Season 4 Episode 1

Founder's Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Best premiere ever!

    What a great way to start season 4. This is one of the best premieres, from an ongoing series, ever! Usually, we get the great season's finale but a great premiere, that's got to be a first. Eureka really grew on me through the years and I think it's at its best when it screws with the temporal timeline. It did it wonderfully with the season 1 finale and it does it even better with this episode.

    What a nice way to start the season with our favourite characters stuck in the 40's. Add to this the pleasure of seeing Battlestar Galactica's James Callis in a 40's suit; he was made to wear this. Love the way they screw with everything when the come back, this is actually the part that I prefer, before waiting for the fans to get tired of the same old characters, shake things up a little bit so we keep on caring. Kudos to the writers. This is great television!
  • The definition of a perfect episode.

    I admit that I used to dish out 10s here and there like it was nothing before, but I've long since realized it takes kind of a lot to truly deserve a perfect score. Well, this defines it. It reminds me once again that this show is extremely underrated!

    I loved the work they did on Camp Eureka, it felt like I was watching a movie! It sorta reminded me of vintage Hill Valley from Back to the Future. I greatly appreciated the Terminator reference as well, although I honestly was hoping it would be Henry that came out of the time travel electro-storm bubble thing. How classic would that have been being that Joe Morton was, after all, Miles Dyson on T2. LOL'd so hard at that part.
  • To be honest, I did not think the show was coming back! But this was awesome!

    I feel they did a full turn around on the awe and wonder of eureka. I don't think that the show has ever lost its touch among fans though. It has always been great! I did feel like when last season ended the show had with it, not sure why, I would have thought it to be a great way to end a great show, but now we are back with a full new jump start and I am here and looking for a very good ride with it. I am so excited to see where we are to go from here and what "chaos" can happen now!
  • Astonishingly good - more than makes up for the failings of last season

    There's so much to love in this ep. It's witty, the costumes and sets were good, James Callis (Gaius from Battlestar Galactica) is fantastic, and the time travel shakes things up and sets up some interesting arcs. . It's like they remembered how to do it again. Last season was getting so formulaic and buffoon-laden I had pretty much decided to bail on this show and thus was just completely surprised and delighted by this wonderful episode that bodes so well for the season. Because I used to really really like eureka and I feel like we are getting the show back - like it has found itself again. Oh! and Allison and Carter's kiss - that was amazing. Loved the expression on Carter's face when he found Tess waiting for him at home. That was perfect, and to me it also said it all - Allison is his true love.
  • The equation has definitely changed!!! SPOILER ALERT!!

    Such an AWESOME episode. Was so much fun to see them head back to the past. At least Fargo didn't do it by accident this time:) Can't WAIT to see how they work out the "new" future. I was starting to wonder how they could keep a show with this concept fresh. They have surprised me. I was excited to see the Carter/Allison kiss. Was disappointed to see Tess back. I feel bad because I love the actress who plays her, but she is generally placed on a episode to be a hurdle for the "real" couple. ( At least on the 2 shows I have seen her on) I hope they find a way to keep her, just not with Jack. Henry married, Fargo running GD, Jack & TEss still together. Such a strange future. The part that made me tear up was seeing Kevin not autistic. As a mom, how will Allision want to head back to the proper future if she knows what it will do to her son?

    Well I am definitely tuning it next week to see what happens. Definitely worth the wait for this episode :)
  • The Most Amazing Show on TV Starts Off With a Bang! SPOILERS!

    The first five minutes blew me away! We get the classic character that we love so much show up, and we find the situations are all pretty well off. There's especially an awesome moment between Jo and Zane!

    Then we jump to the 1940s of Eureka and the craziness begins! Jack, Allison, Henry, Fargo and Jo have to survive without changing the past while returning to their present. Amidst avoiding a law happy general and working with a suave Dr. Allison and Carter spark up an old romance that all of us are thrilled is back. With a climatic dance and kiss the heroes return to a future that is not how they left it. Henry is married, Allison's son is no longer autistic, Zane didn't have a relationship with Jo, and Carter is married to Tess!! Talk about a flip from the start!!! This first episode takes us for a ride that leaves our jaws dropped and heart rate quickened. Can't wait for the next episode!