Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Still not sure what to think about this show.

    After watching this 4th episode of Eureka I am still not sure if I like it or not. I thought this episode started out good but then took a turn toward the other direction. Everyone thinks Spencer is abducted by aliens but it is later learned that he and others are being effected by a military experiment. The experiment is supposed to make enemies turn on each others so we do not have casualties. After Jack figures out what is going on he stops it. I was really hoping this was going to be about aliens especially since Eureka is what it is. I was a little disappointed but will continue to watch. I still think this show has great room for potential but so far have not seen much of it.
  • Aliens are amongst us!

    After watching a hijacked satilite image of the latest hollywood blockbuster. (They came to conquer, almost as enticing to see as Snakes on A plane.) Spencer gets 'abducted' by aliens. Investigating on the down low, to avoid peeking the suspicions of a visiting senator. Carter soon discovers that the alien's have infilitrated far deeper into their little community then first percieved. There was a cute little interplay over this episode around jack being the new guy. And thus not so well trusted by the townsfolk. Although the only evidence of this shown seemed to be that Jo wouldn't give him the remote to the super gun cabinet. This was a funny episode, especially at the end with the 'Aliens' re-enacting scenes from the blockbuster. It was also good to see Carter go out on a limb to save his friends. The biggest moment of hilarity for me in this was when Henry was investigating the crop circle and had pinned to his name tag the label forensics. It's great when you pick up the little jokes like that.
  • Aliens?

    After the disappointing Before I Forget, Eureka comes back with a vengeance with a much better story. The all-important comedy is present and correct, as is Jack Carter's relationship with his fellow citizens. The alien effect looks cool as well, and the real reason behind the "alien abductions" is different to say the least. Much better!
  • Ailens come or don't they!

    Aliens come to town or is it just a dream
    As Spencer is apparently abducted by them and returns a
    Different kind of person as the town is visited by a Visiting congressman who heads the chair party for something and Jack tries to figure it out all by himself. Very good show and lots of potential as well.
  • Aliens come to Eureka....or don't they.

    First off i think this show has started to lose a lot of its humour, it is funny when it tries but it doesn't seem to be trying that often anymore. To b e fair i knew that the UFO would turn out to be a helicopter.
    The plot of this episode was original and well thought out, the characters and their interactions are really whats carrying the show although it get a bit schmaltzy between Jack and his deputy at the end.

    This show is still one of the highlights of the year but i just wish they'd put a bit more humour into it or take it the other route and mark it dark and gritty. I think i would prefer the humour road!
  • aliens come to eureka

    this was a ok episode, it was a big mystery as to what was happening and im not a very big fan of mysteries so this was not one of my favorites. the end was pretty cool seeing them crazy and knowing why they were acting the way the were helped make it a great part. that one guy letting the congress guy in the secter 5 pissed me off as did the lady in charge of the inn. i want to know whats going on with her. so this was a ok episode but not the best.
  • This series has so far been pretty riveting ... I look forward to each episode and have enjoyed each one so far. It has to be a sitter for a second + more seasons surely!

    It's quirky without being OTT, it's funny the plotlines have been really cool, the characters are hilarious in their own way altho (is Max Headroom Australian or South African) and the inevitable conspiracies are starting to come to the fore. It's great when you see characters starting to gel so quickly. It's easy to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are so far (I think) because the bad dudes/dudettes just come across as sinister and ruthless. The woman who killed that little guys mother and set up his father needs to get her comeuppance ... but hey it's all par for the course.

    Here's to a great series so far!!!!
  • Fun, Adventurous, and Hilarious

    This was such a fun and fantastic episode. I loved that the monkey machine backfired. Made everyone a little kooky. And of course ... our hometown Sheriff to the rescue, and the only one not digging on the "crazy town" stuff. Such great writing. The thing that I love about this show is that it's not Cookie-Cutter like the Law and Order, CSI, and other crime drama's are. This is light, flakey, sometimes serious, fun and endearing. You find that you're really enjoying the characters and their various flaws and perfections. Of course ... the dialogue really can reach up to hilarity.

    I think this is a first rate show, I certainly hope we get to see many many season's of it!!!
  • not bad

    This easy going sci-fi show keeps it rolling. I figured out where it's going but how long will it take? Section five is the KEY to the show. Weather or not we see is depends on how long it will take to get there. This episode showed the local hooker (i just don't understand how she has not been caught yet) doing her "work" and a simple story to go along with it. In the end I 'liked it but with it making a defiant plot goal or wonder how it will work it out.
  • I am liking this more and more......

    I wish i was a S**T hot computer geek and could just stream movies like that! even if the movie sounded bad and had a weird a B-movie sound to it.

    This episode was good and kinda spoof like, a hint of SIGNS the movie, that kinda made me chuckle when they zoomed out (the music did not help either!!)

    The desperate housewive type hooker come guest house therapist is a weird one, cannot put my hand on what she actually does in this although she does help the story line a little with the congress man alien thing! Well all politicians are either aliens or crooks, now, I need to stop getting political again!

    I wonder if it was playing with the notion that computer games/movies can play with the mind theory?
  • wow one more Asome Eureka Episode! ! ! LOVED IT!

    this was i great Episode of Eureka it was fun trying to put the peace\\\'s to gether why u watch.around every corner was something to sprise you.Also When Joe Hit Jack in the face and the screen blacked out just keeped me thinking about whats next and whats rong with Joe it was a Asome Episode
    Easy Said.i just love this show like watching men in black but with a spin to it.If u havent seen this episode make sure u do u dont wanna miss this one.i think this is the best episode yet,but not for long only 7 more days till i see the next episode i cant wait!