Season 3 Episode 3

Best in Faux

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2008 on Syfy
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The town's annual dog show gets into full swing—complete with exploding robotic canines. Meanwhile, Sheriff Carter experiences an isolated earthquake, Zoe contemplates quitting the accelerated physics program, and Allison starts fitting her wedding dress.

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  • The entire town fighting over the best robo-dog, amusing

    A fine example for what eureka is about. Personally i find that the plot was a lottle to simple, from the moment you see the sonic melter you realise from where the magmapockets come. Although a nice realisation. The obsesive geologist is a nice example of crazy scientist and I would love to have this nice tunneler, no more whaiting in autoroutes simply dug under them. One of the big questions is now : What was the origin of the radiation and why is she so interestet in it? We will see, surely in the season finale, can't wait for it.moreless
  • Loved it :)

    WOW! What a great episode of Eureka. (The following does contain spoilers just to warn you) We have exploding dogs, a hatred of physics, cool futuristic diamonds, and earthquakes. Everyone was in top form tonight even Allison though she was a little out of her element with the whole wedding dress thing, she still did well. I really liked that there was a lot of comedy in this episode and some quick one liners that really made this great episode even more enjoyable. We also got one of those great Carter and Allison scenes when he was helping her out of the dress that makes you just hope something will eventually happen there. Next weeks episode looks to be good to as it seems we are going to be possibly losing someone according to that preview. Hopefully not but we will see :(moreless
  • Exploding dogs, hate of physics, love of geography my kind of day in Eureaka.

    I hate physics too so Zoe you are not alone. This episode was especially funny starting with Jo and weddings (mouths agape as they ought to be), then it was Carter's "And that's how you ask, who raised you?" comment and of course the reason why I love this episode; exploding dogs, now I'm no dog lover quite the opposite thank you so when Dr. Young's dog went kaput with a Frisbee in its mouth I was dying on the floor. The magma in the underground scene looked awesome, altogether another great (by great I mean horrible and full of panic) day in Eureka.moreless
Lexa Doig

Lexa Doig

Dr. Anne Young

Guest Star

Gabrielle Rose

Gabrielle Rose

Carol Taylor

Guest Star

Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck

Dr. Hood

Guest Star

Frances Fisher

Frances Fisher

Eva Thorne

Recurring Role

Chris Gauthier

Chris Gauthier


Recurring Role

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    • Allison: We are sinking zero balance p-wave detectors all along the ridge.
      Stark: I'll re-task the geo satellites to look for ground g formations.
      Carter: Sounds good, what is all that going to tell us?
      Stark: (in a sarcastic drawl) Nothing, we just like sounding smart.

    • Dr. Hood: Dougie Fargo? That wild man. Did he tell you about the time we were running those Columbian drugs?
      Carter: Uh, no.
      Dr. Hood: Yeah. Columbia med school wanted to make, uh, mineral-based vaccines. So Doug and I trekked all over Alaska gathering eriochalcite for those yahoos.

    • Harry: Radiation is like penny candy, it comes in all different kinds of flavors.

    • Allison: A pocket of magma developed spontaneously? That's impossible.
      Dr. Hood: Did "impossible" cover my friend with mucus?
      Carter: He's got a point.

    • Carter: Could anything be a bigger waste of my time?
      Stark: I need Carter.
      Carter: The answer's yes.

    • Carter: Hey, Jo, what's with all the dogs in here?
      Jo: They're biomimetic.
      Carter: I don't care what breed they are; it's unsanitary.

    • Jo: Carter, what happened?
      Carter: Mucus happened.

    • Carter: Pressure can be good for you. My mother used to say that pressure can make diamonds. I mean, don't you want to be a diamond?
      Zoe: Well, can't I just be, like, a sapphire who still has time to hang out with her friends?

    • Carter: So, what, the DOD has some program to create heavily armed robot dog soldiers?
      Jo: No, but that would be so cool!

    • Jo: (to Allison) I'll go shopping with you.
      Stark: It's a wedding gown not a flak jacket.
      Jo: (rises threateningly) I happen to like weddings. You got a problem with that?

    • Allison: (wearing a wedding dress) Do you know why I'm wearing this dress?
      Dr. Hood: Laundry day?

    • Carter: I've got dogs exploding all over town, and it…
      Dr. Hood: (laughs) Now that's a dog show I could get into.

    • Stark: I can't get a bearing! These instruments are all over the place.
      Carter: Smack it!
      Stark: Seriously?
      Carter: Smack it!
      Stark: (smacks the console) All right! We got a bearing.

    • S.A.R.A.H.: Sheriff Carter, you planned to do aerobic exercise tonight from 8 to 9:30, followed by bill paying.
      Carter: Yeah, I'm taking the night off.
      S.A.R.A.H.: Good idea. Stress is America's number one health problem.
      Carter: Oh, drop dead.
      S.A.R.A.H.: Followed closely by sarcasm.

    • Carter: So you can really melt metal with sound?
      Zoe: Yeah, I don't even understand it well enough to explain why I don't understand it.

    • Jo: People need hobbies, Carter, I used to collect handcuffs.
      Carter: And meanwhile there was an earthquake that no one felt but me, which is impossible.
      Jo: Because there are no earthquakes in Eureka. (the earth starts shaking)

    • Carter: I was at a farm near the lake and, uh, there was an earthquake but nobody felt it but me. Is that possible?
      Dr. Hood: Depends, how drunk were you?

    • Stark: Shut up Carter, there was no earthquake. Jo was fifty feet from you, she would have felt it too. I need a favor.
      Carter: And that's how you ask? Who raised you?

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