Eureka Seven

Season 4 Episode 11

When You Wish Upon A Star

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Apr 28, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Wonderful ending to a wonderful series, except . . . why couldn't Renton and Eureka come back before the end?

    When I started this review I was of the opinion the only thing this episode lacked was Renton and Eureka coming back home. Yet, as I was writing that review, I realized they have all they need, each other. Where they live together doesn't matter. All that matters is their being together.

    Of course, what I miss are the stories / adventures Renton and Eureka have together in their new home. I'll also miss their being with their children, which I find sort of bad form for them. Yes, part of what made the second Summer of Love possible was their willingness to sacrifice everything they loved evening leaving the ones they loved behind.

    Yet what the Coralians failed to understand is the sacrifice those left behind will be making each and every day they live and even when they die. What sacrifice? Not having their Mama, Dad, Grandson, Grand daughter-in-law, friend, etc.

    Of course it was well worth it for everyone on both side gain much, as one does with love. Yet, there is sorrow. If only the powers that be would address this issue for us. Let us see Renton and Eureka again, together, with their entire family from both series say in a mini-series (13 episodes). Is that too much? After all aren't we suppose to be wishing upon a star? ;-) Peace, love, a good lifting!
  • The absolutely with out a doubt greatest episode ever created in anime history!!! This episode is perfect!

    The conclusion to the greatest anime series ever created Eureka Seven. This episode had every thing I ever wanted. For one they FINALLY kissed. It also gave the story and ending but also made you wonder what would happen next and hope that there would be more. This is the best show ever! I can't wait until the movie comes out and I REALLY hope that they make more episodes. This episode was without a doubt the best in the series. I LOVE how they end it and how they finally kiss. And you can tell that the story isn't really over yet. I Love this show!
  • Renton and Eureka finally kiss to spend the rest of their lvies together; until its ther time to return bakc here on earth. Renton changed the version of Nirvash to save Eureka because he wanted to protect her and because he loved her!

    This movie took my heart away!!! the japense verison has so much feelin then the english. I simply loved this epiosode i really did. this sums erthing up. Its sad that some of the b=people who had the compac sickness had to die on the plane. But the kicker was that Dewey had fused himself with the compac. I had no idea that he had done tat to himself. Then when he killed himself tat wasnt so smart. You worked so hard to change the world and yet u gonnna kill yoself after you wanted tk become a so called "god". But the one moment tat took it away was when they both kised. and we saw them renton gave his human life to become a corlian just for Eurkea. To sweet 4 me--love!!!
  • There will be a movie to this series.

    The series did end in a cliffhanger, so they might make a movie to the conclusion. There are two ideas that I think might happen in the movie. First Guess: Renton and Eureka are in "our world" living somewhere in Japan. And had been there for about a year. Once there, Renton meets a teenage girl who looks like Renton's sister, Diane, with the same voice and the same name. The villain in this movie would be two identical women in diffrent worlds, one in Renton and Eureka's world and the second in "our world", that when the two join together as one, will become the Ulimate Coralian and will destroy Renton and Eureka's world, if Renton and Eureka can find a way to go back to their world. And they might have a special guest star in the movie who will help Renton and Eureka get back home, and that person is....Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist. Second Guess: Renton finds his missing mother who's been gone sense he was a baby, and she in charge of a coralian utopia place. Yet his own mother is the villain in this movie and is using him to end all humanity so the coralians can live in peace. And the shocking secret is Renton is part human, part coralian. But seeing how I reheard from episode one where Renton's grandfather said about his late mother means that she dead. So my second guess isn't coming true. So my first guess might happen, with Renton and Eureka surfing at a beach, Daine looklike, and Edward Elcric, Let's hope that might come true.
  • one The best episodes of EUREKA SEVEN!

    This is my favorite episode of any tv show in the world. I have seen every episode and this is the best of the show. It was very well written and has a great ending. The whole show builds up to this very episode and it is great. I have really come to like the characters. I remember at the begining of the show when Renton was totally in love with Eureka and she didnt notice him at all. It goes from that to there love saving the world. I especially liked the epoligue at the end which kind of hints that there might be more. All i can say is if you havnt seen this episode then go see it now. BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!
  • Wow! What a way to end the series! I don't think it could have been done any better. All I can say is it was perfect!

