Season 1 Episode 3

Before I Forget

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Another reason why many black women get annoyed.

    Okay, I like this show, it's quirky and such..This episode was so-so though..Not much went on in it..

    What's got me annoyed (as a black woman), is I don't understand why on tv, a black man can't have a black woman as a love interest!! (re: Joe Morton's character and his college love interest)..It's not that they can't have other ethnicities as love interests..but it seems to be only .000005% of the time is when you'll see a black woman and black man on screen.

    You'll see them with asian women, white women, latina women or women of mixed race..but why not a black woman? We do exist you know!! We're not all whores and drug addicts like tv is trying to portray us as..We're just like everyone else. To all you black female actresses (and there are many of them)I wish you all the best in your struggles to find a non-stereotypical acting role.
  • Henry's oldest friends come to Eureka, and he finds out that one of them hasn't truly been anyone's friend in a very long time.

    A really intriguing episode, making you really wonder just how much your life could be changed simply by changing a few moments. One person\'s greed and self interest can destroy another completely, even though he does try to \'compensate\' her for his thefts. Henry\'s reactions show a lot about his character, as well. First, that although he can\'t quite remember why he lost what was obviously the love of his life, his caring and generosity really shines through his obvious determination to maintain a fulfilling friendship with her. And then his reactions to discovering that one of his oldest friends has been stabbing everyone in the back for decades. His automatic reaction is to make certain that no one else gets hurt, and that shows a lot of moral fiber. All in all, Eureka is shaping up to be a great show, with the gizmos being the setting, and the characters shining through.
  • jack losses his memory

    this was a ok episode, the story was writen well and all and it had its funny moments tho not as many as in past episodes. this was good but it annoyed me when they would forget but i would still know i just wanted to yell at them but they wouldnt hear. i wa very pissed off that that lady found out but didnt plan on telling anyone, thank goodness they had a camra. and i was happy to see that lady and the guy get together at the end also. sorry i dont know peoples names.
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets meets Men in Black!

    As stated on the episode's trivia this storyline is totally unoriginal, making it possible to describe it as a mix of HP 2's Gilderoy Lockhart and MiB's memory wiper device à la Eureka. But, although I hate to say it due to the plagiarism of ideas involved, even then, the episode was good.

    Plus, all Zoe scenes were very good, specially because of Putnam. Very funny. I bet Jack will have problems with him in the future. But I kind of missed something: since Zoe is a normal kid, how can she have adapted so well in a school where kids construct things taken from real scientist wildest dreams?

    The personal aftermaths of the episode are also something to be taken on account. But the "catch" for me is the fact that a regular guy like Jack still once more was more intelligent than one of the Eureka's brightest minds.

    Stay tuned for more!
  • Carter and Zoe bonding!

    This episode had some cute character development between Carter and Zoe. Surrounding a 'normal' event, the staging of the Eurekan equivilant of A midsummer's night dream. You could tell that even though Carter wasn't around as much as he would have like to be, for some of the more special moments in Zoe's life, that he's trying to be there for her now. The B plot seemed a little...fuzzy in it's logic. A device that blanks out twenty minutes of memory at a time but Carter and Henry couldn't seem to remember much of what happened over the 24 hour period. As always Eureka had some fine moments of hilarity but for me this episode fell a little flat. Although I did appreciate the Puck humour.
  • Again another amneisa show!

    They do the amnesia show very good as it is
    Very quirky but in a good kind of way as Jack
    Accidentally shoots someone and that the people try to help
    Him to get his memory back. Meanwhile a scientist may hold the keys as to how he lst his memory and how to help him get his short term memory back!
  • Eureka does the memory erasing story...

    "Somebody's done something to us. He can make us not see, or move through time, or you know, just blank out."

    The first failure for Eureka. Before I Forget is not very funny, smart or interesting, which is a great shame as I expected this show to do something good with the now frankly overused idea of the hero losing his memory or chunks of time or something. Disappointing.
  • many times through this episode, i felt that the writers hadn\'t got a clue about short term memory, and its effect.

    Ones short term memory is about 5-10 minutes, meaning that if its blanked by some device, you wont remember what your just doing. If you\'ve seen Memento you\'d know that he \'wakes up\' in the middle of things, not knowing if \"he is chasing\" or \"is he beings chased\"

    in the same style this serie tried to implement the erasure of short term memory. HOWEVER, if your setup your mind to do something and 3 hours later your still doing it, an erasure wont cut you away from the goal.

    many times the main character (still new serie) get his short term memory erased - BUT he\'s completely blank, not knowing odds from ends - it even seams as if his memory is plantet at times (like Men in Black)

    Imagine your memory as a momentum, if your destined to do something, then a little knock of 10 minutes wont get you off course

    Overall, this episode is not worth watching unless you expect to see the whole serie. some stuff might turn up later on.
  • The show has GREAT potential...HOWEVER...

    First of all, we have learned that just about anything is possible in this town. WHY then does everyone act so damn shocked at the mystery introduced in each episode? When the sherriff first introduces his theory of what is going on in this episode, no one will believe him, or even take him seriously. Where do these IDIOTS think they live? I spend more time being pissed at the characters' stupidity than I am intrigued at the plot lines. This show's finest moment so far was the trailer for the pilot. Everything else has been lackluster at best. The characters are not believable and the plotlines aren't either. Case in point: how the geniuses were moaning about the laws of physics in the pilot. They weren't even making sense.
    But I keep watching, hoping against hope that at least the science part will start to make sense.
  • in this episode they show exactly how powerful short term memory really is

    Honestly i have been watching this series for sometime, and this is one of the better episodes i have seen. It has a bit of WTF, a smidged of science jargin, and whosits whats its, and adds in a bit of high school anticks. Honestly if this series continues to get as good as this one episode atleast its going to be a good distraction between episodes of Stargate every week. The general premise of this episode is that this dude comes and he can delete all of your short term memory, and then he can do whatever he wants like shot someone, sabitage two people who love eachother, even steal someones entire life. and what is even sader is that this guy accually did it. Personally i think this really shows that with great power comes great responsability.
  • Quirky, Upsetting, Talent

    I am just loving this show more and more. Each episode is fun and interesting and quirky. I love the way Jack just takes everything in stride, but nearly always has a cynical or amazed look on his face. It's such a smart character.

