Season 2 Episode 5

Duck, Duck Goose

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Zoe smarter than she should be...

    Space toilets from space, a jealous mom stealing her childs invention, and Carter thinking he is getting closer to Allison...

    As Joe puts it, its a crazy science fair that is dangerous. Carter busting out with his 110% on his IQ exam gets everyone laughing. Even I busted a small chuckle The geese that attack because of the overly sensative nature of the dumb mothers chance at funding her project at her daughters expense. Zoe comes to save the day when she teams up with the enemy to reverse the power and create a magnetic field to devert the space debris away, also with help from Sara the car...LOL

    All is good in the town, well until they start sharing dreams...
  • Hilarious, Witty, Merry

    Eureka~Duck, Duck Goose: This was another hilarious episode. The writers on this show are simply brilliant. Although, I imagine it's not that difficult given the fact that they really do have unlimited possibilities. I'm really enjoying Carter's integration into this society, and the way the kids were all about his 111 IQ was incredibly funny. This was such a fun episode, with the kids and their science experiments. It was an interesting storyline when we found out the mother of the student stole her design. I also love the way Zoe is obviously brilliant nearly 160 on her IQ test. It seems that some things from their 'alter dimensional' life may still come true in the end. This show is always so merry and pleasant. This is a show I'll look forward to time and time again.
  • It's time for the annual Science Fair and in a town like Eureka this causes all kinds of problems.

    While this episode ignores the storyline about the Artifact and Kevin, it was still highly enjoyable and a lot of fun.

    A science fair in any town provides plenty of opporuntiy for competition amongst students, imagine this competition magnified because of the number of highly intelligent teenagers competing and trying to outdo each other, while still having a teenager's ruthlessness and social cliques to worry about.

    The social aspects of being a 'norm' i.e. like Zoe, the child of a non-genius parent in a world full of children who do have geniuses as parents, were dealth with very well, even though there seems to be a need to insert some moral lesson in all modern series now.
  • High school science fair on steroids= good entertainment.

    This was a great episode. It had everything I love about this series. Impending doom and character development. It was entertaining the way Jack was trying to up Stark and of course embarrassing himself in the process. This ep also confirmed something I had suspected: That Zoe is way smarter then she lets on. Hiding her smarts from everybody to keep her identity and stand out in a town where everybody is as smart as she is. The scientist who's life was ruined by winning the science fair was a good touch trying to teach the girls a lesson in the process. Sara in the car was my favorite part it was hilarious.
  • Useful Diversion

    This was sort of a filler episode, but it was a great one. The themes about arrogance and elitism that can exist among the very bright were nice to see in a tv show. You never see that kind of theme touched on by shows out there. Aside from that this show really has a fine acting cast. Joe Morton consistently performs well in the role, as does the entire cast. They make it seem natural. And in spite of some of the ideas in the show, it does not come across as cheesy like many moments other shows like Kyle XY. The cheese mostly fits into the town.
  • The annual Eureka science fair coincides with a disastrous rain of meteorites from outer space. Carter and the rest of Eureka must find out if there's a connection before disaster strikes - literally.

    I guess one of the reasons I like this show is because of its flaws. The writers, directors, and producers swing for the fences when it would be so easy to play it safe. Right now, the people responsible for Eureka are focusing on creating depth in characters and relationships. "Duck, Duck, Goose", gives more details about Carter's character than I want to know. It gives a quick look at pockets of intellectual snobbishness in Eureka that combine with killer competitiveness to be pretty ugly. It shows (again) how philosophical a guy Taggart is. "Duck, Duck, Goose", is, indeed, filled with minutiae. The episode struggles mightily to hold itself together because their are a lot of little character and relationship fragments being tossed into it.

    As I think about it, I see this episode and Season Two so far as prime examples of the show's writers and producers bravely going to places I wouldn't go to do things I wouldn't do. These people have guts. By making the bold choices they do in building their characters, they make the story more interesting to me. I would much rather see a flawed but extraordinary plot line or a character choice I disagree with than a bland nothingness that I could care less about.

    I, for one, fully support the smaller, character oriented focus of Eureka I have seen in the first four episodes. These episodes contain what I consider missteps, but, so what? This is a process I can't take my eyes off.

    I hope other viewers will stick around to watch Eureka as the show reconnects with its bigger, conspiracy oriented arc. Right now, its the little things that make Eureka fascinating.
  • While Zoe struggles with being a "normal" girl in Eureka, Carter tries to figure out how to save the town from a storm of space debris.

    This episode felt a bit like filler, but it was still highly watchable and entertaining. Zoe is frustrated at being a "norm" among geniuses at Eureka's high school. She's is worried about the upcoming science fair. Actually, it turns out that most of the town is worried about the science fair -- apparently science fairs in a town full of geniuses can be more dangerous than at regular schools. Meanwhile, Eureka is being hit by objects from space. A check of the skies reveals a whole debris field is about to come raining down on Eureka. Zoe deals with a group of snotty girls at the fair, and Carter tries to figure out how to handle the storm of space junk. I'll grant that this episode was perhaps a little weak. Some of my favorite characters made only the briefest of appearances (or were mentioned but didn't appear at all) -- as if to simply remind us they still exist -- and the story arc involving Kim, Henry, and the artifact, was barely even mentioned. I really think that story is going somewhere, and I wish it would get underway. That being said, I did enjoy this episode, and the goofy interaction of Sheriff Carter with the town's geniuses was hilarious as usual. Yeah, maybe this episode was filler, but I still found myself saying, "I love this show."