Season 2 Episode 13

A Night at Global Dynamics

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Must we always, ALWAYS be fed the unconvincing, unoriginal and potentially disastrous line that one child (or whomever) is worth all the knowledge in the world?!?

    Fist of all, we've seen it a million times, everywhere. Whatever the odds, whatever the situation, whatever the prize on the other side, we'll save the child/wife/girlfriend. And it always works. Well, great.
    Only, the first time it doesn't - the planet blows up, there is a global war, we revert back to the stone age etc.
    But who cares, because we did the noble thing. It's human, right? Sure, it's human: Incredibly, catastrophically, even criminally STUPID.
    Thinking with our hearts is one thing - helping people in need, taking care of your loved ones, sacrificing yourself for them or the common good, but until the human race stops using that for an excuse to be just and right in the face of something huge and mindblowingly more important, we will indeed NOT be ready for the Artefact.
    Also, the episode was really not up to par.
    Here's to some more weirdness the next season and to less general sappiness.