    This was the first anime I ever really got into, and I think it will always be the only one. It saddens me that it is over, because, and I don't think I'm the only one, the show made me really understand these characters and I have come to know them as regular faces. The story, music and plot were amazing, as was this episode. And, although I'm sad it's over, I truly hope they leave it where it is. It was the perfect ending. Now, I hope that the creators of this fantastic show go on to make another amazing show that will fill that little hole left by the ending of Eureka Seven. Again, I really wish that they will not make any sequels or movies because it would honestly ruin the beautiful thing that was EUREKA SEVEN!
  • Eureka is being transformed into the new Central Cluster for the Scub Coral. As soon as the Gekko learns this they're off on a six hour flight towards Eureka to reunite Renton and Eureka and avoid the limit of questions.

    Eureka wishes that she could see her family just one more time before fate's cruel hands take her. The fates seem that they where willing to help her out just one more time, as Holland thanks to Dominic and Anemone where able to get info to Holland and the rest of Gekkostate that could save Eureka. As soon as possible Holland and the Gekko on a six hour flight en route to Eureka. Holland had to give Renton a little pep talk to get him motivated. Then Renton and the kids tried for hours to call out to Eureka. Then Finally Renton goes to the Nirvash. There in that hanger, Nirvash finally answered Renton's call and pleas to help Eureka. So Nirvash like The End Transforms and They rush out of the Gekko. In a true testiment of power The Nirvash and renton wipe out a swarm of Antibody Corralians, and make haste to the place Eureka is being kept. After they bust in Nirvash tells them that the others like them are going to go and that maybe one day they would return. After writing their names on the moon renton and Eureka turn earth into saturn and leave for a bit. Later The Kids are with Axel Thurston (Renton's grandfather) and later go to an observation point to look at the moon. Later in the end somewhere in the woods outside of Bellforest Renton and Eureka's flashy forehead things are flashing, probably meaning they're still alive and in the woods. (sorry if this review isnt very good class is ending and I've got to go)
  • Although I never followed the series closely, this episode still gave me goosebumps.

    This is literally my favorite episode of any t.v. show I've ever seen. I didn't really understand much of what actually went on, but I really didn't need to. All I needed to understand was how much Renten and Eureka grew towards each other. I can remember the first couple of episodes, when Eureka didn't even acknowledge Renten's existence, and now it has been said that they need each other in order to survive. The mix of heroism shown by Renten throughout the episode combined with the constant music in the backround gave me those warm fuzzies inside. Personally, my two favorite moments were when Renten just pushed through those binds that were holding him back through his sheer love and willpower, and when the two of them were together and finally fell back to earth; together. If anyone who reads this has yet to see this episode, see it right away! That's all I need to say.
  • In the words of Comic Book Guy: Greatest episode ever!

    I was speechless when I first watched this episode. Everything went down perfectly, the action, the epilouge, the emotions and all of that jazz in between. Renton seemed like a grown man all throughout it, in control and such made me briefly picture him as the next Holland. One flaw though, the first time Adult Swim aired it they had Canvas credits without the epilouge and I had my jaw locked on the ground; I knew for sure they had to correct it. And sure enough, one week later you see the character for 'one year later' on the screen. All in all, I was not disappointed.
  • eureka and rentons grand finale! the two save the world, and their lives.

    This was an amazing show. As a writer i have to say that the wrap to this story did it justice. These two lived in a terrifying and dangerous world, but came out and where all the better for it. This entire episode was a tearjerker for this fan, I admit, I am an Euretard, *for you not in the know, thats the term for major eureka fanboys/girls. its an otaku thing...* anyway, the best scenes are as always, the Anemone scenes, "But my boyfriend is cuter than eurekas!" its so cute!

    All i can say is they set this series up correctly, and brought it to an amazing finish. But i cant wait, hopefully the rumors of a sequal or even movie are correct, there are some loose ends that, unfortunatly, Needed to be tied up.

