Season 2 Episode 12

All That Glitters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Things are getting interesting.

    This was quite the episode. When a bacteria eating virus starts turning things to gold and then to rust the whole town of Eureka is in danger of collapsing. Meanwhile Beverly has been caught and secretly returned to Eureka. ( I am still not sure why she left, I must have missed something.) Zoe talks Jack into letting her have a sleepover with boys as long as Jo chaperones why Jack goes to the cabin. Henry finds out that Beverly is being hidden in Stark's lab and frees her to confront Allison about the boy. This episode is a 2 parter that finishes with the season finale. It was a good episode although I am having some problems trying to follow what is going on with the artifact. I guess I am just a simple guy.
  • All That Glitters is the first of a two- parter episode that leads to the season finale.

    The show kicks off with Zoe's new boyfriend, Lucas giving her a cheap looking bracelet. I know, I know... At that age, it's the thought that counts. Diamonds bro... diamonds. :)

    Jack and his new girlfriend, Callie make plans to go fishing for the weekend in a cabin. Zoe approaches Jack for permission to have a sleepover while he is out of town... with boys invited. Of course Jack freaks out. Meanwhile, the locals are abuzz because the Pythagoras statue in the middle of the town has mysteriously turned to gold. Jack calls on Henry. Henry can't make heads or tails of it. Allison approaches and Henry leaves to avoid her. Jack wants files from Global Dynamics and Allison reveals that he has to make an official request. WHOA NELLIE!!! Not only was Allison wearing a black, cranky power suit, she was pretty cold for the entire episode. This thing with Kevin is really getting to her and now her relationships with Henry and Jack are suffering. I guess I'd be a bit on edge if my son became telepathic. Actually, I think it would be cool. Although, there are somethings running through my mind that a kid shouldn't have access too....

    Next, there is a dog and pony show with the D.O.D. They are dropping off a "package" in the care of Nathan Stark. The package turns out to be none other than Beverly. Turns out, she was in GITMO for betraying her country. *rolls eyes* She admits she was involved in Kim's death. She's so desperate not to go back to GITMO that she is willing to make a deal with Allison. Of course, Allison wants to know more about The Artifact. You know... I'm beginning to thing that this "Artifact" is the same thing as " The Orb" from The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

    Ok, ok... back on track.

    Vincent put in a call to Sheriff Carter because the patrons were stealing silverware. Everything metal in the diner was turning to gold. You can always count on Vincent to be melodramatic. He called the customers "greedy little genius vultures". Jack even had to yell at Fargo to put down a napkin dispenser. He could only stare and say, "but it's so shiny". I fell out laughing. The humor in this show is always on beat. I never have to try to like this show and that is what keeps me coming back.

    Everyone starts to leave the diner and go outside, Jack goes after them to see what is going on this time. The Pythagoras statue is starting to deteriorate. It's like it's being eaten away and chunks of it is gone. It becomes too weak to stand so it crumbles and falls over. Henry discovers that the gold effect is a bacteria and it is also virulent.

    Beverly and Nathan talk a bit more about The Artifact. She reveals that it is capable of human interface but can not disconnect. Nathan knows this and slips out that he needed to help "him". Beverly picks up on this and feels she has another bargaining chip.

    No! I haven't forgot that the glowingly, sexy Micheal Shanks is in this episode. He's playing a naughty professor who is trying to turn stuff to gold. Mmmmm.... I love naughty professors. There was some technobabble about hydrochloric acid and some "Alchemist's Curse". Apparently, Babylon, Atlantis and Mayan civilizations fell because of this. Interesting!

    While trying to figure out how to stop the gold virus from spreading, the towns structures become unstable. Anything with metal is starting to collapse. It's time for another Eureka Evacuation TM. They evacuate this town more than the citizens of Smallville go to the hospital.... or Kirk takes off his shirt.

    While the town is falling apart, Henry finally gets to confront Beverly. I was SO scared for her. I thought Henry was going to assault her. He actually threatened to kill her. Scary! Kudos to Joe Morton, that man is brilliant. Bev starts to talk fast. She reveals that she left the device that Henry found in Kim's office. She wanted him to find it. They talk a bit more about The Artifact and Henry tells Bev that The Artifact is inside Kevin, Allison's son. They also talk about something called the Akashic Field. It's some hippie, Edgar Cayce type of stuff. :)

    In mid-evacuation and collapse crisis, Nathan figures out a way to reverse the effects of the gold virus. Jack has to go to the bottom of the building to apply the fix, it's the same place that Fargo got trapped. If Jack succeeds, there will be smiles and giggles for everyone. If he fails, the building collapses on him, Fargo and everyone else. Of course it works like magic and the day is saved.

    Of course, that isn't the end of it. Jack learns that the bacteria has jumped from metal to humans. This means that the gold will start eating human flesh. Jack appropriately responds, "I hate this day."

    It gets worse, Henry releases Beverly and confronts Allison. I'm not sure what's going to happen but these two have had a cat fight in the queue for quite sometime. Some emergency lift is activated and Allison, Henry and Bev are taken to the bottom of Global Dynamics.

    To be continued...
  • This episode turns a page taking us into the season finale. First things first the central core to this episode was metal turning into gold. It was great at first but the gold began to break down and become dangerous. This was all brought on

    This episode turns a page taking us into the season finale. First things first the central core to this episode was metal turning into gold. It was great at first but the gold began to break down and become dangerous. This was all brought on by Micheal Shanks and evil modern day alchemist. By episodes end Beverly is brought back to Eureka from Guantanamo Bay. By episodes end she makes deal with Henry to find the answer to the artifact and stop it before it destroys everyone. The Pivotal part that comes to play in that Henry has separated Allison and son to get to the bottom of the artifact mystery. The season finale will be incredible making us wonder what will happen to Allison's son and how can Henry be part of Eureka after all this betrayal.
  • Shes Back!?

    Beverly, is back!? It was a shocker seeing her agian. But besides seeing her. I thought that this episode was great, i mean how things turned into gold. it was just what eureka, needed. But as the new episodes come, the darker it gets into the story of Kevin, I mean how could he be connected to the artefact. Anyway Beverly is back, and that is just a shocker, It was great seeing her, back, and how all the character's reacted to seeing her. Sadly she looked like a mess. I mean wow, it must have been muggy in there, Anyway 9.1
  • The return of Beverly.

    Things in Eureka start to get interesting and this episode brings together a few storylines and merges them into the main story arc dealing with the artifact.

    Some metal objects seem to become infected with a straqnge kind of virus and mutate, almost like an alchemist's dream, into gold. Yet it doesn't stop there, the gold desintegrates and because the virus is contagious it infects the GD buildings.

    The one person who might know more about this, Beverly is returned to Eureka by the DOD and transferred into the custody of Nathan Stark. She realises that Kevin is now controlling the artifact, or vice versa. Henry happens to find out that Beverly has returned and he still blames her for Kim's death.

    So many storylines come together in this episode, a two-part episode with a real cliffhanger. Very exciting...
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