Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 11

When You Wish Upon A Star

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 28, 2007 on Adult Swim
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When You Wish Upon A Star
It's the finale episode and Eureka completes her transformation in order to save the planet. Holland and the others discover that the Limit of Life phenomenon hasn't happened. Realizing that Eureka is still alive, can Renton save her in time?

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  • Wonderful ending to a wonderful series, except . . . why couldn't Renton and Eureka come back before the end?

    When I started this review I was of the opinion the only thing this episode lacked was Renton and Eureka coming back home. Yet, as I was writing that review, I realized they have all they need, each other. Where they live together doesn't matter. All that matters is their being together.

    Of course, what I miss are the stories / adventures Renton and Eureka have together in their new home. I'll also miss their being with their children, which I find sort of bad form for them. Yes, part of what made the second Summer of Love possible was their willingness to sacrifice everything they loved evening leaving the ones they loved behind.

    Yet what the Coralians failed to understand is the sacrifice those left behind will be making each and every day they live and even when they die. What sacrifice? Not having their Mama, Dad, Grandson, Grand daughter-in-law, friend, etc.

    Of course it was well worth it for everyone on both side gain much, as one does with love. Yet, there is sorrow. If only the powers that be would address this issue for us. Let us see Renton and Eureka again, together, with their entire family from both series say in a mini-series (13 episodes). Is that too much? After all aren't we suppose to be wishing upon a star? ;-) Peace, love, a good lifting!moreless
  • The absolutely with out a doubt greatest episode ever created in anime history!!! This episode is perfect!

    The conclusion to the greatest anime series ever created Eureka Seven. This episode had every thing I ever wanted. For one they FINALLY kissed. It also gave the story and ending but also made you wonder what would happen next and hope that there would be more. This is the best show ever! I can't wait until the movie comes out and I REALLY hope that they make more episodes. This episode was without a doubt the best in the series. I LOVE how they end it and how they finally kiss. And you can tell that the story isn't really over yet. I Love this show!moreless
  • Renton and Eureka finally kiss to spend the rest of their lvies together; until its ther time to return bakc here on earth. Renton changed the version of Nirvash to save Eureka because he wanted to protect her and because he loved her!moreless

    This movie took my heart away!!! the japense verison has so much feelin then the english. I simply loved this epiosode i really did. this sums erthing up. Its sad that some of the b=people who had the compac sickness had to die on the plane. But the kicker was that Dewey had fused himself with the compac. I had no idea that he had done tat to himself. Then when he killed himself tat wasnt so smart. You worked so hard to change the world and yet u gonnna kill yoself after you wanted tk become a so called "god". But the one moment tat took it away was when they both kised. and we saw them renton gave his human life to become a corlian just for Eurkea. To sweet 4 me--love!!!moreless
  • There will be a movie to this series.

    The series did end in a cliffhanger, so they might make a movie to the conclusion. There are two ideas that I think might happen in the movie. First Guess: Renton and Eureka are in "our world" living somewhere in Japan. And had been there for about a year. Once there, Renton meets a teenage girl who looks like Renton's sister, Diane, with the same voice and the same name. The villain in this movie would be two identical women in diffrent worlds, one in Renton and Eureka's world and the second in "our world", that when the two join together as one, will become the Ulimate Coralian and will destroy Renton and Eureka's world, if Renton and Eureka can find a way to go back to their world. And they might have a special guest star in the movie who will help Renton and Eureka get back home, and that person is....Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist. Second Guess: Renton finds his missing mother who's been gone sense he was a baby, and she in charge of a coralian utopia place. Yet his own mother is the villain in this movie and is using him to end all humanity so the coralians can live in peace. And the shocking secret is Renton is part human, part coralian. But seeing how I reheard from episode one where Renton's grandfather said about his late mother means that she dead. So my second guess isn't coming true. So my first guess might happen, with Renton and Eureka surfing at a beach, Daine looklike, and Edward Elcric, Let's hope that might come true.moreless
  • one The best episodes of EUREKA SEVEN!

