Season 1 Episode 11

H.O.U.S.E. Rules

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on Syfy

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  • H.O.U.S.E. Rules - SARAH, the artifical intelligence program in Carter's house belives he is thinking about leaving town for good and pages the towns primary character's "911" to come, then locks them inside.

    I found this episode facinating, and fun. SARAH is just like the "woman of the house", and she did what she thought she had to do for the town and for herself. I guess she does have some abandonment issues. Then BRAD the military interrigation AI program SARAH was built on takes over, and his intentions are not so honorable. I loved watching Joe and Taggart save the day. And the pizza delivery guy asking for a plunger after using the toilet is histerical. I am just glad that my house doesn't have an opinion of how I spend my days off!
  • S.A.R.A.H. has fellings!

    With Henry deciding to leave Eureka and Jack getting fed up also SARAH decides it is time to take action. She texts Allison, Stark, Fargo and Henry and traps them in Jack's house until they resolve their problems. Stark and Henry try to overide SARAH and it unleashes a new deadly program called BRAD. Jo and Taggert end up saving the day. Everyone says the are staying in Eureka except for Henry who does not say one way or the other if he is leaving. This was a good episode. The more episodes I watch of this show it almost reminds more of a comedy than scifi but it does have both aspects. This episode had a few surprises with Jo and Taggert and what Allison says to Jack so I cannot wait to see what happens in the upcoming shows.
  • House takes over.

    It was great, seeing how House took over, it show how fargo really did to the house. It was such a great episode, and I hope to see more episodes like this one in the future. But as for now, I give this episode a 10.10 because, the plot was planned out wonderfully, and the characters aswell. The fact that fargo was stupid, and put a old "house". was brillient, and how Sarah went to the other person. I really don't know what to say, but this was and still is one of my favorite episodes, nothing can changed that, 10.10.
  • Jack Carter is sick of Eureka and its denizens. He takes two sick days to ponder his future in Eureka, and SARA reacts in a major way.

    This episode was laugh out loud funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    At the beginning of the episode, Jack is being dumped on again by Stark, and this time is one too many for Jack. He goes home and he does what half of America does when a job gets on our everlasting nerves.... he takes a sick day.
    Jack has had it with Eureka. He is constantly being blocked by Nathan, and Allison doesn't give him the support he wants. He is contemplating moving lock, stock, and barrel out of Eureka. He even has SARA do a house search for him...with amusing results. On day two of Jack's sick leave, SARA takes matters in her own hands...circuits??? She calls Eureka's main characters to the house for some good old intervention. The only problem is they don't want her help, so she locks them in the bunker, with no connections to the outside, until they resolve their problems. Two problems are that a pizza guy was inadvertently stuck in their with them, and Jo/Taggart know something is wrong when they attempt to enter SARA and leave disgruntled at Jack's odd behavior. They fire at the bunker only to discover a force field has now surrounded the bunker.

    Inside SARA, the men make plans to escape the bunker because no one wants to resolve their differences. This plan backfires, and BRAD, a new artificial intelligence, takes over. BRAD only has two goals for our group: resolve your differences or you die. He further encourages them to do this by dividing them into three segments of the living room by way of see though glass. He tells them "detainees get no rights." Each pair has some deadly disaster that will strike unless they resolve their differences. Naturally, Jack and Allison are partitioned in one section, Henry and Nathan are in another section, and Fargo and Beverly are in another. The Jack and Allison segment is sweet. She gives him sweet encouragement to stay. He grins because he sees hope for their relationship. Since they are in the section with artic cold, he wants Allison to hold him and warm his lower regions. She complies, and Nathan sees their hug through the glass partition. Nathan's reaction was hysterical. Maybe he should work harder at getting Allison back rather than devoting his every waking moment to science?

    Eventually, Jo and Taggart save the day, and everyone resumes their lives. Jack decides to stay in Eureka, but he installs a skylight ... just in case SARA gets any ideas again.

