Season 3 Episode 1

Bad to the Drone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Eureka returns with a bang!

    At Eureka's season 2 premier, the series returns with a good dose of sci-fi and humor. A military drone gets loose and there are sub plots within sub plots as they try to figure out whoever is behind the rogue drone. Coupled with their problems is the fact that the DOD has sent "The Fixer", an infamous 'corporate consultant' to assess the situation at GD and remedy any problems. Zoey and Martha learn a few lessons about the teenage years, and there are a few surprises at the end, including a new face at GD, and a development on Stark's relationship.

    A fantastic opener, I personally cannot wait until the next episode.
  • Jack must stop a killer drone on the loose.

    Killer drone on the loose? Global Dynamics coming apart at the seams? Yes it's a typical day in Eureka. LMAO

    The Sci-Fi hit Eureka is back and back in full force. You never really know what you're going to get in this sci-fi series which is a great thing.

    In this episode a drone named Martha apparently has been experiencing human emotions and has become more artificially intelligent than usual. In an exercise designed to impress a consultant, Eva, for the government everything goes wrong.

    The drone tries to kill everybody and for the bulk of the episode has the town on red alert while everybody's job hangs in the balance including Sheriff Carter.

    Actually it effects Global Dynamics the hardest as Eva could literally pull the plug on them and that actually wouldn't be a bad thing as it would mean the end of Nathan Stark but anyways.

    Again well played with decent performances.Special effects and action also set this show apart from others. At first the drone seems ordinary but it develops special abilities like cloaking and invisibility and later reprogramming the other drones to attack Eureka.

    I was well satisfied with this episode and you will be too. My only nitpick was this love triangle with Stark, Allison and Carter. We all know Carter likes/loves Allison and Stark has a history of being a douche that nobody likes. How Allison even contemplate reuniting with such scum that doesn't even appreciate his employees? You got me. Also a small nitpick they should have killed of Larry here, he serves no purpose other than to insult Fargo.

    Other than that still loved the episode. There's never a dull moment in Eureka and this episode is living proof of that.
  • Drone with an attitude!

    Finally Eureka is back with brand new episodes. I am really happy to see we picked up right where we left off, with all the story lines. Zoey slowly growing up and Carter having to deal with her and trying to balance Allison, as Allison and Stark's relationship goes further and further on how it once was. Henry is sadly stuck in jail, hopefully this hearing that he has coming out will let him out (obviously it will) having Henry back in town will be nice. There was a lot of funny stuff as usual with Eureka in this episode such as the attempted putting in jail of the drone which was hilarious and the gigantic freezer in Cafe Diem which was interesting. I can't wait for next weeks episode, it seems to be something they kinda of did in season one with the web-episodes about a beast on the loose in the woods. I'll have to check my season 1 DVD of Eureka I know it's on there.
  • I feel for Carter.

    A very good start to the new season of Eureka. Jack and the crew must figure out how to make a drone that has went a-wall not start a war. Jack is still having trouble giving Zoe any freedom when she wants to work at the cafe. Allison tells Stark she will marry him and Jack tries to act like he is ok with it even though he is not. We have a new bad guy or in this case bad woman in Eva. We do not know what she is up to yet but it does not look good. Henry is in jail awaiting trial but that is all we learn in this episode. This episode has opened some good plots to follow this season and I look forward to it. What will happen to Henry? Are Stark and Allison really going to get married? How will Jack and Zoe evolve in their father daughter relationship?

    Many things to answered and I cannot wait.
  • A good start to the 3rd season

    I have to admit, I was waiting for the third season to start. I have never been one to watch reality television and with the writer's strike last fall, there are very few new offerings to watch, let alone the small number of reruns that I would watch.

    I have been a fan of Eureka since it started. I enjoy the mix of humor and drama, as well as the quirkiness of the whole thing. I have to admit that there seemed to be a similar plot structure to many episodes in the second season. However, as the season wound down, especially with "A Night at Global Dynamics", I found that the writers were building to something bigger.

    Overall, I give the episode a nine. I felt that the storyline (a robot drone that becomes self-aware) was better than I originally judged it to be. "Martha" was an excellent foil for the main characters. There was a good amount of humor (Jack and Jo's attempt to capture it in the sheriff's office) as well as drama (the drone faking being captured so that it would be taken to GD and then release all her siblings) in the episode. I just wonder how many more episodes detailing "the danger of the week" will they be able to support as the season goes on. I especially felt the similarities between Zoe and Martha were nicely and subtly brought forth.

    As for the "Fixer", I wasn't impressed. Her presence, even though sanctioned by the DOD, seemed to be counter to the clandestine existence of Eureka in the first two seasons. I realize that marketing some of the devices that the various scientists create would be profitable, but it begs the question "Isn't someone going to question where this item/device/medical technique was developed?" As for wrapping up last season, I liked what they did, but it should have had a little more. For instance, no mention is made of Kevin's condition, Beverly's condition or status, or for that matter, where Callie (Jack's sort-of dry cleaner girlfriend) fits into the world of Eureka.

    I was impressed by the special effects, especially the birds-eye view from Martha. I smiled when I paused my TiVo and read the information the Martha accessed on each character. It was a small touch but nicely done.

    All in all, a well done episode.
  • Now boarding next stop Eureka.

    Alright it's finally here, our plane is landing and we're all going back to a little town called Eureka. This episode was just as wacky and hilarious as all the other episodes, which is exactly why I watch this show, Allison, and this is breaking my heart, is actually going to marry Stark, ten bucks says it doesn't happen. Larry, oh I hate that guy, he for some reason has more than one line in this episode, don't get to comfy there, hopefully you won't be back, oh yea Henry's in jail. All in all satisfactory, I got what I came for and it's good to be home.
  • A sweet drone named Martha goes through an adolescent rebellion.

    Like all season premieres, there is a lot of resolution of the previous season and setting up the dynamic tension for this season. It looks like there's a new 'bad girl' in town, which makes me sad. In Season 2 all the characters could be loved. And no one got really hurt. But it looks as though this season may be a bit more intense. Zoe is also growing up and trying to establish her identity as an adult. Nathan and Alison are trying their relationship again. We don't yet know how Kevin is after last season. Poor Carter; he's losing everyone.