    This is my favorite episode of any tv show in the world. I have seen every episode and this is the best of the show. It was very well written and has a great ending. The whole show builds up to this very episode and it is great. I have really come to like the characters. I remember at the begining of the show when Renton was totally in love with Eureka and she didnt notice him at all. It goes from that to there love saving the world. I especially liked the epoligue at the end which kind of hints that there might be more. All i can say is if you havnt seen this episode then go see it now. BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Also Maurice is wearing the same outfit as Renton did in that episode.

    • At the end of the episode, Maurice, Maeter, and Linck are at the same diner having a big meal with Axel is the same position where Renton had a big meal with his grandfather in the first episode.

    • Even though Holland said he'd take good care of the children, he really took them to Renton's grandfather's place for the children to live a normal life in Bellforest.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Talho: Hey, Holland, do you think that maybe...
      Holland: I think it's obvious. Renton chose to become one of them - a true hero, more so than his own father.

    • Jurgens: Here you are. You think it's good for the leader to be sitting around wasting time like this.
      Holland: You know what they say. A pilot without his LFO is kind of like a fish out of water.

    • Renton: I'm sorry, Eureka. I have to defeat some of your fellow Coralians, and if you tell me that's a sin, then I'll just have to carry its weight on my shoulders, because no matter what, I HAVE TO GO WHERE YOU ARE, EUREKA!

    • Holland: You better go, Renton. If she's the one you love, go get her back. You're a man, right?
      Renton: Yeah! I... CAN... FLY!!!

    • Maurice: Nirvash finally answered your calls, didn't he?
      Renton: That's right, Maurice.
      Maurice: Please, you got to go and save Mama! Our Papa is the only one in the world who can save our Mama!

    • Nirvash: (to Renton & Eureka) Thank you.
      Renton: Nirvash?
      Nirvash: Renton, Eureka, your emotions have been engraved forever into my Compac. Finally, I will be able to atttain enlightment. Now live on this planet. Go and live together and show the way to all that live on this precious world, using the brilliant light named "hope."
      Eureka: Nirvash.
      Nirvash: Not all the beings can remain on this land. Half will depart together with us. However, Renton, Eureka, if on this planet an evolution takes place for the better and the two are able to become one, we will return and show ourselves in front of you once again. I believe that such a day will some day come?
      Eureka: Thank you, Nirvash.
      Renton: Thank you, everyone.

    • Anemone: I'm jealous of Eureka. She has so many people that would risk their lives for her.
      Jurgens: Don't be ungrateful. You have someone there for you, a man named Dominic.
      Dominic: (blushing) C-Captain!
      Anemone: (holds Dominic's hand) You're right. I do have Dominic at my side, someone who's much more handsome than Eureka's boyfriend.

    • Eureka: I have people that are dear to me. Linck, Maeter, Maurice and Renton. I like them a lot. I love them. People dear to me, my family. They taught me all sorts of things when I didn't really know anything. They accepted everything about me before even I did. They let me be who I am. I want to be with those that I love, that I want to protect. I want to be with Linck, I want to be with Maeter, I want to be with Maurice, and, of course, Renton. But if wishing so causes those that are dear to me to be lost, if wishing so makes the planet where they all live disappear, I will stop wishing. But if it can be allowed, I would like to see them one more time. I want to see you. I want to see you... Renton!

  • NOTES (17)


    • Vandread
      Renton piloting the Nirvash by himself to rescue Eureka is a resemblance to the Vandread manga where Hibiki pilots the Vandread to rescue Dita from the Harvest.

    • Rainbow Ring
      The rainbow ring around Earth is just like the psychic energy ring around Earth from the fourth Gundam movie, Char's Counterattack.

    • Episode Title: When You Wish Upon A Star
      This episode title is a reference to the song "When You Wish Upon A Star," from the Disney movie, Pinocchio, even played in the movie Close Encouters of the Third Kind and the song of the same name by The Drummonds.