Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 3

Star Dancer

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Feb 24, 2007 on Adult Swim



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    • Anemone: (while chasing Eureka and Renton) So I guess that you are trying to get away from me? Stuff like that, pisses me off!

    • Anemone: (to Holland) Bye-bye, Mr. Ugly! It's your fault you got in the way! (destroys Holland's LFO)

    • (Renton & Eureka fly away in the Nirvash)
      Anemone: Now, what's up with this? You just gonna run away?
      Holland: I won't let you interfere with them!

    • Norb: Lady Sakuya, I... I, um... well... uh, Lady Sakuya, is there something the matter? Um, do you find yourself dissatisfied to be here with someone like me? I know. You're still not going to forgive me... for leaving... for abandoning you here all those years ago.
      Sakuya: Back then, if you had not called my name like you did, I'm sure I wouldn't be here right now. Here, look at this. It's my book. (hands Norb her white book) It's 40 years of blank pages. The pages before that are full.
      Norb: What?
      (there's a page in her book with a heart)
      Norb: Sakuya.
      Sakuya: You finally called out for me. I'm glad. I've been waiting a long time. Let's get started, for the sake of those children.
      Norb: For them and for our sake, as well.

    • Dominic: No way! You injected this yourself?!
      Anemone: That's right, I did it... because I can't fight well without it.
      Dominic: Anemone, that's enough! What reason could you possibly have to inject this much medication?!
      Anemone: I have a good reason. I mean, it's what Dewey is wishing for.

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    • Pororoca: Name
      Pororoca is a name given by Brazilian Indians to the Tidal bore that sometimes runs up the Amazon River for kilometers, making of it a famous surfing spot.

    • Episode Title: Star Dancer
      This episode title is a reference to the song "Stardancer" by Martian.