Season 2 Episode 10

God Is in the Details

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2007 on Syfy
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A series of strange events causes Eureka's residents to worry that a biblical plague may be upon them.

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  • When A Good Show Tries To Appeal To The "Other" Audience

    I love Eureka, from the pilot to the brilliant series finale. However, this is the only episode that I always hesitate to watch. To clarify, yes, I am an atheist. That does not mean, however, that I discriminate against shows simply for having religious context. In fact, I enjoy watching shows like Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, and Touched by an Angel. However, the whole religious appeal is simply not compatible with the premise of this show, taking place in a science-oriented town with science-oriented characters.

    The out-of-context quote from Einstein at the beginning, Larry making weak analogies connecting the strange events to parts of the Bible (Glowing skin as transfigurations? Really?), and the cheesy scene near the end with the whole town all dressed up and singing amazing grace were definitely eye-rolling.

    But the most cringe-worthy moments were with Jo and Henry. Jo being spiritual I can accept. My problem is that with all the crazy, impossible situations that she and Jack face on a regular basis, Jo always has Carter's back, except in this episode, when she not only backs down when Carter does his job and questions the pastor, but tells him flat-out that he's going to hell. That was offensively out of character.

    And then, there's Henry. When Jack asks who stands to benefit from the series of alleged miracles, Henry blatantly declares, "God!" and then accuses Carter of jumping to conclusions! This is the same character who said in the "Alienated" episode that he believes in Occam's razor (that between predictive theories, you choose the one that has fewer assumptions).

    There are shows about religion and there are shows about science. No matter how hard or delicately you try, incorporating one into the other never goes smoothly. And Eureka is not the only show to go out of its way just to satisfy the "other 80%". I remember a more recent episode of Bones that was filmed entirely through the perspective of a skull, where everyone, including Dr. Brennan, talks to it, and in a Ghost-Whisperer-style scene, the ghost moves into the light.

    Like any other shameless plug, I just shrug it off, and try to enjoy it the best that I can. At least Eureka and all of its characters return back to normal in the next episode, like it never even happened. I'll just call this one a flop.moreless
  • Jarring to say the least!

    This episode has to be by far the most annoying episode of any show i have ever watched, I found the breakneck speed with which this show morphed from a a lighthearted & goofy show about a group of scientists living a secret life of cutting edge technology development & dealing with the crazy repercussions of when their experiments went awry to a show about a load of Bible thumping zelots ready to lynch their supposedly much beloved sherif at the drop of a hat because he dared to do his job & uses the perviously much loved motif of the show, which is to trot out Occam's Razor & accuse the preacher albeit politely of being the cause of the vaguely religious occurrences around the town Jarring to say the least, (remember this is a town of scientists belting out miraculous occurrences on a daily basis). All the characters acted totally out of character in this episode. I really wish people would stop quoting/referencing Einstein as religious in internet discussions(though i do realize I am about to become part of the problem :P),Einstein was NOT religious!!!!,at best he had a wishy-washy view of spirituality which was complex & highly personal & not relatable for the most part to other peoples metaphysical agendas or lack there of. He was fond of using religious motifs to illustrate his ideas, but this has more to do with the fact he lived in cultures which were founded & had developed in parrallel to Christian religions & for the most part he was living,working & trying to explain complex ideas & concepts in terms of analogies which would be easily understood by people from these self same cultural backgrounds. For Einsteins definitive views on religion all you need to do is read what he wrote in his letter to the philosopher Eric Gutkind in 1954 in which he wrote "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this." and "For me the Jewish religion like all others is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions"moreless
  • This is an episode I wish they'd left out.

    This is my last favorite episode of Eureka so far. It failed me for several reasons.

    First, as an unbeliever I didn't appreciate the intrusion of religion into a sci-fi comedy show. Arguably, the episode alleges a possible reconciliation of two fundamentally incompatible subjects: the pursuit of science and the purported religious "knowledge". To assume such has been called appeasement is and a highly contentious issue.

    Second, there is a well-known correlation between scientific credentials and irreligiosity. Very few, if any, top-notch scientists are religious and a church is counter-indicated in a town with the demographics of Eureka. I can deal with the pseudo-science of a sci-fi show, but not with people acting out of character.

