Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 11

When You Wish Upon A Star

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 28, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • To the Future

    Well this probably will not suprise everyone but this episode is no doubt my favoarate episode in the enitre show, but also it's one of my favorate episode in television in general.

    Why I love this episode is because it's one huge payoff, from the darkness we felt in the episode before this it was a big sense of relief. But most of all it felt that long and hard wait and everything all of the characters have been fighting long and hard for we're all finally rewarded. Most shows sometimes fail to do this when they come down to the final innings of the game, but this show is one of the ones that have done it right.

    From those ties in that put closure on things like the fact that somehow Dominic was able to get that colar off Annimine on time so she's okay people and both are together. But most of all this episode marks that Renton has truely grown into a man and that the bonding of Renton and Eureka is finally complete because it evolved into what it was ment to become love.

    I don't want to give too much away but two of my favorate moments that have truely marked this were before Renton goes in his evolved Nervosh we see he has a silver ring and we can guess where the relationship between the Eureka and him will go next, but most of all when Eureka's children call him papa. Just seeing that it just gave me a warm feeling inside, knowing the kids have accepted and made him their dad.

    But of course it was just seeing Renton's relentless determination to come to Eureka. It was awdsome when he destroyed those Corral antibodes with just his finger in the Nervosh, that once again demonstrates his determination and strength of character, it was like he had the power of a god. He really didn't let anything stop him and of course despite whatever was thown at him he never gave up and he eventually won and came back to Eureka.

    Of course there is another pay off with this, for the first time in a long time both characters finally kiss one another pashionately and save the world creating a new future with their love for one another. I feel it's a really good message that love truely does make people stronger and with it you can create wonderful things and make anything possible. I'm glad in the end both Eureka and Renton got back together, they clearly deserve each other and the happyness to come as we see both of them come back to Earth one year latter and both are somewhere residing in the Belefast forest.

    Though I will admit I was a bit sad in the end because I couldn't help but feel that the story hasn't ended yet that there can still be more. It's just one of those shows you don't want to end. Well all the same I love this show and I loved it's characters. Those characters I know and love, Holland and Taiho, Annenome and Dominic, and Renton and Eureka will live on in my heart forever, all of them have had a long journey and have in the end went to the future and beyond.
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