Season 3 Episode 3

Best in Faux

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2008 on Syfy



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    • Allison: We are sinking zero balance p-wave detectors all along the ridge.
      Stark: I'll re-task the geo satellites to look for ground g formations.
      Carter: Sounds good, what is all that going to tell us?
      Stark: (in a sarcastic drawl) Nothing, we just like sounding smart.

    • Dr. Hood: Dougie Fargo? That wild man. Did he tell you about the time we were running those Columbian drugs?
      Carter: Uh, no.
      Dr. Hood: Yeah. Columbia med school wanted to make, uh, mineral-based vaccines. So Doug and I trekked all over Alaska gathering eriochalcite for those yahoos.

    • Harry: Radiation is like penny candy, it comes in all different kinds of flavors.

    • Allison: A pocket of magma developed spontaneously? That's impossible.
      Dr. Hood: Did "impossible" cover my friend with mucus?
      Carter: He's got a point.

    • Carter: Could anything be a bigger waste of my time?
      Stark: I need Carter.
      Carter: The answer's yes.

    • Carter: Hey, Jo, what's with all the dogs in here?
      Jo: They're biomimetic.
      Carter: I don't care what breed they are; it's unsanitary.

    • Jo: Carter, what happened?
      Carter: Mucus happened.

    • Carter: Pressure can be good for you. My mother used to say that pressure can make diamonds. I mean, don't you want to be a diamond?
      Zoe: Well, can't I just be, like, a sapphire who still has time to hang out with her friends?

    • Carter: So, what, the DOD has some program to create heavily armed robot dog soldiers?
      Jo: No, but that would be so cool!

    • Jo: (to Allison) I'll go shopping with you.
      Stark: It's a wedding gown not a flak jacket.
      Jo: (rises threateningly) I happen to like weddings. You got a problem with that?

    • Allison: (wearing a wedding dress) Do you know why I'm wearing this dress?
      Dr. Hood: Laundry day?

    • Carter: I've got dogs exploding all over town, and it…
      Dr. Hood: (laughs) Now that's a dog show I could get into.

    • Stark: I can't get a bearing! These instruments are all over the place.
      Carter: Smack it!
      Stark: Seriously?
      Carter: Smack it!
      Stark: (smacks the console) All right! We got a bearing.

    • S.A.R.A.H.: Sheriff Carter, you planned to do aerobic exercise tonight from 8 to 9:30, followed by bill paying.
      Carter: Yeah, I'm taking the night off.
      S.A.R.A.H.: Good idea. Stress is America's number one health problem.
      Carter: Oh, drop dead.
      S.A.R.A.H.: Followed closely by sarcasm.

    • Carter: So you can really melt metal with sound?
      Zoe: Yeah, I don't even understand it well enough to explain why I don't understand it.

    • Jo: People need hobbies, Carter, I used to collect handcuffs.
      Carter: And meanwhile there was an earthquake that no one felt but me, which is impossible.
      Jo: Because there are no earthquakes in Eureka. (the earth starts shaking)

    • Carter: I was at a farm near the lake and, uh, there was an earthquake but nobody felt it but me. Is that possible?
      Dr. Hood: Depends, how drunk were you?

    • Stark: Shut up Carter, there was no earthquake. Jo was fifty feet from you, she would have felt it too. I need a favor.
      Carter: And that's how you ask? Who raised you?

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