Season 3 Episode 17

Have an Ice Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Taggart returns for a few days!

    I was just super glad to see Taggart again finally! He has always been one of my favorite characters and I was very upset with his sudden disappearance. I liked how Taggart, much like many of the original characters, was hilarious and weird. Henry was like that at first too. That's about the only gripe I have with the newer set of characters such as Zane and Tess and the likes. They're too normal. Anyhow, I know we won't see much more of Taggart but this was a great episode!
  • Tess' first day as head of Global Dynamics goes into the deep freeze as a huge ice core is delivered and everything starts freezing over. Zane is back and acting peculiar. Taggart is back as well. Carter saves the day and Zoe explores her options.

    A great episode of Eureka setting up the season finale for next week. A number of the characters have made huge strides forward. Zane returns after a month and acts as if he has no personality and no relationships. This causes Jo pain and then Taggart played by Matt Frewer is back as well so she gets to deal with seeing an old flame when things are not going well with Zane.

    One of the funnier things seen was Carter and Jo on road duty when a truck delivering the ice core comes by. This one truck is larger than most 40 or 50 car freight trains. Only Global Dynamics!

    There is also a funny bit with Jay Brazeau playing Captain Yuri Gregor head of the Russian North District. He is having so much fun in Eureka he is finding reasons not to sign the OK to work on the ice core. Luckily his meddling makes Jack aware of a few things in the town that he didn't know before.

    Zoe had taken the SCAT aptitude exam the week before. The results said she should be a Robotics Engineer. Of course she had just decided to be a doctor. So we dealt with some angst with that in the episode. Once things start to freeze up we discover that there is a living organism on the ice core which acts like a fungus and is causing the spreading ice. It also is effecting Zane's internal physiological system and his lymph nodes causing his erratic behavior. In the end Jack remembers a system that he had not be aware of until a few days before because of his research for Captain Gregor. They are able to deliver a solution thru this system and save GD and the town. All's well that ends well and Jack and Tess have a well deserved quiet evening together.

    An excellent episode with the usual funny, witty, enjoyable things we love about Eureka. Next week is the finale for Season Three and Tess will need to make a major decision. With Jaime Ray Newman starring in Eastwick I have a feeling I know where that is going. It's unfortunate I like Jack and Tess together. Thanks for reading...