Season 4 Episode 1

Founder's Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • The equation has definitely changed!!! SPOILER ALERT!!

    Such an AWESOME episode. Was so much fun to see them head back to the past. At least Fargo didn't do it by accident this time:) Can't WAIT to see how they work out the "new" future. I was starting to wonder how they could keep a show with this concept fresh. They have surprised me. I was excited to see the Carter/Allison kiss. Was disappointed to see Tess back. I feel bad because I love the actress who plays her, but she is generally placed on a episode to be a hurdle for the "real" couple. ( At least on the 2 shows I have seen her on) I hope they find a way to keep her, just not with Jack. Henry married, Fargo running GD, Jack & TEss still together. Such a strange future. The part that made me tear up was seeing Kevin not autistic. As a mom, how will Allision want to head back to the proper future if she knows what it will do to her son?

    Well I am definitely tuning it next week to see what happens. Definitely worth the wait for this episode :)