Season 2 Episode 7

Family Reunion

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

A crew at Global Dynamics is in the cryogenics lab, replacing the outdated cryogenic chambers with new units. Something unexpected happens, though, one of the freezers that was supposed to be empty has a person in it!

At the sheriff's office, Zoe trades Jo a Cosmo-type trashy magazine for a double-shot Vin-spresso, but Jack walks in (while talking on his cell phone) and busts her, taking the coffee from Zoe. He finishes up his call – he's sending a dozen roses to someone – but he won't tell Jo and Zoe to whom they're being sent. He tells Zoe no driving lessons till she has gone a week without coffee. Jo's phone rings; it's Allison. Jo puts Jack on, but the conversation is awkward. Jack's still mad at Allison for lying about the dream device (last week). He does agree to go to Global Dynamics to help Allison with whatever wacky science disaster is occurring now. As soon as he leaves, Zoe picks up the cell phone he left behind, hits redial, and learns that the flowers Jack ordered are for someone named Angela Fairfield.

At GD, Allison wants to work it out about the dream-device fight, but Jack says he's just going to be mad for a while. They move on to the current business: the cryogenics lab. She tells him they found a person in an unmarked cryochamber. Carter doesn't see what the problem is, till she tells him the unknown person has a heartbeat. They walk into the lab; Nathan Stark, Douglas Fargo, and Henry Deacon are all there, monitoring the mystery frozen person's vitals. When they open the chamber, they find a man inside, facing backwards and fully clothed. They get him onto a stretcher, and Carter removes his ID from his pocket – it's Pierre Fargo. Douglas Fargo incredulously says, "Grandpa?"

The younger Fargo explains that all his life, he believed that Pierre had run out on his Grandma. No one knew he was in cryostasis all this time. Carter wonders how Pierre could have gotten in there. Nathan helpfully points out, "He's a Fargo." Pierre is coming around, and asks for someone named Belle. He tells them the date is August 3, 1957. He's worried about being late for dinner with his girl, Belle. They break it to him that he just woke up from cryostasis, and that he's 50 years late for his dinner. He's skeptical, but when he puts on his glasses and looks around, he has to admit everything looks different. Douglas Fargo looks familiar to him, at least, but when he tells him he's his grandson, Pierre faints.

Douglas Fargo catches up to Jack and Allison in the hallway, and earnestly asks Jack to investigate the case. He really doesn't believe Pierre just wound up in the cryochamber by accident. Jack promises to look into it.

At the sheriff's office, Jo grills Jack about the flowers. He's very uncooperative, and teases Jo about the magazine Zoe had bought for her. Jo, getting back to work, finds out on the computer that Pierre Fargo had been working with Andre Sandrov – the Albert Einstein of Eureka. Sandrov had given a statement that Pierre disappeared in 1957 immediately after giving written notice that he was going to quit. Jack and Jo find it suspicious Pierre never mentioned giving notice.

Fargo is trying to catch Pierre up on the last 50 years, but Pierre's having a hard time with it all. He doesn't believe Fargo could possibly be his grandson. He's not even a father! He wants Fargo to call him Dr. Fargo, not Grandpa, and he walks off. Fargo runs after him, and, trying to convince him that they are related, tells him Belle St. John is his grandmother. Pierre is really happy that she's still alive. He wants to go see her, but Fargo says she's vacationing in Alaska. Fargo tells Pierre that Belle had a son, Thomas (Fargo's dad, who was killed in a lab accident), and that Belle never married. She was holding out for her dream man. Fargo has a recent picture to show Pierre, who thinks she is still beautiful. He's missed so much, but he's not going to miss any more.

Back at the sheriff's office, Jack tells Zoe no driving until she's been without caffeine for a week. Zoe can play hardball too, and grills him about Angela Fairfield. Jack says she's someone from his past, and tells her not to dig into it. Jo interrupts with the news she's found Thomas Fargo's birth certificate. Her theory is that Pierre found out Belle was pregnant, panicked, and took a "cryo-trip to the future." Jack goes off to talk to Pierre and see whether he had fatherhood issues.

