Season 2 Episode 4

Games People Play

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Jack and Abby clear the air.

    Another good episode for Eureka. When Jack gets bumped on the head he finds himself in a Eureka where people are disappearing. He realizes he is in a program that is a replica of Eureka and the only way he can get out is by facing his fear. His fear is on losing Zoey to his ex-wife Abby. Jack faces that fear and is released from the program. While Jack was in the program he is hospitalized in his real world and all of his friends are at his side. This makes Abby realize how much he and Zoey are needed in Eureka. When Jack is released from the hospital he and Abby agree that him and Zoey should stay in Eureka. You just never know what this show is going to throw at you. It could be a off the wall experiment or it could deal with family issues such as this episode. I really like this show and urge you to try it out if you have not seen it.
  • Sheriff Carter gets a knock on the head and that's just the beginning.....

    In this episode after investigating a noise disturbance with his trust Deputy Lupo, and getting a knock on the head, from a machine causing the noise, Carter's day goes down hill from there, when after a fight with Zoe, he finds himself in an alternate reality, where people are mysteriously disappearing, and he (the Sheriff) is the only one who remembers the disappeared. This episode really brought to light some issues that Carter has to deal with such as abandonment issues, with the whole Zoe ordeal. I am really glad that this issue got resolved with the end of the episode, after Carter is able to get out of the alternate reality.
  • Virtual Reality, Friendship, Townsfolk

    Hey ... I want one of those virtual reality devices!!! I just don't want everyone to disappear on me. I really enjoyed this episode for several reasons. First of all, it really shows how much Zoe and Carter's relationship has grown. In addition, it outlines the very normality of a family even in extraordinary circumstances. Carter's trip through the disappearance of his friends and the people of Eureka was also very telling, showing us that he's come to very much care about the town and the people in it. I don't know how they do it each week, but this show just keeps getting better and better. I love the fact that Jack is in an alterate reality because of the device, but that it's so similar to actual reality that it's hard to see the difference, thus showing us that Jack really is just a down to earth kind of guy. I loved it. Two thumbs up!
  • Carter gets cracked and its all down hill from there...

    A loud bang, then people start disappearing??? Who knows whats going on, but the under educated, BA or BS toting US Marshall from DC is on the case.

    A case in which he starts to investigate but then seems way more complex than it started out to be. People are disappearing and nobody knows why, let alone know who they are. Until at the end when Carter finds out that he has put on Zoe's therapy goggles and finds himself theraputing himself in a deadly manner. He finds that what he fears most are that all of the people he cares about are disappearing in some sort of mannner. Either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

    All in all, a great episode and no we must wait another week until another installment is presented. I hope this one goes on for a while.
  • A science fiction staple . . . I liked Eureka's take on it.

    It was very obvious to me at what point Jack put on the . . . head thing that caused him to go into his altered reality. But the journey was done well enough that it kept me entertained throughout. I especially enjoyed seeing his reactions to things around him, and figuring his way out of the situation on his own. I thought the disagreement between he and Zoe with regard to custody was very well done by the actor playing Carter. His dilemma was almost tangible. Nice work! I liked the little hint of the ongoing Beverly story-line where Henry finds her hiding spot with that disk circuit thingy. I'm sure that'll be back at some point in the future. And for the ending. What can I say? I just love S.A.R.A.H. The swelling music at the end was just the perfect touch. Loved it!
  • Heh, that was fun! I love to watch Carter suffer! :P

    I read somewhere that this was almost a copy of some Star Trek episode? I don't know, don't remember ever seeing a ST ep with this premise *shrugs* But even if it was so, this one was still cool. Carter is the best dad ever!

    And it's official! Vincent is gay "Is he cute?" :D Mistaking Jo for Joe. Heh!

    I still don't care much for Henry's plotline. Conspiracies are so not my thing. I prefer the stand-alone episodes and plots! *nods*

    I'm starting to love Nathan Stark. This relaxed, unburdened Stark rocks. He is suddenly a much more interesting character. Oh, excellent special effects! Great! :)
  • Carter gets bonked on the head, and then the people of Eureka disappear one by one, and no one remebers ever having known the missing people, expect Carter.

    I see that others have called this episode filler, and maybe it was, but I don't have a problem with that. It was a little more stand-alone than others have been, but just as watchable, in my opinion. In fact, that's partly what I like about this show: they know when to back off and let us enjoy a more light-hearted episode.

