Season 2 Episode 13

A Night at Global Dynamics

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on Syfy

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  • This episode was nothing more than an average one.

    This episode was nothing more than an average one. It was more of a filler, and felt like a regular episode instead of a series finale. In my conception the season finale and premiere should be remarkable episodes. There was nothing remarkable about this episode. But here's my cons and pros for it:

    Pros: I really loved the way that Jack and Nathan work under pressure and the chemistry between them. They are a great team despite their differences. I also loved the fact that we saw Henry's clean face in a long time. He was in a very dark spot for a long time, and i really thought he allied with Beverly. Instead he shows us that he can manipulate her just like she tried to do to him :). Zane + Fargo was also a nice combo, i'd like to see this team in the future for sure. They are like a well oiled machine when it comes to computers. And i really really really loved what happened to Allison and her son. She deserved it for not coming clean to Jack about the "artifact-in-the-son" thing. She deserved worse for hiding something that big.

    Cons: The episode was preety much a filler, there wasn't much suspense and the way Allison acted when it came to saving her son. She basically didn't even opose Beverly and Henry and at the end she stepped back when she should've protected her son with her own life. Also, i didn't like what i thought Henry became untill the end and that really disturbed me, a character of his class going a full 180 from good to bad. What i don't understand is how 4 people can miss out on a **** women while she's punching in coordinates for the teleporting machine and then miss her by a second. Guess the writers still need her in the upcoming season but it was a bit of a strech.

    To sum it up the episode wasn't the worst one i saw, but it could've been much much better. A season finale that feels like a regular one just isn't worth watching. I hope the writers come up with some more original ideas in the future, if not... I'll probably quit watching Eureka.
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