    Third, if the authors opted for a religious topic to begin with, I would have hoped they'd keep it generic instead of specifically referring to Christianity.

    Fourth, the topic of the episode made it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief (literally and figuratively) and the script therefore comes across as more stereotypical than usual: Set up and introduce the to-be-suspected perp, mayhem ensues, but wait -- it wasn't who was set up to whodunnit.moreless
  • When God visists Eureka all hell breaks loose.

    This episode had some interesting implications regarding where religion/mythology and science intersects. Of course, as is American television tradition, it turns out there is no God but Christian faith and it all ends in some queasy cheese fest honouring church going and family values. Give me a break. I do find scientific exploration of theology fascinating and an thoroughly interesting and philosophical debate. And I don't think that a scientific mind must by default exclude the mythical and mystical, I do however feel it must exclude the religious. Mainly because there's too much proof of religion as a human construction, a fluctuating and changing platform for various ideas tied to specific places and events in history. Even if one chooses to believe in a higher power there is no reason to infuse this power with the limitations given to it but whatever religion, and to limit this debate to Christianity and it's mythology is simply... dull. Yes, Eureka, your perspective was both dull and predictable and to end it with a full church singing "amazing grace" was just tasteless and tacky. I've enjoyed this show immensely this season up to this episode which was simply pointless. To top that of there was little, if any, amusing character interaction. The only good thing was the return of Niall Matter, lets hope he's back in the next episode and that they got rid of Eric Wallace...moreless
  • Horrible garbage designed to appeal to christian illiterates.

    Eureka plots have always been a very light take on science, with marvelous inventions and discoveries tossed into each episode without any scientific background or explanation. But so far that's been part of the fun of the show. One topic that has been avoided completely is religion, and rightfully so since it's the antithesis of what the town of Eureka is supposed to be about.

    Now it looks like some moron at the network level has decided they need to broaden the appeal of the show to the 80% of Americans who claim to be "Christians". Suddenly there's a church in Eureka, and even though it starts off almost completely unoccupied the "scientific" community of Eureka is hit by a few strange events (though not much stranger than the usual run of the show) and suddenly all the scientists are spouting gospel and turning their lives over to "the lord".

    This is pure right-wing evangelical wish-fulfillment fantasy. The cast should have refused to participate in this garbage. It certainly has ruined the show for my family.moreless
Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Diane Lancaster

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Alan Legros

Seth Osbourne

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Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris

Reverend Harper

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Niall Matter

Niall Matter

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Jo doesn't have her Special Forces tattoo on her shoulder, which is bared by the dress she wears on her date with Zane.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Carter: Bottom line, if Reverend Harper is responsible, we're in for a lot more.
      Henry: (sarcastically) Yeah, like a plague of locusts, or fiery hail, or total darkness. (lights go out)
      Carter: You had to say it!

    • Seth: Why do you automatically assume I'm responsible?
      Carter: Are you really surprised?
      Seth: I work in bioluminescence now, Sheriff, ever since you torched my Necrosomnium violacea I needed a change of scenery. (stares at Jack and grunts) I'm a busy man. do you mind getting to the point?
      Carter: The point is that Allison Blake is shining like the Northern Lights.
      Seth: Fascinating.
      Carter: Seth, what's the new project?
      Seth: Botanical marine cross hybridization to create bioluminescent specimens. (Carter looks puzzled) I mate plants and fish to make them glow.
      Carter: Why would you do that?!
      Seth: That's classified.
      Carter: The head of Global Dynamics is a human glow stick, so unclassify it.

    • Zoe: I wanna get a tattoo.
      Carter: (laughs) No!
      Zoe: Okay, I'm being serious.
      Carter: (deep, serious voice) Oh, okay. No.
      Zoe: Can we talk about this?
      Carter: Sure. Yeah. We can talk about it, and the answer is… no.

    • Carter: About your tattoo. I over-reacted, I didn't hear you out, and that's… I'm sorry. I mean, I do think what you did was wrong, but… It's a tattoo. That's just not important anymore. I think you should just focus on getting better, okay?
      Zoe: (panicking) Am I going to die?

    • Zane: So either tell me why you're pissed at me or I'll hold my breath until you do.
      Jo: What are you, three?
      Zane: Hey, I black out, it's on you.

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