    I thought it was very upsetting that Jason had done such horrible things to his "friends" Kim and Henry. Despicable, just so he could have the glory ... BAD BAD MAN!!!

    I'm glad that Jack's daughter came back. It's always interesting seeing the two of them interact. I loved her sub-story line, I think she portrays the put out teen rather well. I just hope that whole thing doesn't get stagnant.

    All in all another great episode.
  • not to bad

    Another light hearted episode with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Again they key to enjoying this show is to realize it's a light hearted sci-fi show. There are going to be some redundant dialog and some plot holes but in the end it's a nice simple show. It's not men to be the x-files or numbers. This show is not for those looking for smart problems that end with clever solutions for that watch house. In the end I like this episode. A cast full of good looking women, a cute town and now it's time for the focus of the series to take place so lets see where it goes.
  • Big plot hole

    If Jason Anderson (Andrew Airlie) has a memory zapper, how come he does not zap his own memory every time he uses it? And note that its not a matter of pointing the device at someone before it works - everyone in the bar gets their memory zapped regardless of whether they were facing Jason or not. Unless of course he (and Debrah Farentino in the speeding car part of the episode) both have invisible protective caps (invented by Henry in an episode that everyone forgot because it was so painful).
  • I am really loving this show!

    This show is turning out to be one of my very favorite shows. So many quirky characters, so much pesudo science, so much humor.

    Jack Carter is becoming the perfect foil / stright man for this community. Obviously a common man, and nice guy, his state of almost constant confusion when dealing with the "Brains" is played so well.

    The supporting characters, like Henrey, Jo, Fargo, and Zoe, just fit in soe well.

    Let's face it, who cares if the science is real. As long as it is not to great a stretch and works in the storyline, its ok. This is after all Science Fiction! Remeber, when shows like Flash Gordon were running on Saturdays in movie theaters across the country, Space flight was not even good science or possible!
  • Lame-ish

    This episode is yet another example of what a tv show should never be. I honestly dont know who the writers are, but it seems they are either teenagers or not very bright adults with no knowledge in science. Well, let me be clear here. If you are writing a science fiction script , book etc., just make sure you do some research, ask some experts, talk to real scientists etc. This is the idea of a good science fiction story - make it believable. A good example is CBS' "Numb3rs", which has the chair of Caltech's math department as their consultant - that is why it feels at least somewhat realistic and interesting. Now back to this show. In this episode, we hear this dialog, after yet another new "hot big boobs phd genius" character and her friend quickly solve some problem on the balckboard in several lines:

    -You forgot the Hamiltonian
    -No, I didnt, Just keep going
    -Ohhh, I got it now.

    Just for your information, this sounds utterly retarded. Not that I assume everybody should know some science to watch a sci-fi show, but come one, could the writers please stop this nonsense? Its laughable. Once they remove all this absurd scientific sentences from their dialog, the show may become somewaht funny. But until then, the show is painful to watch indeed.
  • We learn a little more about a character every week.

    This was a very good episode. I think it is clear now that this is likely to be a very good show.
    We got some good character development and a possible new character added. Henry Deacon gets more talented every episode, now he has a love interest as well. I am very intrigued. Speaking of her, it seems Eureka is a magnet for beautiful women. We got Debrah Farentino(Beverly), Salli Richardson-Whitfield(Allison), and even Erica Cerra (Jo)is a pretty girl trying to look butch. She can’t fool me. Zoe is very cute too.

    Jack seems to get smarter every episode, he would not let go of his instincts, I guess that is why he makes such a good cop. Finally, Zoe is settling into the town, which should make for more interaction for her in the town.

    Now, onto to the episode itself. I loved this story, really I did. The concept of the device that deletes memories is fantastic and apparently entertaining. Yeah, there are plenty of reality problems, but you are the one who turned to the Sci-Fi channel. The resolution involving the camera is great because the writers never felt the need to over explain the details of Jack’s plans to the viewer. It seems they might respect our deductive abilities. Only time will tell.

    I only wish we could have seen that vest in action.
  • An episode that I will not forget! (unless they zap me with that memory wiper!)

    A great episode indeed, of memory loss every where, but Carter uses intelligents to fill in the blanks. There is cool technology too like a force feild vest that can stop kinetic energy on a dime, but too bad we couldnt see it withstand against a flame thrower! and an old but just as cool memory wiper that can prevent short term memory into long term memory! I wish I can have that device to get out of any future problems!
  • My favorite episode so far, it was very well done.

    This is my favorite episode so far. It was so good because it had a really good invention that was causing so much trouble. It was fun because of all the trouble that was caused, because even when the Sheriff had figured it out, it was erassed, and it looked like he would have to solve it all again. It also introduced someone who I think could be a permiment character to the series: the wife of the "fake" scientist. I hope she will stick around. We also got to see that Zoe is starting to fit in at school, which is good. The one complaint I had is that it didn't reveal anymore of the plot we heard about in the first episode. But it is early in the season. Anyway, all in all, this was a very good episode, and I hope they make more like it.
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