  • Star Dancer answered a few questions for about why Norbu and Sakuya couldnt pass the wall and why Renton and Eureka could pass the great wall and it caused a question about what happened to anemone when she tried to go after them. and whats caused al thismoreless

    At the beginning Norbu is telling the that they can pass the great wall and he and Sakuya will help them pass it for there future and they should go forward and they can do it while they are leaving it in a flashback Norbu says they couldnt get past cause they lacked something and it was the Nirvash and Renton understood Norb. but when they finally got out the cave and all what got me confused was that why didnt Holland that thing with the helmet sooner in there battles. thank god Holland survived anemone. didnt id be madddddddddddddddddd.moreless

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    • Anemone: (while chasing Eureka and Renton) So I guess that you are trying to get away from me? Stuff like that, pisses me off!

    • Anemone: (to Holland) Bye-bye, Mr. Ugly! It's your fault you got in the way! (destroys Holland's LFO)

    • (Renton & Eureka fly away in the Nirvash)
      Anemone: Now, what's up with this? You just gonna run away?
      Holland: I won't let you interfere with them!

    • Norb: Lady Sakuya, I... I, um... well... uh, Lady Sakuya, is there something the matter? Um, do you find yourself dissatisfied to be here with someone like me? I know. You're still not going to forgive me... for leaving... for abandoning you here all those years ago.
      Sakuya: Back then, if you had not called my name like you did, I'm sure I wouldn't be here right now. Here, look at this. It's my book. (hands Norb her white book) It's 40 years of blank pages. The pages before that are full.
      Norb: What?
      (there's a page in her book with a heart)
      Norb: Sakuya.
      Sakuya: You finally called out for me. I'm glad. I've been waiting a long time. Let's get started, for the sake of those children.
      Norb: For them and for our sake, as well.

    • Dominic: No way! You injected this yourself?!
      Anemone: That's right, I did it... because I can't fight well without it.
      Dominic: Anemone, that's enough! What reason could you possibly have to inject this much medication?!
      Anemone: I have a good reason. I mean, it's what Dewey is wishing for.

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    • Pororoca: Name
      Pororoca is a name given by Brazilian Indians to the Tidal bore that sometimes runs up the Amazon River for kilometers, making of it a famous surfing spot.

    • Episode Title: Star Dancer
      This episode title is a reference to the song "Stardancer" by Martian.