Season 3 Episode 8

From Fear to Eternity

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Eternal life or a quick death....

    Eureka, admittedly has slummped a little since season 1. Regardless i like this ep. I wasn't sure how the whole Thorne thing was gonna work out, but i thought it worked out well.
    Its good to see Carter, Allisona and Henry all working together as a team rather againts each other. Chloes boyrfriend still hasn't impressed me but he and chloe seem to make a good couple. Zane and Jo, it was good to see them kiss and make up in the end.
    I was shocked at the ending but in retrospect it had to happen. I Hope they figure it out soon.

    Bottom Line: Good ep, can't wait till the next ep, when ever that is
  • Touching and Surprising.

    I liked this episode even more then the last one except for one small detail. the catastrophe of the week took a backseat to the personal dramas but it didnt really bother me. I got my weekly dose of Zoe and Lucas. and Zane and Joe are really cute - while they bicker and while they make up too. he really was a great addition to the show. I love Jack in the concerned father role. and the Thorne story line wrapped up really nicely. after last week I suspected it was personal for Eva but I was surprised nevertheless and quite pleasantly. her good bye with Henry made for a really nice scene. I might be interested in more Lexie/Fargo scenes, that could be quite funny. the thing I didnt like was the Allison bit. I so hoped they wouldnt pull out the P card. and as for the ending - I so cant wait for the next episode.
  • Spoilers coming, the episode played out pretty good.

    I liked how they wrapped up eva, I was guessing it was her husband, not her brother. Did get that she was older than she seemed. Allison's being pregnant wasn't expected, I was going more on the lines of something else to help get into the second half of the season. Carter getting fired wasn't that big of a suprise, but will be interesting in seeing how they progress with him, I'm betting Henry, now being the mayor, will help him out with this one. Looking forward to see how Zane and Jo's relationship plays out, I can see the show playing around them for an episode. Over all, liked the episode and can't wait for next half.
  • Sheriff Carter and company divulge deeper into Thorne's fascination with Eureka's past. (Spoilers inside)

    For a mid-season finale this was pretty good. Everything seemed to wrap up very well almost like it was an actual season finale instead of a mid-season one. The biggest shock of the night was Sheriff Carter getting fired from Eureka from the General. I really did not see that nor did I see the whole Allison is pregnant thing either those were two big shockers for the night. Thorne's revealings were not that too big, it made since in the midst of the story. We did get a lot of closure in this episode though, not only with the bunker, but also with the mysterious purple stuff that Zoe slipped on, and the reason Thorne covered up Eureka's past. Not bad at all. I can't wait for Eureka to start up again and it can't be soon enough!!