Eureka Seven

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM May 06, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Renton comes face-to-face with reality as his dream of being part of the Gekkostate finally comes true. However, the Gekkostate is having a serious issue with a shortage of monetary funds, which results in the whole group being broke. This leads to Renton becoming a part of a smuggling job and on his way to a drop-off point in the Nirvash with Eureka. But getting there won't be easy when they have to pass over a large military training base to reach their destination.moreless

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  • Eureka Seven episode 4 is a fun episode. Renton finally joins the Gekkostate, but soon after realizes that they are flat broke.

    In this episode Renton is sent on a smuggeling job to get the Gekkostate some money. Even though the job is sumggeling organs. Its a fun episode that seems to stand alone from other ones. It has a decent amount of action, and a little drama too. Not one of the shows best, but it is a fun one nevertheless. In the episode Dewey Novak is taken out of prison, and a plan starts to unfold which will sure to be of greater importance in later episodes.moreless
  • An enjoyable episode.

    The show basically described its own episode, “reality is different from our ideals” – Axel, and that’s basically what this episode is about. It’s about Renton underestimating what Gekko State truly is about and then coming into terms with it. The episode is more that though. It does, for the most part, reveal some important information about its characters and what they do. I felt Renton's pain most of time in the show. Just that feeling of being the new guy in a team. Something I relate too very well. My only small complaint would be the really cheesy countdown the group did. Otherwise this episode did the job fine.moreless
  • "Watermelon" -- silly, and very amusing.

    The fourth episode has done it again, and this time, Renton Thurston has gone aboard the Gekko, the ship that belongs to the Gekkostate. His dream of joining them has come true, but was it interesting? Did he like his first week with them so far? He gives us clues, little by little.

    We can notice that the crew doesn't seem to trust him, besides Eureka of course. When it was decided to try to solve their monetary problems, they chose to go with a smuggling job, no matter how much the pay was. The Gekkostate is dead broke! Renton had another idea, which was to join a competition and win first prize of one million yen. The group doesn't seem too satisfied with Renton's idea.

    So they head out to deliver the package by using their LFO's. They go through a military fort, though they manage to get through. Their success eventually leads them to the tectonic plate where it was reported that the trappar waves will collect in one location. Renton's view of the Gekkostate changes suddenly, after watching his fellow comrades surf the trappar, but it is eventually drawn off after seeing what really was in the box.

    Though it may take time to getting used to, Renton lives normally with the Gekkostate, though picked on here and there. And Matthieu comes along, telling Renton that Eureka's "children" do not belong to her. Talho stands in the hallway, who heard every single word, but is she up to something?moreless

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