    This episode was perfect from the beginning to the end. Okay, you must suspend belief a bit for the SARA - SMART HOUSE plot device. If you have a hard time believing that anyone could ever have a house that is like SARA, you may not enjoy the episode as much. The viewer is treated to an episode that gives some background on Henry and Nathan's connection and continues to hatch plans that Beverly may get Fargo to work for her and the evil Consortium.

    Even though, I am not a Nathan/ Allison fan, I had to yell at the screen when he was seated as far away from Allison as possible when the group thought they were going to die.
    Nathan professes to have feelings for Allie, but at their supposedly last moments of breath, he doesn't scoop her in his arms and tells her his true feelings for her??? Come on.
    Nathan doesn't deserve to get Allie back. Geeeeeeeeeez.

    Last but not least, I can't forget the pizza guy. It's a tribute to Star Trek, due to the red shirt, as to his fate on the episode.

    You won't be disappointed in this episode. Eureka is at its best in H.O.U.S.E. R.U.L.E.S.
  • This was my favorite episode!

    This episode had every thing that I like, it had cool tech, hidden guns, an ultimate security system, and a bit of comedy
    And especially A.I. gone bad and tries to kill people (like in 2001: A space odyssey).

    B.R.A.D. was cool but if I was locked in a house I would prefer S.A.R.A.H. well you know why. But I would've kept all of the security systems like the automated turrets just in case. Instead of the sky light exit they should have put a back door in thought the utility tunnels. Fargo should get working on S.A.R.A.H. V2(without any trace of B.R.A.D. in her.
  • A house with abandonment issues can do some serious damage!

    How can one not love to see a house go a little mental? Its hilarous! S.A.R.A.H. is the ultiamte therapist, sure she needs one of her own but she still helped everyone work out (some) of their problems. The scenes between Jo and Taggart were just so cute and funny. It was nice to see that they can all work well togther in a crisis, not that they don't have to so that in all episodes, but with the lack of oxygen it was harder. How in a town of genius was there still pizza delivery boys,one would think there would be a technology to do that, I don't know but it was great that he was the only one to make it out the door, too bad for him it killed him but for those few seconds he was the smartest one around. My favorite part was when Jack used his world series bat to save Zoe, its nice to see that while he's not the most attentive father he would do anything to save his little girl.
  • S.A.R.A.H. locks the main residents of Eureka inside until their problems with each other are resolved.

    Well I think it was inevitable that eventually the smart house would decide to take control, and she did in this episode to the detriment of the residents of Eureka. I was particularly happy to see this particular episode produced as it sort of goes to show that maybe technology is fast becoming too intelligent (as with the Matrix films also).

    The episode was a great resolution as the town seemed to be falling apart with the dissolution of relationships between the main characters. It was nice to see they all made up in the end! And Joe Morton, woooooo! He\'s staying in Eureka!

    I found the presence of B.R.A.D. particularly scary so the return of S.A.R.A.H. was an extremely relieving moment! The part of the episode with Zoe I found quite amusing as Jordan Hinson played a very believable reaction to the otherwise terrifying situation of guns being pointed at her!

    Eureka for me seems to be going from bound to bound each week gathering better and better stories each time I view. All I can say is I can\'t wait until the next episode!
  • This episode is absolutely hilarious, and I must say, no doubt, my season favorite.

    S.A.R.A.H. just got mad !!! Just in a totally hilarious way. Have you ever seen a house that is afraid it'll get abandoned? Well, now you do, cause S.A.R.A.H. is scared that Jack and Zoe will leave. And she'll do anything to prevent it. She'll even capture all of Eureka's important persons, and make them see how they are all capital in eachother lives, in lives of people of Eureka and in whole world's faith.
    But when Jack missunderstoods S.A.R.A.H.'s fears, he tries to find an easier way out, shut down S.A.R.A.H. and move on. Unfortunatly that'll awaken a B.R.A.D. asault program, and house will become a hell. This episode is full with funny moments, also first kiss between Jo and Tagard, and a few past-revealing details.
    I just love H.O.U.S.E. RULES !!!
  • S.A.R.A.H. Kidnaps everyone and wants them to all get along.

    First off, I'm glad S.A.R.A.H. did something because I was dreaded the fact that Henry was leaving. I knew that in the end Jack would end up staying, but I wasn't so sure about Henry.

