Season 4 Episode 3

All the Rage

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Attack of the Mad Scientists! (And not in a good way.)


    Oh. I was all excited, just one episode past, to see where Eureka would go with this rebooted world of theirs, but it seems my excitement may well have been misplaced. 'Cause where did they decide to go? Zombies. And, unless they're being battled by Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters -- or occasionally by the Winchester boys -- I don't really feel any particular fondness for zombies. Sure, there were moments of goodness in here, and the whole rigamarole ended with one exceptional moment of very goodness, but all in all, "All the Rage" did nothing more than test my patience. (I like the new opening, though. Way to catch everyone up, Carter!)

    It is only the character interactions adorning the conclusion of this episode that mitigate somewhat against the insanity and inanity of what had come before (seeya, Tess!). I can only hope that this was just a bump in Eureka's spankin' new road, and that we'll never see this idiotic installment's like again. As for Wil Wheaton, who notably guest-starred, he was just kind of... y'know. There. It was undeniably good to see him, but I can't help but feel a little cheated. Wesley Crusher, for all his faults, would never have turned the brilliant scientists at Global Dynamics into a gurning, moronic mob of homicidal zombies. Never!

    What's next? Doogie Howser comes to town and turns everyone into werewolves?
  • All I can say is Whew! * Spoilers ahead!*

    So incredibly glad to see the Carter/Tess thing handled swiftly & permenantly. Did not want to have to watch that trainwreck all season long. That being said, I am a little disappointed to see Tess go. I liked the character, just not with Jack. I would like to see more interaction with Henry & his "wife" Grace. She seems to be a really great lady & she knows something is off with him. But the bits we learned tonight of their relationship were sweet. I enjoyed watching Henry with Dr. Grant. The whole disappearing tool thing was amusing. I am intrigued at how this whole thing will work itself out. Dr. Grant is an interesting new character, but eventually won't he have to go back to his own time?
  • Stand-out performances in this true thriller of an episode!

    Jo and Fargo are both true stars of this episode. Both characters seemed to be basically stuck in a rut for a long time and this reboot is certainly helping.
    While their new jobs enhance their personalities and Erica Cerra (if that's possible) looks even better in a suit that usual, this rage-inducing gig gave them both a chance to really stretch their acting muscles in an adrenaline-pumped way, which is something we really don't see much of in Eureka.
    If I was a scout from Hollywood watching, I'd be signing them right now.
    The episode itself followed a familiar pattern; that part (with the exception of all the murderous rage :-) was actually underwhelming; however the little Callis/Morton sub-plot was very refreshing because we never have the rug pulled under us with the science we are seeing, so this was indeed a welcome change.
    The emotional strings plot between Carter, Allison and Tess was the low point. I'm glad it got handled quickly, but more lemonade between Carter and the most boring member of the cast, Allison Blake, is definitely not something I was looking forward to. Where is the friction? All in all, a fine episode!
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