Season 4 Episode 21

Do You See What I See

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on Syfy

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  • In Living Color


    Just when I was feeling the show's spark was fizzling a bit, this episode shows that there is some spark still left. This is not just one of my top ten episodes of the show but one of my favorate Christmas episodes in general.

    I'm a fan of animation and just seeing this show in animated form was a real treat. But I really love the different styles of anamation which were both part of the quirkyness of the sittuation but homage jokes.

    I really like how all the characters look different. From Tagart whom became a polar bear, Jo in a Snow White dress, Andy looking like C3PO, and my favorate was seeing Carter's Jeep come to life whose name is Carl. Carl is just funny reminds me a bit of Benny the Cab in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

    Even that moment when we see different animated versions of Carter, Andy, and Joe from Charlie Brown, Simpsons/Futurama, South Park, and Scooby Doo each version looked great and was comic gold.

    My favorate ones were seeing Eureka in claymation form obviously an homage to the Ralkin and Bass Christmas specials, even helped with the look of the characters from Fargo whom looks like he could be the elf Herbie or the jeep Carl whom could be one of the Chevron/Techron talking cars.

    And my absoute favorate was seeing the show in Anime form being a anime fan this was a dream come true and made me wish there would be a manga or anime movie/series of this show. But just seeing all the characters in that form was great,my favorate one was Jo whom as usual looks great. But I loved seeing the action and the expressions of the characters, from Fargo whom was using a power pole (a little homage to the manga/anime "Dragon Ball") against the gigantic ninja snowman. Down to seeing Carter drive an awsome version of the Jeep and beat the crap out of the Snow Ninjaalong with a little homage to "Knight Rider".

    But I also like how in this episode each of the characters were learning lessons like Andy learning being an outsider isn't a bad thing or even Jo not being afraid to be something more. Most of all the importance of togetherness which is what this adventure did for them but also Christmas.

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