    Other than the loose ends, it was a perfect ending, and if they do leave it at this, i would be pleased, now, what the crap is that platypus thingy?!!!!
  • ......I\\\'m so sad.....when I finished this episode they left you wanting more.....I cried. I really did. This is the best anime I have ever watched. I have seen many anime but this was the best.

    I really loved this anime....It was the best! What I really loved about this anime was the romance. It was very well done. Only 50's not fair. They left you thinking....what happended to them next? Why? I woke up in the morning and I said this to my self. "It's over...I can't beleave's more Eureka seven....that was the last episode." I watched it 2 days ago and I'm still upset. (the following is not really a big spoiler)
    At the end of the peisode it said 1 year later....and there was a peice of paper that rentons grandpa was looking at that had his age on it. It said renton was 16. he must of had his birthday on the gekko.
  • Eureka becomes the new control cluster but at the same time calls out for Renton thousands of miles away.

    The end to a wonderful run. Renton and Eureka finally reunite to a great festival of an episode. The end is left open to interpretation like: How did all that infrastructure get built on the new old earth surface in one year? What happened to the Gekko? And what happened to the society in general? It's wonderful that there are still some media that lets us participate and interact, specially on television.

    Like I said before, this episode has a very festive atmosphere midway through. The background song "Niji" really hits the spot to the overall emotions being played out when Renton goes out to search for Eureka. It's a very happy ending to a series with an overall optimistic perspective on humanity. Yes, things CAN get better.
  • Best end to best show ever. No movie.

    First off renton gave up being half human so eureka could be half human and half coralian and go back with him to "our world" not meaning the world we live on but the world holland and talho and the whole gekkostate lives on.When Renton agreed to be half coralian so eureka could be half human which explains why Renton was able to understand the archtype compact Nirvash. On there way back to the planet the show cuts to Holland talking with gonzy and gonzy explaing what happened and what should happen for now on, and then gonzy dissapears because he was a coralian and his job to observe how humans act around Eureka was complete because Renton will be watching over her for now on, talho quickly points out that it means something and holland sais it means that Renton has become a true hero greater than even his father.1year later as the show clearly states, Axel is filling out a family registration form that shows Renton as the father, Eureka as the mother and the kids as there kids.Maurice is wearing an outfit that looks just like rentons which proves that he doesnt hate renton anymore. Axel takes the kids to the moon to see the full moon which has Eureka loves Renton which shows that a coralian can love a human. Maeter sees Linck doing something so he asks her what she is doing and she sais she is Wishing upon a star for Renton and Eureka to Return faster which explains the title. You also See a Park named after Renton instead of Adrock. In the End credits eureka blue dot snd renton red dot are in a forest walking home that is right next to Bell forestwich shows they will be home soon. There should be a movie but Bandai and Bones keep saying that there will be no movie just to clear up the rumor.
  • I loved it so much, but im so sad because its over...but isnt there gonna be a movie? YES!

    Ok i loved this episode because Renton finally kissed Eureka and they can live together on Earth because of their bond. When Renton activated the Amita Drive for the last time, the Nirvash turned into its final form, which looks like an archetype that was built onto a large compac drive and it is really powerful. When he gets to Eureka, she still has wings and has a jewel in her forehead that looks beautiful. This episode actually made me cry because the ending is so happy and i just want more Eureka so im waiting for this movie i heard of that i hope isnt a bunch of bull.
  • Sniff.... I am so sad

    This *sniff* is it the end, the finally, I not going to give anything away but to tell you the truth I thought I was going to cry, seriousley. I know theres proably going to be an OVA, but still...... I can not wait long enough to see what happens next. Just because this series was so great. This was acctually one of the only good endings to almost any series, (especially anime)

    *cough, original last two episodes of NEON GEN EVA, cough, cough* *sucked*,

    It was a really good conclusion. but just because the anime was so good I have to see more. I can not wait till the movie, i am so happy, *hears a water noise*, uh-oh I think I just wet myself.... but anyway you just got to see it.. This makes the series.