Fargo and his grandpa are walking around GD. Pierre is now more receptive to Fargo's efforts, and is very impressed with the past 50 years' worth of technological gains. They come across a surgery, in which Pierre claims they are using his cellular regeneration technique. Fargo corrects him, saying it's Sandrov's technique. Pierre says Sandrov was just a lab tech. Fargo points out that this wing of GD is actually named after Sandrov, that Sandrov's research is the basis for modern cryogenics and bioengineering – Sandrov is a treasure. A troubled Pierre says no, he is the treasure. Fargo tells Pierre that nobody treasures Fargos; they treasure Nobel winners. Pierre again claims that the research that won Sandrov his Nobel was actually his research. Sandrov stole all his research, stole his life!

After commercials, Pierre tells Jack that Sandrov is a thief. Jack points out that Pierre had just turned in his resignation. Pierre wants to know why he'd be resigning when he was on the verge of greatness? He starts to talk about how great things were with Belle, too, but Jack interrupts, telling Pierre that Belle was pregnant. Pierre is offended, ready to settle the matter with fisticuffs. Jack gives Pierre the birth certificate, and tells Pierre he wouldn't be the first to run from the huge responsibility of fatherhood. Pierre tells him he wasn't running from anything. He was all set to propose to Belle, in fact. He even has the receipt for the ring he ordered in his pocket. Andre Sandrov stole his life and ruined his good name, and he really wants to set the record straight.

Allison is extremely skeptical that Sandrov – who has been revered in their community these 50 years – would have stolen research. Stark sneers, saying there's nothing worth stealing from a Fargo anyway. Allison wants Jack to tread lightly when he interviews Sandrov, since he's such a big name and a big friend of the DOD. Jack tells her he believes that people who are responsible for a thing should be held accountable. His words are loaded with meaning. He still isn't ready to forgive Stark and Allison for the dreaming disaster of last week.

Jack and Jo pay Sandrov a visit at his palatial estate. When they tell Sandrov that they revived someone at GD from cryostasis, he's very excited at first. When they tell him they revived Pierre Fargo, and that Pierre is claiming Sandrov stole his research, his interest in the revival lessens somewhat. He turns Pierre's story around, saying Pierre stole his research, and he offered to let Pierre resign instead of humiliating him. He hurries them off, saying he has a fundraising event that he needs to prepare for. Jack and Jo find it suspicious that Sandrov lost interest in the successful revival of a person who'd been in a cryochamber of his design once he found out it was Pierre who was revived. Their next step is to check out Sandrov's body of work.

Pierre and Fargo walk down the streets of Eureka, Pierre marveling at how the town has changed. He tells Fargo they're going to see an old friend.

At the GD lab, Henry and Stark are on a conference call with Jack. They tell him there was chloroform in Pierre's system. Jack tells them he has been reading about Sandrov's supposed research, and has found that Sandrov never made any breakthroughs on his own till a month after Pierre disappeared.

Pierre and Fargo walk into Charlie the jeweler's. Pierre and Charlie apparently go way back. Pierre gives Charlie the receipt for the diamond for Belle's ring. Charlie is sorry, but he sold it a few years after Pierre disappeared. Charlie doesn't think a meeting between Pierre and Belle is necessarily a good idea after all these years. Pierre says he'll keep that in mind, and the Fargos leave Charlie's shop. Pierre tells Fargo they have to go find his supposed resignation letter, and get to work on clearing their name.

At the house, Zoe asks S.A.R.A.H. for help researching Angela Fairfield. S.A.R.A.H. doesn't want to pry, but Zoe blackmails her, saying she'll tell everyone about her addiction to Jerry Springer. S.A.R.A.H. complies, and finds an Angela Fairfield in Laguna Beach (where Jack grew up) with a juvie police record attached to her name. It's Jack's record.

The two Fargos snoop around in the restricted archives room, and find the resignation letter, but Allison and Jack walk in and bust them.

