Season 5 Episode 12

Double Take

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2012 on Syfy

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  • double take

    So creepy great
  • Body Snatchers

    It's pritty much Eureka doing "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", this format is nothing new it's been done on numerous TV shows and even some movies. But what makes this actually interesting are the type of antagonists that are doing this, and I'll admit it was an intersting idea. Once again the infernal VR machine rears it's other functions as we see all the virtual programs of the people of Eureka have became concious and want to live in the real world and replace their real life counterparts. That's a trippy concept but it also kinda gets at that subconcious scientific fear that has revolved in the show on knowledge we don't fully understand or have full control over will destroy us.

    I really like the creepy vibe and sense of paranoia where at time we're not sure who's who, you just feel constantly unsafe. Seeing evil versions of Jack, Jo, and all the others we know was interesting, just like the pod people it was them but it wasn't because there is something in their persona that's missing. I really liked how protagonists Alison and Fargo proacted in the sittuation, same with Perish, Zane, and Jack despite all three not really being in the episode that long. We're in constant suspense hoping that the group will work fast and stay undetected.

    There were plenty of good suspenseful moments like with Fargo when he was in deep crap when he was surrounded by the VR programs he then utilized the function of the nano machines in the sky to create darkness and put his glasses in night vision mode which I thought was cool, looks like another gaget James Bond could use. The fight between the good and evil Jack in the cabin was decent, even though evil Jack may'be a little strong and a step or two smarter than the original, the original had two things it didn't have experence and unpredictability.

    The funnest moment for me was when Perish proposes a plan to inflitrate the complex of the body snatchers by utilizing the plan from "Star Wars" (the first movie) of Chewbaca handcuffed. But unfortunately Perish forgot that plan didn't work in the movie so as you can guess it doesn't work in reality; I really like what Perish says while he was carted away that cracked me up.

    Though there are two bugs in this episodes system. One I didn't like that moment when Alison got fooled by the VR program of Jenna even though we and she perfectly knew the Jenna in the real world is a todler. It was just out of character that Alison would have a moment of stupidity. Another is when at the end Holly gets amnesia, seriously it is one of the most tired cleches ever let alone this was a twist that just comes out of nowhere I also hate those. It just felt kinda insulting making things hard for both Holly and Fargo is starting to get old, unless what the show is doing with the relationship is the same like with the finale of "Chuck" then I can let this slide.

    However what we hear at the end made me sad, when we hear the D.O.D. is shuting down the town Eureka; it makes me wonder where is everyone going to go what the heck else are they going to do out there theres nothing. It makes sense since the final episode is next, and since I hear it's going to have something to do with wormholes and alternate worlds will that mean the whole town is going to imagrate to the Eureka from Seasons 1-3, well we'll just have to wait and see, the final episode better be a good one.
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