Season 2 Episode 4

Games People Play

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2007 on Syfy

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  • A science fiction staple . . . I liked Eureka's take on it.

    It was very obvious to me at what point Jack put on the . . . head thing that caused him to go into his altered reality. But the journey was done well enough that it kept me entertained throughout. I especially enjoyed seeing his reactions to things around him, and figuring his way out of the situation on his own. I thought the disagreement between he and Zoe with regard to custody was very well done by the actor playing Carter. His dilemma was almost tangible. Nice work! I liked the little hint of the ongoing Beverly story-line where Henry finds her hiding spot with that disk circuit thingy. I'm sure that'll be back at some point in the future. And for the ending. What can I say? I just love S.A.R.A.H. The swelling music at the end was just the perfect touch. Loved it!