Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 29, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The best episode so far.

    Until this episode I thought this show was average. Now I have really beginning to like the show. Carter must investigate a mysterious death of a section 5 researcher and finds that super enhanced drugs may be the cause of the death. Fargo is under pressure to finish an experiment from Stark while Zoe may be in danger and does not know it. I really liked this episode and hope the more I watch the better this show gets. Taggert is funny in the way he acts plus what he says. Carter is funny at times also. I liked the comment Fargo made about Nancy Karrigan, that made me laugh. The best episode so far so and I will be watching more.
  • Faster than a speeding bullet

    This was a convivial and exciting episode. A drug that makes you work superfast. It's really enjoyable to see what the creators come up with time and again. I still adore the juxtaposition of the 'normal' town Sheriff up against all those brainiacs. It's such an interesting concept and it never gets old. The plotline in this episode was fast-paced and the writing was delightful. The humor is always creative and funny. The actors do a terrific job in their respective roles. It seems as if the show is really digging in its heels and grabbing our attention. I am ready for more!!!
  • This show kept me interested

    This episode kept my interest, and kept me from getting rid of my season pass on TiVo. The last few have been too "relationship" oriented. I would rather see more mystery and conflict than the cute relationships. I will continue to watch new episodes if they focus on the plots and subplots about the technology and the mystery in Section 5.

    The speed thing was a bit like the memory eraser...they kept wondering what had just happened.

    The dynamics between Carter and the GD boss is getting a bit stale; something needs to happen there soon. And the B&B hostess needs more screentime.
  • Drugs and Baseball, how close to reality do we want our fiction? Actually a really good episode.

    The town meeting sequence was wonderful. Carter trying to garner interest in a baseball team, and embarassing Zoe were made for the perfect opening. The crash was interesting and of coursethe turf war between Nathan and Carter will be an oning source of bits. Neither has any respect for the other and they do not hesitate to let it be known.

    Fargo dumpster diving, virtual baseball, geeks ruling the school, Eureka is my kind of a place.

    I love the fact that Henry does it all and is not a corporate guy. His alliance with Carter is one of the relationships that makes the show work.

    I am looking for a long run of great fun and lots of pseudo science. It will be facinating to look back 10, 20 or 30 years from now to see how much of Eureka has become reality.
  • Jack Carter has to figure out what caused a car accident.

    This was yet another great episode. After Jack takes Zoe to school he learns there has been a car accident and he goes to check it out.


    At first they think it must of been some really big animal, until they see the remains of a dead human being. But of course the case is taken away from him because it all has to do with Section five, like always.

    Luckily that doesn't stop him from trying to find out what really happened and with a little help he finds out it has to do with some drug that causes people to move really fast.

    Zoe's new boyfriend is part of it and is going to kill Jack, but Jack knocks him out with a fast ball to the head. I'm sure it helped that the kid was moving at super fast speed right in front of the ball.

    It was a pretty good episode. I liked the jokes and the story line.
  • Great comedic timing and a decent story line.

    This episode was full of very funny moments and witty lines, which is one of the main reasons I watch this series. Carter telling Allison, "you're so stuck in right field" had me laughing out loud, as did a few other moments in this episode. The backwards students at Zoe's new school, the explosion at Henry's, the test dummy's resemblance to Carter, and "is that delicate enough for you?" are great examples of what make this show fun to watch. The interesting story-line involving a drug that is literally 'speed' had a much better resolution than last week's episode (where Carter resorted to ramming the missile with a truck). The ending of this episode (before the whole virtual baseball act) was very cool, despite Dylan's sudden extreme transformation into a junkie - we seemed to have missed a step in that process somewhere in the episode. Overall, the funniest episode and best plot-line so far.
  • fast people on drugs

    this was a good episode, i liked zoeys boy friend to bad he turned out to be on drugs, crazy and on drugs but he was cute, thats all that matters lol just kidding!! i thought it waas funny when he got hit in the head with the ball. stark pisses me off pitting the two teams against each other. carter explaining that they were eating to much was just plain funny. the base ball at the end sucked, now im no base ball fan but that would so not be fun.
  • Not the best episode but that doesn't mean it's bad.

    This episode was kind of Lacking a little bit of everything. The plot felt like an incomplete thought. At times I was a little lost. Compared to it's other episodes "Blink" was also lacking some of it's homour, although there were some funny moments. The begginning and a bit of the middle was quite rough, but it finally smoothed out towards the end.

    Some good points: we learned more about Carter's daughter Zoe in her highschool surrounding. Also, we learned about Allison's son and his autism although we didn't get to see him.

    In a final note, I still enjoy Eureka and continue to watch it. Besides, shows have a couple off-beat episodes once in awhile.