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Season 4 Episode 2

A New World

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Brave New World

    What if is always a question we think about sometimes. We never can truely know how our live s can truely change or be affected if we've made a different choice whether it's good or bad. But what if you had that opportunity to see it, would you be able to live with it?

    This is another favorate episode of mine. Once again they do the same thing like with the film "Back to the Future 2" which is going into an alternate present. I'll admit starting from scratch again is always a risky move because it's something that can't always be done once you've reached a certain length and covered practically all the bases, but for this show it actually works because it actually opens up new possibilites and new ground of development for the charcters.

    There really are a lot of facinating changes and concepts. I love the fact that they actually brought back some characters like we see that Tess is back which is great, I really like the chemestry between both Carter and her. One of my favorate moments was seeing that robot Tess was working on which looked like one of the Tachcoma mechs from the anime series "Ghost in the Shell". And Andy the android is also back as the Sheriff's deputy. Which is cool I really did like that character despite only one episode, he kinda reminds me of Herme from "Get Smart". I even like the new character Dr. Trevor Grant (James Calis) whom is a smart as Nathan only he has a bit more persona, like his magnitism to the ladies from that fact I'm liking this guy already, I just hope he pan out in the long run.

    And there are some major changes, one is seeing Fargo as the head of GD, I'll admit that one is a big streach but I get the feeling that Fargo is going to learn the hard way running GD is a lot harder than he thinks. But I would also like to know how he got the promotion and what he's done to GD. Though I was a little disapointed his significant other Julia got written off, not that that's a big deal I know the relationship between the two characters wasn't a big deal may'be they just couldn't fit it in to the storyline I don't know but I just thought it was a bit of a lost opportunity the Julia character I felt had some potential to be built on, but oh well this is just a minor complant.

    However one change which I thought was sad was with Jo and Zane whom are now back at square one just when Jo was ready to take the next step. Though I wouldn't say it's all sad due to the new position Jo is in, hope it won't cramp her style. But most of all I'm hoping we will see Jo and Zane recconect because their my favorate couple in the show, they have good chemestry that would be shameful to lose.

    Though I'll admit the ending gave me a bit of a sad feeling, for one thing they have to keep the fact their from an alternate Eureka (which is the one we've known before)because of some secuity protocal (damnit why did they have to write the rule book so well.) but worst of all they can't come back even if they want to. It really make me wonder about how different the alternate Eureka is, who know how much their lives have changed.

    Everyday choices truely creates brand new worlds.
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