Season 4 Episode 1

Founder's Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Astonishingly good - more than makes up for the failings of last season

    There's so much to love in this ep. It's witty, the costumes and sets were good, James Callis (Gaius from Battlestar Galactica) is fantastic, and the time travel shakes things up and sets up some interesting arcs. . It's like they remembered how to do it again. Last season was getting so formulaic and buffoon-laden I had pretty much decided to bail on this show and thus was just completely surprised and delighted by this wonderful episode that bodes so well for the season. Because I used to really really like eureka and I feel like we are getting the show back - like it has found itself again. Oh! and Allison and Carter's kiss - that was amazing. Loved the expression on Carter's face when he found Tess waiting for him at home. That was perfect, and to me it also said it all - Allison is his true love.