Henry and Stark are in the lab, marveling that Pierre's tissue survived all this time without degenerating. The conversation turns toward the artifact and the accident. Stark wants to know why Henry is convinced the accident was not Stark's fault. Henry says he found something in Kim's lab that indicated sabotage. He doesn't know much, except that clearly Stark and Kim were on the verge of understanding something that someone didn't want them to understand. A computer beep interrupts them with the results of Pierre's blood analysis, the likes of which neither of them have ever seen before.

Jack is locking the Fargos up, but Pierre has to go to the bathroom. Jack lets him use his personal bathroom, and then, suddenly serious, takes a call on his cell from Mr. Fairfield, who is calling to thank him.

S.A.R.A.H. is showing Zoe pictures from Angela Fairfield's high school yearbook. There are several pictures of Jack and Angela together, and then a memoriam – Angela died before graduating high school.

Jack, off the phone now, finds that Pierre never came out of the bathroom. He knocks on the door, and Pierre tells him to go away. Fargo offers to kick the door down, but Jack tells him they'll save that for plan B. Jack tries to talk Pierre into coming out, and just when they've decided maybe to resort to plan B, Pierre opens the door. He's old! And he says, "It's happening too fast."

At the lab, Henry and Stark explain to Fargo and Jack that the cryostasis only temporarily halted the cellular degeneration, but now it's happening very quickly, showing no signs of slowing. Fargo, upset, runs off to visit his grandpa.

Charlie visits Pierre at the hospital. Pierre wants him to tell Belle that he never stopped loving her and that he did come back for her. Jack runs in with a bunch of books, Sandrov's biographies and such. Stark is annoyed that Jack's screwing around with this stuff while time is running short for Pierre, but Pierre interrupts, saying the most important thing to him is to clear his name and set his legacy straight. So Carter gets Stark to ask Pierre a series of questions that only the "real talent" would know how to answer. Pierre passes with flying colors. Finally everyone, including Stark, is convinced that it was Pierre's work all along.

The four of them (Carter, Stark, and the two Fargos) come to Sandrov's fancy fundraiser party, and Pierre confronts Sandrov. Sandrov resists at first, but eventually cops to stealing the research. However, he denies pushing Pierre into the cryochamber. He claims he only stole Pierre's research once he'd realized that Pierre was gone. He just picked up where Pierre left off. He doesn't know who pushed Pierre into the cryochamber. Stark tells Sandrov that a great scientist is dying of tissue degeneration, and Sandrov is going to help him save him.

Back at GD, Stark explains that the treatment isn't going to make him any younger, it's just going to halt the degeneration. Pierre drops his trousers, expecting a shot to the gluteus, but Stark instead jabs him in the neck with a fancy newfangled hypodermic. Pierre philosophizes that being old is okay; those years are gone anyway. He just wishes he had that ring to give to Belle. Carter has a brain flash and asks to see the order receipt again. He finds that the signature on the resignation letter was traced from the one on the order slip.

Jack and Pierre pay a visit to Charlie's shop and confront him. Charlie confesses that he was in love with Belle, and he just couldn't let her go. Jack is ready to slap the cuffs on Charlie, but Pierre stands up for Charlie, saying that living alone with what he's done is punishment enough. Jack tells him that's not really an option; a real crime was committed. Charlie agrees with Jack, and then produces the ring, which he did have after all, to Pierre.

Zoe comes to the sheriff's office to apologize to Jack for nagging about Angela Fairfield. Jack tells her the story: he was 17 and she had just turned 16. He was teaching her how to drive, and she was doing great. They were celebrating, and drifted into another lane, and had a terrible accident. The police assumed Jack was driving, and even though he wasn't, he took responsibility. So, every year he sends flowers to the cemetery, and every year, her father calls to thank him. Jack's still pretty emotional about it, and Zoe thanks him for sharing it with her.

A spiffed-up Pierre nervously paces about, wondering what he's going to say to Belle. Fargo brings in his grandma, and Pierre gives her the ring. It's a very happy reunion.

At GD, Fargo is admiring the new signage: the "Andre Sandrov" wing has been renamed after Pierre Fargo. A coworker walks by, telling Fargo to get over himself – just because his grandfather made a mark doesn't mean he will too. Fargo smiles, "maybe not, but it's my name, too."