Season 1 Episode 6

Dr. Nobel

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Dr. nobel

    im new to this show and this is the 6th episode i,ve watched of eureka and i absolutely love his show. this show is different than most shows and its entertainig and interesting. i also have noticed that jack carter seems to get hurt alot. i liked this episode alot because it was funny and entertainig i love how everyone is so smart and they use big words and carters just a normal person and so he doesnt understand alot of it. it was funny too with nobel prize thing and then cater used the back of his gun to bust the window open to get the nobel prize and nathan was like the window was opened i found that was funny, and a couple more scenes
    other than that i enjoyed this episode i really cant wait to watch more eureka.
  • Death Ray

    The destruction of the world on a weekly basis. I do adore this show. The wacky characters, the charismatic sheriff, the out of bounds teen daughter. I loved this particular episode because it shows how easy it is for something that has long been though dormant can come alive. You would think there would have been some documentation on this doomsday device, however, it was all locked in the broken down mind of the scientist who created it. Excellent plot-line and the show was fast-paced. The dialogue was witty and pithy, with the classic line from Sheriff Carter about the 'death ray'. More More More please!!!
  • Better

    (looking at a picture on the wall)
    Jack: "In memory of Skippy"?
    Allison: Oh... (laughs nervously) he was everyone's favourite test chimp.
    Jack: Did he die on this thing?
    Allison: No! The autopsy was inconclusive.

    Probably the most satisfying Eureka episode yet. Uplifting, funny, Death Rays! Much better after the rubbish of previous weeks.
  • Deathray meets Eureka.

    Loved every episode of this series sofar. I find it well worked out with good acting, lots of humor and inventive stories. This story is a warning to us all to not mess with things we dont understand. But then again we wouldnt have such great episodes like this one.

    Triggering an old weapon the town has only 24 hours before it will be destroyed by a death ray. A death ray build to keep everyone from starting a nuclear war. Problem offcourse is that they cant turn it down of. The only one capible of doing that is the original designer who is suffering from a nervouw breakdown and is now living inside his own mind. Using a nobleprise he should have received decades ago they manage to get him back to reality. With the help of his old friends he shuts down the device. Just in time to have it start-up again for a 5 minute countdown. Carter uses his SUV to ram the death ray out of position so the ray misses the mirror on the moon but kills one of our sattelites around Jupiter.

    Good quality episode with good acting and fun for the whole family.
  • A very good episode with a good plot.

    This was one of the best episodes of this series so far. I loved the idea of a cold war weapon being at the center of this episode. I was fun seeing the retirement home. I also liked how Carter finally saved them, with a bit of brute force, instead of science. Carter was good in this one, he thought alot, and got things done. Nothing was done with Sector 5 this episode, but that is alright as far as I'm concerned, as they have really focused on it and the overall plot alot in the past few episodes. There seemed to be a few moments between Carter and Blake, so I wonder if they are going to get closer in the next few episodes. So, all in all, a very good and entertaining episode; with humor, a good plot, and a good ending.
  • Filler Episode isn't really a "bad" thing.

    In a non-serial drama like this, the fact that the plot of the episodes don't move along a larger narractive-arc is fine. In fact, many series' first seasons are like this in order for the show to find itself. In that regard, this filler episode was good, the story was interesting and you wonder how this day-in-the-life style episode will end.

    However, the reason for the lower than average rating is there was no character development to make up for a lack of story progress. With the exception of watching Zoe go from the complaining teenager to the caring individual, you don't see anything deeper from other main characters. Allison and Jack continue to flirt, Henry is the fix-it-all, Fargo is the over-confident kid, etc..etc. Even small roled town-memebers play the role of the worried citizens.. not much more.

    You can't get a home run with every swing, and I believe the writers kinda missed the ball on this one.
  • Death rays always makes shows a little more interesting!

    I thought this was a great episode and I think they're getting better and better. It's always fun to watch an episode that includes a death ray or something like it and to have time ticking away. You know in your mind that they're going to get through it, because lets face it, if they didn't than there wouldn't be a show. But you're still wondering how they're going to accomplish the task, especially since the scientist is a few fries short of a happy meal.
    There were a lot of great jokes and one kiss that I could of done without seeing :).
  • getting better everytime

    This series is quickly becoming a favourite

    quirky humor and the characters are interesting.

    This week it is time for history to catch up, fargo gets his own office (does stark ever smile? he must have known how this office would look?) and activates an old doomsday machine

    the key to stopping it lies with its creator Dr Thatcher, but he went of the deep end after he was passed over for a nobel price. A combination of tech and good old smart thinking by(probably) the most stupid person in eureka: carter saves the day (twice)

    we get to see jo in a dress (wow, still has a gun though) and allison keeps on teasing our poor sheriff another good episode!
  • Great escapist sci-fi with well timed comedic interaction.

    I've given this a high rating because I just enjoy the fact that this show is just so much fun. There's great humor, there's a conspiracy in the background, there's mystery, murder, romance and town full of really whacky people who except for the ocassional show of evil doers (the senator and the ..... bed and breakfast counsellor) the townfolk are a bunch of zany OTT geniuses who believe that they can do anything because of their sheer brilliance. They seem confounded when it doesn't and Carter muddles his way through common sense. Even the posturing between Nathan and Carter over Alison is humorous without diminishing the appearance that Nathan still cares for her ... maybe I'm reading too much into that. This reminded me a bit of "Beautiful Mind" although I don't think not getting a Nobel threw old Russell over the edge and at the end was kind of like "The Right Stuff" I enjoyed it anyway and look forward to the next episode.
  • Whats up with level 4

    I have to say I was disapointed in the number of cast members used in this episode, sprinkling a few of the more colorful members of the town in would have been much better. All in all a pretty decent episode, I have yet to be disapointed.

    Also I thought the last episode involved level 4 and the artifact in level 5 doing something from below, where were all the other labs?
  • carter stops a death ray

    this was a pretty good episode. i thought it was funny the way carter called it a death ray and no one else did and then they heard that that was what it was called and she said an idiot said it. the old man was cool, i liked the wheels on the bus. i also liked when carter did that brain thingy and the kissed that old lady, and kept thinking that he was the old man. so it was pretty good.
  • Not sure why the doctor's name is mislabelled. He was actually named Thatcher, but the Nobel prize came into play. An interesting study of the contrasts of youth and old age in this episode.

    The series continues to go strong in this episode, even though the story was a little weak.

    It did have some compelling comedic and emotional moments. We got to see some humor involving Carter's daughter, Zoey, as supporting cast in this episode, which was very entertaining.
    As well as a nice emotional moment between father and daughter which is quickly diffused with some humor so that the cheese of the moment is not allowed to permeate through the rest of the show. One of the things I really like about this show, is that all of the characters and actors are strong, so even if the story is not up to par, the acting always will be.

    It was also nice to see the popular sci-fi trope of the 'unlikely hero' played out with some comedic nods to adventure movies. Nothing says heroic like slow motion walking.