Season 3 Episode 7

Here Come the Suns

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2008 on Syfy

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  • I love it when they all work together.

    I loved this episode. Especially that they were all working together. There was some really awesome Jack/Zane interaction. It was both amusing - with the elections (I so knew Henry was gonna win after his little speach) and exciting - with coming a little closer to finding out what Thorne is up to. It seemed personal. Im also glad we got a glance at the relationship between Joe and Zane again. I wonder what he was about to say. And not to forget my favorite character making another reapearance. Zoe and Lucas are just too cute. Just like was the girl that caused the problem. The fourth season really rocks so far.
  • I loved it! It's election time in Eureka, and the dawn of a new day! More is revealed of Thorne's plot, and we see some nice surprises.

    I have to say, even though I was excited at what Eureka could do with election time, it surpassed my expectations. It had something for everyone, wacky science, humor, and plot twists. We see more about what Thorne is looking for, and Eureka gets a surprising mayor.


    The sudden election of Deacon was unexpected for me, but very fitting. We also got a tantalizing glimpse into Thorne's past, something that she feels strongly about. I have very few complaints about this episode, and it may just about rank as my all time favorite Eureka episode, until the revelation of Thorne's secret, which, in my opinion, is much more interesting than the last major story arc of the artifact which seems to have been largely forgotten.

    Rock on, Eureka!
  • Sheriff Carter and company try to stop a second sun.

    Sheriff Carter and company try to stop a second sun. I will try and stay away from spoilers in this review seeing the lack of reviews and votes so far. Anyway, this episode was such a dramatic improvement over last week's flop of the superhero. There is a race going on for mayor of Eureka and boom a second sun hits. This episode also revealed a little about Thorne and why she was running around getting rid of Eureka's past. It was really nice to finally see a little bit of light shed on that. The ending to the mayor race itself is awesome, though not unexpected. The writers really gave it away with a couple of scenes and it may have been obvious to some from the beginning perhaps as well. The only thing reason the episode didn't get a higher rating from me, is I am getting a little sick and tired of all the product placement for the Degree thing. This episode really made the product placement unbearable especially with what happened at the end (SPOILER)! with the green stuff that Zane produced that if you put it on your skin it would keep you cool. Also when Fargo picked it up a stick of degree was what there in the shot, I mean it was so deliberate it almost killed me. Anyway, this episode to me was a lot better than last week's flop and I am happy to see Eureka getting back on track.
  • Jack and Zane must save Eureka from a burgeoning supernova while also working with Allison to delve more into Thorne's mysteries. And did I mention the mayoral election ...?

    It's always interesting to see how people react to episodes -- especially across different forums. I like this episode. Granted, the product placement is annoying at times, but if my choice is to have product placement or no Eureka, I will take product placement.

    I thought this episode did a nice job of balancing some personal storylines with the mytharc that has been developing all season (and looks like it might be heading for at least a partial conclusion next week). I also thought that some of the old relationships were re-asserting themselves.

    I will agree that a couple of characters (notably Jo and Zoe) were behaving well out of character, but I will also say that I thought it also developed some characters in very nice ways. For one thing, it's nice to see Carter stand his ground. I have not been as thrilled with this season as I was with the first, but do think this episode was a huge step in the right direction.
  • It really pains me to give my lovely series such a bad note but I can't help it. This show's simply a hair's breadth away from jumping the shark, IMHO.

    So totally, totally out of character! Zoe behaved like a brat with issues, Carter was dumber than usual (he didn't know what an implosion is, for pete's sake!), Carter's sister behaved like a nut again...

    What's happening to the show? The whole "everything can happen in Eureka" is simply going too far lately. They are coming up with problems and sollutions so quickly that the plot simply takes the backseat to various ship troubles and although I like the overall arc of this season, the episodes' quality is deteriorating.

    And Henry? So, now he's already a simple mechanic, an engineer, a physicist, a pathologist, a priest, a decorator and now a mayor too? What, they need some to be XYZ and they simply make Henry do it? That's so lame.