Season 5 Episode 3

Force Quit

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2012 on Syfy
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Carter and Jo continue their search for the missing Astraeus crew. A surprising source confirms the new theory of the disaster, and offers to help them rescue the crew. Meanwhile, back at the lab, lives are at risk as more of the crew comes closer to the truth of their situation, and Carter is sent in on what may be a one way virtual rescue mission.

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  • Adventures in Slumberland

    This is the third and final volume in the three parter and it was a very good conclusion. However the only thing that really holds this episode back from getting an even higher score was the death of Holly. I felt it was a slap in the face, an insult to the fans because I really liked her character and Fargo and Holly were my second favorate couple in the show I was looking foward to both of them having the final adventures together, now it won't happen. I'm just hoping it won't hurt this season because sometimes when characters you like and love are out of the picture that's not always a good sign.

    As for the rest of this episode it was very good. Carter was at his best, I really like how he reacted to his adventures in slumberland, one favorate moment was his time with Jo where he felt really awkward from the kiss down to a hillarous but erotic moment when Jo comes down in a seductive black robe and then sheds it where she is completely naked. Carter's reaction was just priceless where he was uncomfortable, shocked, and yet can't look away. Fargo's reaction was just as funny and I like one of the things he said, "It's amazing how detailed the program is." indeed it is.

    I really like the suspense, where the objective is to get everyone out of slumberland but at the same time they have to find where the evil organization statched them, because if they wake up with no help from Global then it's game over. So were constantly hopping Carter along with Beverly and Henry in the real world will win.

    On a sidenote really like the fact we saw the humanity of Beverly yes she is a villian but what's interesting about her is unlike the rest of the evil organization she works for along with that b.... Wen, Beverly has a sense of honor she has some code of her own that she follows, her motives are to make things in the world even better despite being on the negative side of the idology. The evil organization and Wen's motives unfortunately don't corespond with Beverly's because their motives are simply Greed, they don't care about the world or who they kill as long as they make a fast profit. That's the reason why Beverly rebels against them because they've taken her sceme too far; when you think about it their sceme with the starship crew could just be the begining, what if the evil organization goes so far as to simply abduct people not just from Eureka but outside the town.

    The ending was bittersweet I liked that moment with Jo and Zane together, even though it was a few words I get the feeling their going to take things further. Jo of coruse says she's thinking of going on the Walkabout again, but in reality even though it was only a month she already found what she was looking for and that's Zane.

    But as I said bittersweet because we see Fargo alone and really sad over the loss of the love of his life. I'll admit seeing him in that state made me sad and from that slight hint of anger it makes me wonder if in the seaons Fargo is going to embrace his darkside, where his story could be a revenge story of him hunting down the evil organization and destroy them. I don't know we'll have to wait and see.

    As for Senator Wen it was satisfying to see that b.... getting what she deserves as we see Beverly gets her revenge on Wen by sentencing her to Slumberland, though in a way it's almost a version of one of Dante's Circles of Hell. Wen will stay there forever and ever and ever.moreless

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    • Carter: Think we got our heat spike.
      Zane: Yeah, you bet we did.
      Fargo: We broke the matrix.
      Carter: We really broke the matrix.

    • NPC Carter: Can I offer you an opinion?
      Fargo: Sure.
      NPC Carter: I know this is hard, but, um... let her go. You're a catch. There are lots of eccentric geniuses in town who would love to have a shot at you. Some of them even women.
      Allison: Really? That's your advice?
      NPC Carter: Well, yeah, I'm just trying to give him perspective. I mean, if Holly can't appreciate what he has to offer, I-I say move on. Life is sh-short.
      Allison: (to Jenna) Okay. You're gonna be late. (to NPC Carter) Remind me to never let you give Jenna relationship advice.

    • Henry: (after setting up the remote access for Carter) We're ready to jack you in, Jack.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada - April 30, 2012 on SPACE
      United Kingdom - May 30, 2012 on Syfy
      Czech Republic - September 16, 2012 on Prima COOL