Season 4 Episode 21

Do You See What I See

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Possibly a TV first?

    While watching this hugely enjoyable episode I had an interesting thought.

    Much like Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura where the first interracial kiss ever shown on broadcast TV. Sherrif Carter and Dr. Blake might just be the first interclaycial kiss...

    Might be something worth researching... No? ;)
  • I like Eureka it is quirky, funny and sci-fi. This christmas episode is one of the best I have seen in different series.


    Really clever with the cgi graphics changing the characters into animation of different genres. As it was a christmas special it was not continuing the story from the series before. But that was ok as a christmas special needs to be a stand alone episode. This really was a wonderful episode. shame that the series has been cancelled.

  • Outstanding Christmas episode! Maybe the best I ever seen! * spoilers *


    Wow that was amazing!

    All started with super photon generator error. Now everybody are cartoon characters! And cartoon is changing - first there was 3D Sims-like, then 2D cartoon, then clay cartoon and in the end anime!

    There were some allusion characters. It was really funny to see Jo as Snow White, Taggart as a bear. Fargo anime character is awesome!

    Sninja is the best Christmas villam I've ever seen! I really want to have the book that caused that!

  • Brilliant Christmas special. Why are they cancelling? Stupid networks.


    The ep just had it all I loved it. Laughed so much! Don't understand why they are cancelling but I guess it is not a reality show is it! As you may have seen from a promo they characters go into cartoon world. Hilarious and has some fine moments for Jo. Missing Zane though. Just watch and enjoy the ride.