Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 4

The Sunshine Underground

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Mar 03, 2007 on Adult Swim
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The Sunshine Underground
Renton, Eureka, and the kids finally arrive at the promised land that is Earth. Meanwhile, as Dominic searches for a way to save Anemone from Dewey, Holland and Dewey's past is explored.

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  • Eureka and Renton Enter the promised land, merely to find The Nirvash can't climb nor fly. They're trapped and now they're tempers are getting short. Meanwhile Dominic trys to Save Anemone from Dewey.moreless

    Holland and the Gekko try to buy time for Renton and Eureka by attacking Deweys ships that are causing Kute Class Corrallians. Holland's body is begining to have a toll taken on it. While in the true promised land Eureka and Renton discover they're on Earth. Not only are they there but Nirvash is acting up, He can't fly and he seems to be doing what he wants. Which is slowly turning Eureka and Renton agenst each other.

    Renton " Come on Eureka what are we supposed to do"

    Eureka " I don't know"

    Renton " I don't know, I don't know, what do we have to do?!?"

    Eureka " Your a mechanic can't you fix him?" Renton " Well you can talk to him can't you what does he want"moreless
  • Eureka 7 rules...Noone better say anything that disses e7!

    This episode is awsome, just like all the other eps. Renton discovers that the promised land is the earth, and Eureka starts going through her transformation. Anemone bites Dominik's lip when he tries to kiss her,and dewey reveales that he killed his father in order to become a sacrificial king. Anemone gets trapped inside of the ballroom. Renton finds a ring that has the letters "R to E" on it, which is similar to charles' Ring that says "R to C" on it. Then, Holland says that they have 2 months to have everything prepared to get to the coralian core. Thats pretty much it.moreless
  • Eureka and Renton come to the revelation that the mysterious 'Promised Land' is infact, Earth. Things between them become tense as they run out of food, water, and the Nirvash begins acting up. And Renton finds a ring in amber strikingly similar to his...moreless

    Things begin to fall apart, not just for Eureka and Renton, but also for Dominic and Anemone. I started watching only recently, but from what I can understand, Eureka 7 is reaching the climax, and everything will start coming together. Finally the 'happy couple' of Renton and Eureka is experiencing some hardships. As Renton tries to fix the Nirvash, Eureka wonders why he can't fix it, and he wants to know why she can't communicate with it. And with Dominic and Anemone, Dominic brings Anemone some of the flowers that bear her name. He goes to kiss her, and she returns it by biting his lip. What will happen with the group?

    Also, the back story on Dewey and Holland was interesting. Their mother died giving birth to Holland, which means he was also to kill his father as part of a ritual. Dewey decides to do it instead, but for now, we do not know what that signifies.moreless

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    • (Dominic gives Anemone some flowers he found)
      Anemone: An Anemone?
      Dominic: Huh? Is that what it's called? Well, it's just a coincidence. I really don't know much about flowers.
      Anemone: Do you know the meaning behind an Anemone?
      Dominic: Um, sorry, no.
      Anemone: Disappearance of hope. You meant it as an insult for all my failures, didn't you?
      Dominic: No! I told you, I don't know about flowers!
      Anemone: You don't know? You're right; you don't know anything. You don't know why it is I fight or what's going to happen to me if I keep failing in my battles.
      Dominic: How can you say that? I... huh?
      Anemone: Tell me, then, will you save me? Are you willing to save me from this?
      Dominic: Of course. I'd be honored, Anemone. (kisses her)

    • Dominic: (thinking) The world has completely changed. I thought I had been wishing for it to happen. I thought I was prepared to see the sight in front of me. But still... what is it? What is this feeling I have? (throws up)

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    • Episode Title: The Sunshine Underground
      This episode title is a reference to the song "The Sunshine Underground" by The Chemical Brothers.