    In this episode, Carter and Jo respond to a noise complaint at a researcher's house on the outskirts of Eureka. Carter stands up into the researcher's spinning machine thingie, and gets bonked on the head. Later, he and Zoe argue about her leaving a mess around the house, etc. Carter sees Zoe using "virtual therapy," since Beverly is out of town and can't do her sessions in person with Zoe. Then Carter returns to work, and Jo disappears practically in the middle of a conversation. Carter pays Henry a visit to try to get to the bottom of Jo's disappearance, and Henry disappears too -- apparently into a swirly thingie made of blue light. Carter seeks help from Allison, Stark, Fargo, and everyone he can think of, and everyone disappears, eventually leaving only him and Zoe in all of Eureka. Predictably, Carter finally realizes that none of this is real, and his consciousness is trapped in Zoe's virtual therapy gizmo. However, the therapy gizmo is malfunctioning (perhaps due to his concussion earlier in the day) and he seems unable to snap out of it. His body is reacting to all the stress and his situation is life-threatening. Henry goes to Beverly the therapist's house to see if he can find any info on the virtual therapy gizmo, and finds a small device that looks like the one he saw her leave in Kim's lab just before she was killed. In the end, Carter comes out of it and is fine. As a bonus, Abby comes to realize that Zoe is flourishing in Eureka and has come to need her father, so she decides to move to Eureka to be with Zoe, instead of dragging Zoe to LA. The action was a little lacking in this episode, but the Carter-Abby-Zoe storyline was touching, without being too sappy. Plus, it was a nice homage to that Star Trek: TNG episode. Highly watchable, it left me smiling.
  • Alternate reality, really? Not only has it been done to death in sci-fi but their take on it was awful.

    Jack gets stuck in a therapy device and if forced to face his fears and confront his issues. The alternate reality I could deal with because every sci-fi show does something like it they just try to put a spin on it. But the whole therapy thing was horrible. The only thing that saved this episode from being awful were the funny moments and as usual the way Jack handles the scientists and tries to get out of a predicament that is way over his head scientifically. I am glad however that Zoe won't be going anywhere and the whole town rallying around Jack and Zoe was a nice touch. I just for all our sakes they don't go down this road again.
  • People in Eureka start to disappear and Carter is the only one who remembers them.

    While the storyline is not the most original, as pointed out in forums and reviews, it's interesting to see the character development in Jack and it's heart-warming to see the people from Eureka gather in the hospital when Jack's ill.

    Jack realises how much Zoe means to him and it's fantastics that the writers do no portray Abby as the evil mom, but as an understanding one who realises what is best for her daughter and allows her to stay where she's happy.

    Great acting and a very sweet ending as well as Henry getting even closer to finding out what Beverly is doing.
  • Carter discovers the people of Eureka are disappearing and he's the only one to notice. How does he solve the mystery when he's the only one who knows there is one?

    I must say that I really enjoyed this episode. While maintaining a bit of the light-heartedness of the show, this episode was able to really give a deeper insight to the character of Jack Carter and his views of commitment and family. Although I was able to quickly pick up on how Carter ended up in his predicament, I was still very much engaged in what Carter was going through. Colin Ferguson did an outstanding job expressing what Carter felt without over-playing the role and I was able to easily empathize with his character.
  • Beverly's absence ultimately causes Carter to experience people vanishing all around him,( much like what happened to another Beverly in an episode of Star Trek: TNG), Henry returns to Global, and Abby ponders whether Zoe's fate is in Eureka.

    Eureka: Games People Play Okay, I'll begin with the fact that I do like this show a lot. The characters, gadgets, and atmosphere of the surreal Pacific Northwest location all make Tuesday a highlight of my week. That being said, this is second week in a row the plot was shockingly familiar to me. Last weeks episode where Fargo gets caught in a personal force field was reminiscent of a Stargate: Atlantis from it's first season. When I saw the commercial for this week, I immediately thought of a Star Trek: TNG called "Remember Me" where Beverly Crusher encountered a similar experience, and while the physical reason for the alternate reality of colleagues disappearing into a flash of light, was substantially different; the underlying cause (the main character feeling like they are, or reflecting on, losing their respective worlds) was the same. So many Eureka mythology questions still pending. What's going on with Beverly? Is she somehow to blame for Kim's death? Who are the Consortium? What is the Artifact and what did it do to Kevin? JABBY or JALLY? Will Fargo ever get a girlfriend or will he start dating Vincent? If they're borrowing ST:TNG ideas, since they've already shown us some ultra-real virtual reality in the pilot, they should employ some " Holodeck" episodes, like Murder Mystery Dinner theater a la, Eureka, gone awry. Though I will give them credit where it's due; Carter's/Occum's Razor "Simple things are true." was hysterical and the end where S.A.R.A.H. plays the emotional background music, was touching and funny. Eureka is a really original show, the plots should be as well. Hope the season isn't short.