    I'm sure the episode could have been just as good with S.A.R.A.H. running things it made things a whole lot more interesting with B.R.A.D. It made things a little less predictable because you didn't know what B.R.A.D. was capable of.

    This episode confirms that Jack Carter will be with us for awhile. Because if he should decide to leave his house will become depressed and no one likes a depressed house. I was also glad to hear that Henry was staying!
  • S.A.R.A.H internal program turns her into a murderous computer intent on keeping the Eureka inhabitants including Sheriff Carter permanently in his house.

    "Nathan? What are you doing Nathan?" LMAO

    "S.A.R.A.H.'s gone HAL on us!"

    Man they really wanted to make it clear they were ripping off 2001 for this episode and people wonder why I'am sometimes critical of this show. However, ignoring the 2001 knockoff this was a decent episode focusing on drama and character development.

    It's amazing what people will say or do once they can actually freely express themselves without fearing about the repercussions. Henry went off on Nathan, Nathan, however, really put him in his place. Nathan's insecurity once again caused him to put the blame of the situation on someone else (Fargo, not to mention the fact that he hates that his ex-wife or wife , whatever, is spending so much time with Carter)

    "How can someone with such a high iq be so clueless"

    That was probably one of my favorite lines. Nathan is a cowardly Corporate goon but he is right, without Nathan's
    political and adminstrative connections, Henry wouldn't probably have advanced his scientific work in Eureka. It did get a bit preachy about the whole "you could have done anything you want , yet you do this" type of routine but it was an expected exchange. Overall, decent albeit very predictable (of course they would get out and no one major would die).
  • carters house goes crazy

    this was a good episode, but it was only a matter of time till some thing like this came up. any way besides the fact that this has been done with every smart house i have seen on shows or in moives, it actually was pretty good. them comeing and saying he paged them was funny cuz he was all like no i didnt, and when the pizza boy ran out and carter was like only the stupidest person there thought to run out the door, that was funny. jo and the hunter guy, man i am so happy they finnaly got together, their so cute with each other! and he acctually ignolages(wow sorry if you dont know what that says) the fact that shes strong and i like that, but any way im glad there together, and that right there is the main reason i liked this episode cuz like i said the smart house thing has been done before.
  • I liked it!

    This episode was great and original. I know there are several movies where the AI takes over the house, but can anyone remember TV show where the house (AI) is one of the primary characters.

    I loved the fact that SARAH built up such an attachment to Carter that she feels his leaving Eureaka would be a disaster for the community. I was facinated to learn that Henry was Nathan\'s mentor and teacher. I also felt that the interplay between Henry and Nathan was piviotal in explaining why Henry felt he had to leave, and why he may stay.

    Taggert and Jo, paintball wars what more needs to be said!

    I\'m waiting for the finale next week, and then I will just watch repeats and wait for the new season in January (cross my fingers).
  • Actually quite entertaining

    I have to say, this was an interesting episode, but i think they took artificial intelligence a little too far here, the fact that the 'HOUSE'/Sarah was upset that Carter might want to leave just left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but overall it did lead to an interesting story line and a dead pizza boy, that was kinda cool but notice there was no actual concern about him after that and it was like he never existed or something towards the end, although that is none of my concern, the way he died was cool.

    I was wondering if Deacon would actually stay towards the end, but nothing came out his mouth so i was a little dissapointed although I am not that attached to him to really care too much, I am sure he will be back!
  • This one was pretty good, but not my favorite.

    This was a good episode, although not my favorite. It was interesting that a computer program, even one as advanced as SARAH, could be afraid of being left alone. But, I guess I can live with that. Some of the things in the episode were a little stupid, like the way Carter and Allison had to cuddle so they could keep warm. :roll: I hope that this sort of solves some of the problems that have been in the town lately, such as Carters and Starks hatred towards eachother, although I doubt it. It was interesting to see Taggert and Jo together. I didn't see anything between them until the last episode or two. It's sort of wierd, but whatever. It looks like the season finale will be really good, but I guess we will have to wait and see.