Season 2 Episode 7

Family Reunion

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2007 on Syfy

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  • One of the best so far.

    I have watched every episode up to this point and I think this was one of the best yet. Fargo learns his grandfather was frozen and has now been discovered 50 years later. It is discovered that someone else had taken credit for his work while he was gone and Jack thinks that is who froze him. Fargo's grandmother never got over him and they are reunited in the end. Jack finds out it was not another scientist that froze the grandfather but another man that was in love with the grandmother. After a few episodes of this show I about stopped watching. There was to much scientific terms I could not grasp. I am glad now I did not give up on it as it has turned out to be a great show and so was this episode.
  • Potential, Accident Prone, Twist

    This was one of my very favorite episodes, Fargo has a special place in my heart because that character is so accident prone, yet he has such brilliant potential. While he's often overlooked, whenever he's in danger Allison and other friends make sure he gets taken care of. In this episode we meet his grandfather, Pierre, whom everyone has presumed left town due to his impending fatherhood. In a strange twist we find that the Jewelry maker has been the culprit all along due to his love for Pierre's girlfriend (Fargo's grandmother). Crazy twist, yet parallel to real life as well. Another magnificent episode that shows the mastery of the writers and cast. Well done, another two thumbs up.
  • An interesting person is found in a cryrotube.

    This episode on Eureka is a filler episode that actually didn't turn out that bad. We are introduced to new character and we learn his back story and why he is where he is. I'm not sure of they will use the new character other than this episode but we soon shall see. We also see another side to Jack (Carter) as we learn a difficult secret that he reveals to his daughter. I'm not sure why they decided to drop a secret like that but I'm sure we will find out in the coming weeks. All of the main characters from the series make an appearance this week. A more thoughtful side is shown of Nathan while he is trying to save a life. I like his character. He has a dark side, but he has a soft wide as well. He just has a harder time showing one side over the other.
  • Fargo's grandfather is revived from cryostasis.

    What a sweet sad episode.

    Two interwoven storylines. One starting off in a funny way, Zoe and Jo are caught out by Carter and Zoe decides to pay her dad back. When she finds out who he's been sending flowers to and he tells her why, comparing himself to her which I thought was very sweet, it brings father and daughter together in a sweet and touching scene.

    Excellent storywriting and acting by all concerned.

    The second storyline, involving Fargo's grandfather waking up from cryostatis when it was generally assumed that he disappeared years ago was very moving too. It was nice to see Fargo, for once, be a softer gentler Fargo, displaying his feelings for others and showing his vulnerability.

    Great episode!