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Eureka Seven

Season 2 Episode 7

Substance Abuse

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Sep 09, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Substance Abuse
Renton is worried about Eureka, who has now been partially absorbed by a scub. During this time, the Gekkostate get a distress call to rescue a Vodarac priest who's being held captive by the military. Holland accepts the job, but Renton accuses him of thinking that money is more important than Eureka is.moreless

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  • This episode was very hard to watch, not just because of the gore in it, but because of all the drama, too much drama.

    This episode really surprised me, but in a bad way. It is very difficult to watch as Holland and Renton go at it, and in the end Renton pretty much goes crazy, leaving us with a few highly disturbing scenes full of gore. I really liked the show up to this point, but this episode was just really a pain to see, and it made me wonder what would be next.moreless
  • Whoa... So much gore!

    This episode was kinda creepy. At first, Eureka is still not feeling well. Renton thinks that she should be taken to a proper hospital, but instead, Holland takes a job. Furious, Renton and Holland get into a fight.(But I bet you already know who wins). But unknown to Renton, the job was really to get the Voderak priest to help her. I have to say that there was a lot of blood in this episode, which was a bit surprising. When Renton went into that berserk state and saw that monster with his face on it, I was a little surprised. Overall, this episode was pretty good, if not, a bit weird, and is a major turning point in the series.moreless
  • Oh God.... noooooooo

    Please tell me this is not happening, near the end of the episode it was like Neon Genisis Evanglion all over again. For a second there I actually thought Renton looked like Shingey, (I am sorry I do not know how to spell his name right.) I was afraid of this from episode 12. I can handle a bit of super-gore here and there, but EVA went a little overboard on alot of episodes, and I just don't want Eureka seven turning into that. God forbid that from happening. I can't see Renton in a pcycopath state. Not to good of an episode especially near the end. Definetly not my favorite.moreless

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    • Renton: (about Holland) It serves him right. It's because his eyes went straight for the money. He cursed himself because he didn't take her to the hospital. He didn't care about Eureka!
      (Talho slaps Renton, then grabs him by his shirt)
      Talho: Do you really think that he would do something just for the money? He'd never do that! He... he... he went so he could try and save Eureka! (starts crying) Because that thing on Eureka can't be fixed by any doctor! Because it can only be fixed a Vodarek priest!

    • Talho: Stop running away like that. You used Eureka as a means to get away from the army and then to get away from you-know-who.
      Holland: Not true.
      Talho: Oh, yeah? What part? When it comes right down to it, you can't do anything without putting the blame on someone else!
      Holland: Not true! I'm not like that. I'm really not like that at all.

    • Renton: (about Eureka) Is she really all right? I think we need to take her to a proper hospital! The city of Leebleville has a big hospital that can take--
      Holland: You need to shut your mouth! I'm telling you, Eureka is just fine! Are you dissatisfied with what I'm telling you?!
      Renton: It's not about you! It's about Eureka's well-being!
      Talho: Stop it, both of you.
      Holland: (to Renton) Damn you!

    • Hap: You're immature.
      Holland: Huh?
      Hap: Being so serious, going against a little kid.
      Holland: I wasn't doing that.
      Hap: You were, too.
      Holland: I was not! I'm an adult.
      Hap: That fact that you say you're an adult just proves that you're still immature.

    • Renton: You've got to be kidding! You care more about than Eureka?! Isn't taking her to a hospital more important right now?!
      Holland: Money is important. So's water, fuel, and food. And, you know, it's not free to go see a doctor.
      Renton: But even so--
      Holland: I'm the leader here. You're just a little kid.
      Renton: You were able to escape, thanks to this little kid, weren't you?! If it weren't for my Nirvash, that operation wouldn't--
      Holland: Oh, right, I nearly forgot. Thanks for all the hard work, kid. You sure saved us, didn't you? (pushes Renton into the metal rail) Oh, and another thing. Where do you get off calling the Nirvash yours, you little twerp?
      Renton: Eureka told me that it was mine. She said that it was better for me to be piloting the Nirvash right now!
      (Holland kicks Renton)
      Hap: All right, Holland, that's enough.
      Holland: Stay out of it, Hap! He's gotten so full of himself!
      Hap: I said that's enough! You're the leader of the Gekkostate, for crying out loud! You really think you should be venting your frustrations on Renton? Jeez, he's an unresisting child. It's embarrassing.
      Renton: (gets up) I'm going to protect her. I'm going to protect Eureka. Since you won't do it, I'm going to take Eureka to a hospital and get her some help! (tries to fight Holland) Damn it, damn it, damn it! Just because your body's a little bigger than mine doesn't make you better than me!
      Holland: I don't like your attitude, pretending you're some kind of knight or something.
      Renton: I'm not pretending! Someday I'll become a real knight! You'll see! I'm not going to help you out! Do the rescue mission yourself! I'll never help you as long as I live!
      Holland: You are so full of it! I don't need you, you jerk! I can take care of it by myself!
      (Renton bites Holland's hand that was holding him back; Holland kicks Renton over the metal rail, causing Renton to fall 6 feet and hit the floor below)
      Holland: I can do this thing... all by myself.
      Matthieu: (to Renton) Hey, are you alive?

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